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  1. Has the SI team looked into this? I have the same issue with Sporting. This is making the portuguese league awkward, and I don't remember this bug ever happening before.
  2. I confirm I have the same problem with Sporting. I now have two B teams, and the B-team manager was suddenly in charge of selecting the players for the A team.
  3. Are all "Gameplay" section changes taking effect without a new save game?
  4. Thanks! I have some fears if I start a long term save and SI patches some of the mechanics leading to some awkward interactions when mixed with your existing pack edits. I'll be honest, love your no-nonsense approach to communication here, even if I wanted to know more about the inner workings of what your mods do, all that is needed is that the pack does what it's supposed to.
  5. hi dave, fan of the pack since fm22, paid early acess multiple times. i have a question on ai squads and subs. do you expect your existing pack features on ai squads/subs to break in a long term save if SI implement their own patch for the problem later? thanks
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