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  1. Strensall Tigers S4 Didn't win anything, midtable finish in the league. Hopefully can be alot more competitive with an entire offseason to actually strengthen the squad. (If i don't get fired for being a broke team lol)
  2. I think this run might be towards the end, I might see it out to see how it works itself out, but here's the issues in the save: Finanical is the #1 and only problem, we were recently tookover last summer, which we had a transfer embargo the whole time, and obv missed out on chances to improve the squad once we were promoted. The board only expects mid table and that's more than likely where we will finish unless in the last half the season we make quite the run. Cup performance has been a nightmare as well. Attendance I guess is the other big problem, which i guess could tie int
  3. uh oh. Might not survive a takeover. (edit - I did lol)
  4. Strensall Tigers S3 No hardware, promotion to level 8 getting 2nd place in the league by 1 point. Was 2 points behind on the last day. My team loves getting red cards in cup competitions so that has proven to be stressful for silverware.
  5. I thought when you were semi-pro, you could sign someone to a contract and not just per appearance.
  6. Strensall Tigers Season 2 It was a very up and down season, with injuries to key players and losing key players on transfers. We were given the task of winning promotion from level 10 by winning the league, and we were always pretty much in first but only by a handful of points. We went into the last game needing one point for the title, and we did it. (actually goal difference we were 3rd in the league.) Another really poor cup showings as well. Money isn't looking great, Up to level 9 next season for the tigers!
  7. Ya I think the same thing just happened to me, started the game with 1000 capacity, and now have 250 lol
  8. First Season down as T11 champs! Pretty easy going for the Tigers, I don't know what happened randomly in the cup for us to mess it up. I wonder if the move from Amateur to Semi - Pro is automatic? or we will have a tough season next year! Looks like i'm on the scoreboard with 5.
  9. Looked around and found a team called The Tigers (was my high school mascot) This sounds fun to give a try Strensall Tigers! (I guess being American gives me English and Spanish, I certainly don't speak spanish. lol)
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