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  1. Congrats! I like your tactic. I'm kind of useless when I create my own tactics they turn into garbage. (edit: my team sucks)
  2. Old Xaverians 23/24 Actually had a pretty good second half of the season to finish mid table comfortably. (Just look at that start lol.) Bad cups runs. Money doesn't look amazing so hopefully the cups go better (only about 10k in the red.)
  3. ya no issues there, I tried to make my own tactic and it was pretty bad and now I'm going through the pain of having the team get re used to my old one. (Also expectation was only fight bravely against regulation so even if I go back down I should be ok.)
  4. (I have one point out of my first 8 league games in level 8 )
  5. Old Xaverians 22/23 Well, two losses to end the season killed our title chances, but we barely managed to get promoted as Avro only drew on the last day. Onto level 8! Finances aren't super great, hopefully can have a decent cup run.
  6. Ya I understand, my team went on a crazy good run and I think not only promoted but might just win the league. (I think us getting knocked out of cups really early these teams around us are just falling apart)
  7. Wow, I'm likely to miss promotion in level 9 on my first attempt here. Crazy you've never just had an off season with injuries or over performing competition.
  8. I am reading that right you are in 2028? You've been promoted every single year without missing?
  9. First season in level 9 has been a disaster. Alot of injuries, I think I might be lucky to hold onto the job. Probably instead of using some crazy 4-2-4 'lower league' tactic I've found online I should just make my own simple tactic and rely on quality to get me through.
  10. Think the new database is good. Found a 'good level 10 players and offered a contract and he would at least entertain the offer, so that's good. Made new save, ill start tomorrow.
  11. Good job you all. I will test the database tonight and if it works nicely in the preseason I will restart the save with Xaverians basically auto click through season one anyways its so easy. Answer a question for an American lol, I got into level 10 and a team was 1-90 to win in level 10, Vauxhall Motors, are they a decent sized team? I was shocked to see a team that big of a favorite.
  12. I'd have to start over with an level 11 team again (edit: I assume you want me to get start a level 10 save and just test if I can sign new players, then if all is good I can restart, because I can't continue what I was doing on the old save with the new database)
  13. Careful once you get to level 10. I'm not sure it's where we want it to be with the database. I'm kind of waiting to see if I want to push through or wait and restart. I think it might actually be ok because no level 10 clubs will be able to sign decent players because of the league rules.
  14. Here's an example of the screen I get. He's a good level 10 player but won't sign. I can sign 2 star players that would take a small contract, but that's it, although my best players are actually still around on amateur contracts, but they wont sign an acutal contract for money like this lol
  15. Was the level 10 contact information changed? 95% of my people I'm trying to sign say the maximum salary in the league is to low for them to consider. But they are lvl 10 players, its odd I don't remember seeing first go around. Maybe $535 a year is below $1k which is the minimum amount I'm thinking?
  16. Old Xaverians 20/21 Easy Level 11 double. Annoyed I lost one game ha
  17. I'm waiting for the new database and going to start a new save.
  18. In my situation my pitch was horrible condition and they would never relay the surface and we always had to reschedule due to water. I wonder if it being so bad made them want to build a new stadium instead of improve on what we had.
  19. Congrats! It looks alot more manageable than what I got thrown. Honestly the more I think of it, the save was going perfectly fine outside of them building that stadium, had they just done the smaller upgrades as needed we would have been 100% ok, so I'm not sure if a new database is even really needed.
  20. Perfect, I'll wait to see if you update the database before I get started with something new.
  21. I started a new game with the database as unemployed and went on vacation to the end of the first year, and looked at average attendances just to see. Most leagues highest is 50-70. But some teams can be as low as 20. (There is some outliers of reserve teams of bigger clubs.) The highest I found was Wakefield AFC with 160 and a stadium that sits 9000. I think picking a team in a decent sized town is important, I'm looking at Old Xaverians in Liverpool, I like their kit and they look to be stable.
  22. Well, I think it's time to decide to quit or find another team and start again at lvl 11. Seems the nice attendance was only a first year thing. All attendance is in the dirt now, and there's a 16k a month administration loan for the rest of the save. Board thinks we are insecure, and we won't be able to make any improvements for years, this loan will go as long as I play the save basically, I guess my only hope with the Tigers would be getting three promotions in a row and be in League 2, where I've read that attendance starts to pick up.. Maybe if I research a stable lvl 11 team with a decent starting foothold I can give it another try. Although I'm unsure if I can just pick a team or find something with an opening at the end of this season. I guess I could always make a completely new save. (ya I'm just gonna start new, starting a club from lvl 11 sounds fun, but I'm going to pick the right team this go around with what I've learned)
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