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  1. I asked this at some point last week. He says to just drop line of engagement to minimum.
  2. I have been using Warrior 442 with lowest line of engagement and it has worked the best for me. On mobile so I don't have the filename but it's a top one on the fmscout table.
  3. There is no "gelling" in fm touch. And you can go undefeated with an AM recommended tactic if you are using one of the top 3 teams in the game lmao.
  4. What tactics are you all using for away and difficult matches? I've won 40 straight home games with Warrior 442,but losing narrowly in knockout round of CC, and a few upsets in away games. Thanks for all of your contributions Knap!
  5. I understand what you mean, and you're right. I think the word "scripted" is putting the discussion in a different light than what you meant, though. But essentially the game will calculate an outcome based on whatever factors is uses, and then show it to you. Every decision that gets made will make it recalculate the result, and again show it to you. That's pretty much it,and that's the best that current technology can do, since most people aren't playing on supercomputers.
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