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  1. Does AI managers tutor their young players? I haven't seen in my save any AI teams across the world doing tutoring for their players and I'm now approaching the end of first season! Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  2. 1- Squad registration rules. 2- Squad registration rules. "Yes, I mean it" 3- Financial fair play rules. 4- Attribute masking option. 5- Make scouting players takes more time to reach 100% knowledge as in full version. 6- Option to disable first transfer window. 7- Pre-game editor and ability to customize database when starting a new game. 8- Option to cancel any tutoring process initiated by Ass. Man if we feel it maybe harmful.
  3. Tutoring. Sadly I hear it's not included in this year version.
  4. - Tutoring control - Editor - League registration rules.
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