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  1. Can you really call yourself an FM player if you haven’t brought in a few aging “stars” for the feels. A pretty impressive hit rate too to be getting performances out of Raya and Goretzka
  2. I feel like this is such a key element that so many FM players don’t consider when it comes to intakes. Judgement on an intake almost always comes down to how it will impact the Users first team. Honestly, the time required is not surprising. Sometimes this kind of thing is a little too much of a niche compared to what FM can realistically achieve. The fun though, can be found in the process of trying to replicate rather than actually achieving the end result. Either way, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  3. I need to come back and read this latest update but I just had to say this before it slipped my mind. I thought of you immediately when I saw that Hammarby post on X. So I was rather pleasantly surprised to see that it made its way into the thread.
  4. Welcome to Germany. This move seems better timed than the original move to Elfsborg; can already sense your enthusiasm returning. I’ll very graciously accept your return to attributes as I will most definitely take advantage of your skin now, I tried without atts but it’s just too much to take in without appropriate playing time to sink into it all.
  5. Here I am 😂. What a wonderful start this has gotten off to. Really enjoy the concept, couple geographical areas of the game that I’ve never paid much attention too so I get to enjoy this all as new. Also, just wanted to make a special mention to the moustache on that CB in the intake, absolutely outstanding.
  6. Oh thank heavens the new thread is up already. I was starting to stress as I got caught up on this and sensed the inevitable. This has been the first thread of yours that I’ve really delved into properly before and I’ve really enjoyed. So thanks for the read and see you again soon in Spain.
  7. Brilliant to see the improvements that you’ve gained simply from switching that DM role. Combined with the incredible output from two different strikers this could well be your year!
  8. Taken a couple of lunch breaks to get myself all caught up again after the Christmas break, happy holidays and all that. Initially I was surprised to see you leave GIF but having been able to read the way that your thoughts/feelings developed over the following posts it looks to be the perfect move. Congrats on the title! First of many, eh? Whether that be here or further afield.
  9. Sensational stuff man. Have been thoroughly enjoying this read so far. I had been reading/commenting over on the website but it doesn’t come with all the additional dialogue that you get in a forum so here I am.
  10. Excellent as always man. With the detail you go into it’s almost as though I can visualise the processes you’re going through as your doing it. All the best for the season.
  11. Just now caught up on everything. First up, thanks for taking the time to delve into and explain the spreadsheet process. Something that I’ll definitely return to in future. Even just for the fun of creating the sheet. As for the save though. I am very glad you came back to it despite the bug. This has been a tremendous journey so far. The financial issues really fascinated me as I’ve just started to encounter the same types of cuts in my own save (Czech Republic). Can’t argue that you haven’t put up a hell of a fight here and like you have acknowledged the club is probably punching above its weight just by being in Serie B never mind gunning for promotion. You’ve earned your move Sir Shrew. Enjoy it when it comes.
  12. I’ve not read the rest of the thread yet, I will do momentarily, but the HIMYM reference demanded I stop and acknowledge it. 😍
  13. Much like the others are saying the depth of analysis is next level. I’ve been a fan of your work for a good few years now but there’s something about this one. The section on Yaya in particular that really feels quite special. I’m loving how your feelings for Sweden are growing because I don’t ever want this save to end.
  14. Absolutely amazing stuff here man. I’ve often wondered about why finances tend to crash the way they do in the smaller markets but never taken the time to dive in the way you have. Lots of takeaways to be had from this one!
  15. Absolutely a fair expectation. Quite a reasonable one too!
  16. What an absolute superstar you are, sir. Thanks for all your time developing this one, looks incredible at first glance. This might be the year I finally make the jump attribute less.
  17. It is always such a treat coming into this thread and finding multiple updates. A strong start so far. Certainly making the most of what’s available to you. Excited to see which direction you steer towards during the off season
  18. Despite not quite living up to your own expectations there’s a lot to be said for the how quickly you’ve appeared to establish the club at this level.
  19. Been following your stuff for a few years now ever since Redditch saved me from the borefest of days at work during Covid lockdowns. You heading to Scandinavia has me thinking this could well be your best material yet. All the best for the save and I throughly look forward to the unveiling of this years edition of the skin.
  20. I have long enjoyed your works but never really been one to comment. I don’t expect either of those things to change anytime soon but just wanted to say thanks! The attention to detail is excellent!
  21. Did somebody say Scandinavia?! Thanks @vara for the tip off about this. Very much looking forward to following along!
  22. When you put it that way it certainly seems much less daunting. I guess I was just caught off guard initially by that approach to prize money. Quite the month you’ve just had here too, goals a plenty!
  23. I second Mr Lewis’ thoughts. That really is quite an astonishing way to run a league season. Something more to fight for in every single game.
  24. Matty, mate. Wow. What a sensational update. The way you’ve been able to combine the real life stories and history with the action in the game has made this a must read. I was so enveloped in the history section of this that I’d even forgotten there was a game to play and a congratulations on the result.
  25. Thankfully it’s been a very quiet afternoon at work today and it’s allowed to read right the way through this. One has done a fantastic job so far. I really enjoy the depth you go into to explain your thoughts/decisions. Really one of my favourite things about FM Blogs.
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