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  1. This is a fantastic skin! One question, not sure if I'm completely missing it but on the player's page I can't find a panel that has the player's height?
  2. Such a nice skin, thank you! One question, is it possible to get the "Notable Events" panel during a match at the top left? (Not sure if this was a skin specific panel from another skin but it's about the only thing I'd want to alter)
  3. Are you still playing a save that started during the beta? I've just started a new save and it has worked straight away!
  4. Second this for the M2 Macbook Air, upgraded from a 2018 Intel Mac Mini and 2015 Macbook Pro and am astounded what I've been missing out on. Currently on Ventura running around 150k players and all fine for me.
  5. Nope that's the one I'm missing! I just get the opposition report after that one
  6. I have my Chief Scout providing opposition scouting reports and opposition analysis reports and then have also set my Chief Scout to provide ongoing reports on the next opposition (via that second screenshot) however I'm only receiving the opposition reports and not the actual scout reports with the postives and negatives. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong? It even has "Analyse next opposition" under recruitment focus area on the scout (and now actually two of them!)
  7. Does anyone know how to make attributes show on the scout reports in the inbox on FM23? Currently only getting the positives/negatives and comparison:
  8. Hi All, Not quite sure if this is the best place for this question but thought I'd start here. I've downloaded and installed the Zealand skin however attributes aren't showing on the scout reports in my inbox, how do I get these to show?
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