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  1. Looks like I've hurt your feelings. Sorry! This is what I was talking about. NOBODY was talking about young kids here. Move along now...
  2. Yes, the kids are alright. But AI not being able to train them ruins my game. Why can't you see this as an issue?
  3. Right, thanks for the tip but I know how to do that. That's why I'm the only team that actually has an inside forward in 2040s...
  4. What the...no I'm talking about those 15-16 year old regens getting old at some point of the game?
  5. Right, maybe that's the issue here. Just because you don't play the game longer than 5 seasons do you think none of us do? Refrain yourself from commenting here, as you clearly don't have any idea about the subject.
  6. Nobody is talking about young kids here. We are talking about failure to develop regens into such roles.
  7. Unfortunately I don't. All I remember that it went from to a decent amount in the original database to basically none in the future. I found an example in my old thread, although not the best one: 8 years in the future, out of 247 newgen AMLs, only one has Finishing, Passing and Vision at least 11, whereas there are 164 out of 410 AMLs in original DB with those stats. edit: AMLs with a natural right foot edit2: just did a test on FM18 (yeah, I bought it ) and only 5 out of 396 newgens have those 3 stats at more than 11 in year 2031.
  8. Let us know what you find out please! Should've quoted you the last time
  9. Don't bother if it's too much work. I thought you already had the saves ready in which case it would only take a few minutes. Saw someone else wondering the same thing in another thread, maybe I'll get the info from him
  10. Let me know what you find out please, this is the reason I am not buying FM 2019. This issue already existed in FM 2017 and I made an extensive bug report which didn't even receive a reply.
  11. No, it was a thread about how there are no newgen inside forwards (among other things, but this was the biggest issue). I did receive a reply from SI/Neil Brock that it will be looked into if I posted it on the bug forums but apparently that never happened, the bug report didn't even receive a reply. It looks to have been deleted by now but from memory my research yielded something like a 350% decrease in that specific type of player.
  12. Around 1.5 years ago I made a thread about newgens and how they are broken and make the game unplayable for me once they completely take over and looks like not much has changed. While my research (that I've also posted in bug reports but received no replies) yielded same results as yours (increase in high CA players) it wasn't the thing that made the game unplayable for me, but the fact that certain roles all but disappear from the game, most notably the inside forward. I would appreciate it if you (or someone else) could also run the inside forward test on the 2019 version and compare key inside forward attributes of wrong footed AML/Rs between now and 2040+, something like minimum 12 per attribute (finishing, dribbling, passing, technique, decisions, off the ball).
  13. I checked the top 100 currently employed managers (by World Reputation) in 2040 and these are their top 5 preferred formations: 4231 Wide (19), 422 (18), 4123 DM Wide (15), 4231 DM Wide (8), 4222 DM Narrow (8) Looks like the issue has nothing to do with tactics. Interestingly enough, only 11 of those 100 managers are newgens and all 11 are ex-players.
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