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  1. But just as the creator of the original tactic warned that theirs wasn’t plug’n’play, neither are these...I make adjustments game on game, and regularly throughout each game too.
  2. Can't promise they'll work for anyone else, but these work well for me 47 Away.fmf 47 Home.fmf
  3. I can upload my away version of the tactic which gives me more defensive solidity if you want? Though its efficacy might be dependent quite specifically on the particular players I have, I don't know, but you could give it a go if you want?
  4. Wow. What beautiful football this can play. Or a derivative of this tactic, anyway. Like you say: it's far from plug and play, and I found it didn't have enough penetration for me, so I changed the wide attacking midfielders to IF(a), the forward to CF(a), and the central midfielder to an RPM(s), and found that it both did little to stop the beautiful passing but also gave it a bit more oomph in the final third. My away from home version of it has the forward as a CF(s), the central midfielder as an RPM(s), and drops the AP(s) in the attacking midfield slot back to a central midfielder playing
  5. Yeah, I think he'll turn out okay, but I've another Englishman in front of him in the pecking order just now. Have higher hopes for this kid...
  6. Won the title in 2020/21 and 2022/23 too, but the screen's not big enough 😂
  7. Sort of ex-Gooner here, but I stopped being bothered about which team wins in football about 15 years ago, and just enjoy watching it without affliation now. Still play as Arsenal as my first save though, and I haven't strated a new one since this on the first day the beta was available. Might seem boring winning year in year out, but I re-invent the team and the tactics every season, selling my best players every few years and just bringing new youngsters through...until they get good, then sell them on 😂 I have a transfer budget of over £1bn, but I don't want to spend it and much prefer unea
  8. First league match at home using the IWB(s)s, and playing my full second string as they were already getting awkward about their game time, and it's 7-0 by half time. Think this might be working...
  9. Yeah, I’m warming to it more and more too. I’ve built my squad (over 23 game years, now) to have specialists respectively in wide full-backs but inside forwards, not the others way round, but I’m forcing them to suck it up and just become the wide wingers and inverted full backs I now want them to be. You’re right though, IWB(d) I find as that pleasing hybrid you speak of, even getting wide to deliver crosses when the opportunity’s there, which is something I really didn’t expect before I actually tried them. The defensive solidity is where they earn their corn though; it’s an excellent role.
  10. Oh man, I am such a derp. I've been using this shape - the 3-1-2-3-1 in your original post - on and off for over 10 game years, since late last year, but found that for tough games(especially away) it was too easily caught with balls over the top and / or teams just playing two or three strikers against me (as I had only one centre back, obviously). I was controlling most games in the opponent's half, so it wasn't too much of a concern until the latter stages of the Champions League or similar. You see, I'd been using WB(s) in the full back slots, not the *FAR* more sensible (and intuitive, re
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