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  1. Btw I have tried 4-3-3 (IF-CF-W up front) and 4-2-3-1 before but not much success. I have a feeling (may be wrong) that lone strikers do not work too well in this ME. In any case I do not have anyone suitable to play alone upfront (except CR7 whom I can play as TM or even P). Greenwood is a good striker but does not really have the physical built to resist two central defenders on his own.
  2. Hi all, this is my first time posting here. Hope my post is not out of place. I need some help with my Man Utd team. I have an online game with two friends (one using Liverpool - dominating; the other using Man City - big spender but struggling). My Man Utd does ok but not spectacularly. Twice came 2nd in league. No silverware so far. My Liverpool friend is using Knap's Venom & Faith (4-1-2-1-2 diamond wide) and his strikers (Fati, Haaland, Salah) are scoring for fun. I have had some success initially using also Venom & Faith but I have decided not to use the same formation as my frien
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