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  1. Yeah i plugged it in for a couple of games, and it really works like a charm! Great tactic as always Knap!
  2. Would you say FM19.2.1BEOWULFDEEPSICILIAN4222IWSTDDLKnapP106 is better with teams that have a bit slower defenders?
  3. Hi Knap! Good to see the Deep Sicilian again, would u say it works about the same as before? Good for underdog teams and so on?
  4. Will give this one a go Knap, just on question, should the Dmcr only have move forward in instructions? as the Dmcl have 7 more instructions
  5. It really is a fantastic tactic, when you have the right players, you score for fun
  6. it works very good at home, but away you get hit with the long ball over the defence line and they score! got any tips? maybe lover the line one step down, will test a little
  7. Yeah you may have a point there seems incredible solid even against top teams in cl!
  8. the volante anchor works really good for underdogs it seems, i won the group in cl with my malmö team the first season, so good work :P will give this a go in second season
  9. Is it like earlier versions that it works good with underdogs to Knap?
  10. Nice nice, thanx for the input will test these tactics out and see how they work in the swedish league
  11. yeah i reckon that too! just loved that tactic and ofc your midsomer, they are legendery tactics for us 4-4-2 lovers i really dont know how to convert the tactics from fm 18 into fm 19 this year with the new tactical setup :P have u tested your midsomer 103p tactic this year yet? :P
  12. thats som insane results Knap, will give it a go with my Malmö team Would u be able to convert mrl sicillian tactic into fm 19? would be fun to see how it stacks up this year :P
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