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  1. Meet the 2021/22 Gardeners, Part 2 Center Backs We build our defensive line around Whatmough, who bossed League One and should be good enough to make the step up to the Championship. He might have more work to do, since I don't expect us to have 60 percent possession this year. We replaced Charlie Cresswell with another loan player, promising van den Berg, in from Liverpool. The Dutch teenager's arrival allows us to use Sandberg in a backup role, and/or utilize Sparv as a half back. I'll profile the captain along with the midfielders in my next post. We still ha
  2. Meet the 2021/22 Gardeners Zoe and I are proud to introduce to you the 2021/22 Kedleigh Heath FC squad. You'll meet some new faces, and you'll learn about some former Gardeners who will be playing their football elsewhere this season. Goalkeepers We couldn't be happier with our number one. Kelleher did everything we asked of him last season, and more. We feel much better about our chances in the Championship knowing we can count on the man between the posts. Zoe and I decided to loan out Christensen, so he could get the playing time he needs to develop. He'l
  3. Thanks, anagain. Living in the USA, I had no idea who Claudia Winkelman was. At first I assumed she was also Pete's wife. Google informed me I was incorrect. We were constantly being reminded to play more attractive football, because we didn't score as often as the other top sides. I was surprised to see we were fifth in goals scored. I was expecting us to be closer to the middle of the league in that category; we scored 69 goals in 46 league games. We simply didn't allow the other team to score. We got high marks for playing possession football, because we had the ball more
  4. Takeover! We just received news that our chairman, Pete Winkelman, has decided to leave the club. Pete has apparently decided to pursue his dream of becoming a football scout, or perhaps a Director of Football. Apparently it's a natural next step for a pop music producer to become a property developer and then a football man. The new chairman is a local businessman called Don Scott. We think he might be a newgen character, but we're not sure. He seemed very happy to keep me on as the manager, and he then loaned about £6 million to the club. Scott also tweaked our Club Vi
  5. To the Next Level Winning promotion to a higher league is fun, but it brings with it a challenge I've always found to be a tough one. What, if anything, do I need to do to make sure I have a squad that's strong enough to stay up, rather than going straight back down to the level we've just "beaten?" I suppose every "real" manager faces this same question. We decided to see how well our staff think our players might fare in the Championship. We went through the profiles of the players who were on our squad list at the end of the season and ranked them accordingly. Then Zoe made
  6. That's how Zoe and I viewed it, and why once we found ourselves progressing well, we decided to go all in. Fortunately, we didn't pay a price for it by falling away from the pace in the League! It's admittedly easier to succeed with our created team, because we started with an idea of how we wanted our team to play, and then picked players who would suit our style well. We want to play from the back, so we picked center halves who are good Ball-Playing Defenders. We made sure we had a right-footed left winger. We wanted full backs who are comfortable joining the attack. I hope
  7. Thanks, Jogo! Zoe will undoubtedly giggle at the Pointless Pizza Trophy name. In a way, we're almost glad that, as a Championship club, we won't be eligible to defend it. You're right, though, a trip to Wembley is definitely worth it. I've never managed a club that got to a Wembley final in FM. We've already decided that if we make it to the FA Cup final at some point, we will dress for the occasion. I might not go as far as a full suit (I don't wear one to work), but I'll put on a tie. We went from being delighted at the thought of making the Playoff to being equally delighted
  8. 2020/21 Statistics I put together little spreadsheets that include some key statistics for the 2020/21 Kedleigh Heath squad. I've grouped the players four ways: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Zoe enjoys doing things like this, so she helped me put them together. Goalkeepers We could not have been happier with Kelleher. We chose him to play a starring role, and that's exactly what he did. By any measure, he was the best gloveman in League One this season. Caoiminh's ability to pass confidently was crucial to our possession-based playing style
  9. Here's our Best Eleven for 2020/21. There are no real surprises here. I suppose you could make a case for Bror Blume replacing Rodel Richards, which would make Ronan Curtis the center forward. Jack Whatmough was the supporters' choice as their Player of the Year. Dennis Cirkin and Caoiminh Kelleher finished second and third. All three of these players, plus several other Gardeners, were named to the League One Players' Select Eleven. Not surprisingly, the team was full of players from the 100-point Kedleigh Heath and Hull City sides. Congratulations to the six Garden
  10. April-May 2021 Honestly, we were surprised and delighted to enter April with a real chance at promotion. Our board had figured it would take two years for Kedleigh Heath to reach this point, and here we were, our fate in our own hands, with ten matches to play. We didn't look like a promotion-worthy side away to Lincoln on 2 April. It took a late equalizer from Tim Sparv to salvage a point. Even more ominous was the fact that Sparv's effort was the only shot we put on target all day. Hull won, away at Crewe Alexandra, putting them four points clear with a game in hand. The n
  11. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a number of our players are being coveted by bigger clubs now. Many of the stars of our Under 18 side are now on the radar of Championship clubs. It seems that Mark Hughes wants to bring the entire Kedleigh Heath squad to Stoke City. QPR's Mark Warburton has also shown an interest in several lads who have played well for our Under 18s. A few of the Gardeners are also being courted by Premier League teams. Goalkeeper Caoiminh Kelleher, Left back Dennis Cirkin and midfielder Leighton Clarkson are attracting major interest from Newcastle United.
  12. February-March 2021 The Gardeners continued to play well during February and March. Our run of games without a loss stands at 17, and we've gone 29 games without defeat in League One competition. We're still some way off the league record--Huddersfield Town ran off a string of 43 matches without a defeat between January and November 2011--but I've never enjoyed a run like this before. We continue to be very, very hard to score against. We let in only three goals in league play during February and March, never allowing more than one in a single game. That's one reason why we d
  13. The Class of '21 It's graduation day! Nick Haycock really likes these lads. Let's see if he's exaggerating... If these assessments are accurate, then perhaps the hype is real! Remember what was said about them back in the autumn? This is the first season we've played on FM21, so we've never been able to compare the reality of the youth intake with the preview message. We decided to see if we could match the players with their "preview." The "good young English central midfielder from Aba" is Philip Kolawole. We didn't recognize the city of Aba. "It d
  14. I don't remember the last time I won a knockout cup on Football Manager. I usually play kids and squad players in the cups, and we end up being eliminated along the way. When I have managed a cup-winning team, it's been because we were the biggest club in a local competition that we could win without using a full-strength side. So, while the Trophy isn't the most distinguished prize in England, it's still the 60th most highly-regarded cup competition in the world. It will hold pride of place in the trophy case at Remembrance Park. I'm glad Gwion Edwards got some love there. Unti
  15. We're On Our Way To Wembley! A Cup Story Somewhere along the way, when we decided the Gardeners were having some success in the Papa John's Trophy, we decided to go all in and try to win the thing. After we won away to Oxford in January, we found ourselves in the Quarter Final. We drew a league opponent, Bristol Rovers, whom we'd gotten past, 1-0, at Remembrance Park in December. We had a much easier time of things in the Trophy. We played at our grounds again, and this time we turned in one of our most complete performances of the year. We went ahead through Bror Blume, a
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