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  1. MegaAlbin_88

    FM18 GOODBYE 343 Knap

    Yeah i've been hoping it would get any better, it is just a very nice formation i think! But anyway thank u, will give it a go
  2. MegaAlbin_88

    FM18 GOODBYE 343 Knap

    Hi Knap! What of your 4-2-3-1 tactics would you say is best for top teams? and the best one for a underdog team? Thinking about starting two different saves, and haven't really tested that formation this year Obs sorry, wrote in the wrong post, hope it's okay anyway
  3. You may be right, but when i'm beating the likes of napoli with 10-0 and arsenal with 8-2 with counter mentality, i wont change anything and just go with the flow
  4. Im using nott forest, im in year 2020 so i have a good team! Im gonna test it out with an underdog team to see if it is as good then
  5. The FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103 tactic works incredible with counter mentality knap
  6. The MIDSOMER CONTROL is pure magic for my team knap, took me all the way to semi final in CL with IFK Gothenburg team! Thanks!
  7. I will look in to those tactics Do you have any shut up shop tactics lying around knap?
  8. Yes of course that would not be so Good, but in some games i just can’t seem to get a goal when they play very defensive, and a backup tactic like this one who takes a little more risk could help me in those games, well i could always try and see right 😉 and keeping the AI guessing ain’t so bad either 😅
  9. Hi knap! I play with the Midsomer counter in my IFK gothenburg save, and it works great! 😁 Would u say when i play in the League where i am big favorite to win every game Midsomer control would be a better choice to play with? As every team play very defensive, and in CL i should keep playing with counter? And maybe go control when im losing? Sorry for all the questions😁
  10. Yeah it looks that way with those results
  11. Nice, that looks impressive i have to say! Something you will share when you feel satisified with it?
  12. What tactic are u using on this Knap?
  13. Yes i understand, when you have tested it will you tell us how it went?
  14. There you have it, and i use his OIs from that tactic also! All credit goes to Mr Langvatn as it is his tactic! Hope its okay i upload it, if im doing something wrong just tell me and i will delete it 4-2-2-2 DM Mr L.fmf