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  1. Just process of elimination. Not as long as it sounds - once we narrowed down to Europe, the time to load each DB to the point where you save was pretty short. All we had to do was save, quit to start, and try to reload to see if it worked.
  2. For anyone following this, we were able to narrow down that the issue was a single staff member: Frank Dauwen on Beerschot. Once his contract was removed, it resolved the issue. If anyone's got any thoughts or info about why that may have happened, that'd be nice. Otherwise, good talk everyone
  3. We've done some further testing with this, and it appears that it may be an issue with certain players. After creating saves with different combinations of Belgian leagues and players added, it seems whenever players are added specifically from the following teams the save file becomes corrupted: Mechelen Genk Anderlecht Zulte Waregem Excel Mouscron Kortrijk Sint-Truiden Eupen Cercle Brugge Oostende Waasland-Beveren My testers and I are going to continue trying to figure this out, but if anyone knows what could be causing this please feel free to let me know!
  4. While my database is about 4 times larger in terms of changes, I started experiencing that exact type of slow down in the past couple of days. It was moving very smoothly prior to that. I don't think it was an update though, as I'd already downloaded the most recent update like a week ago I think?
  5. Nearly finished an American pro/rel database, and one of my testers found their save files were getting corrupted when loading a bunch of leagues and nationalities. I was able to narrow this down to find out that if you start a save with extra players from Belgium, or the Belgian leagues, that you can not load the save after you quit and try to open the save. I haven't edited a single thing that has to do with Belgium. Can someone take a look at my XML or poke around otherwise and help me figure out why this is happening? Here is the link to download: https://gofile.io/d/LhBNch Make
  6. Have you changed the locations of all the Cities and Local Regions within the nation?
  7. Follow up here: Unsure if it was the fact that I shut down and restarted my computer, or the new update, or what, but suddenly the added names have appeared! I only needed over 1,000 for them to show up. Something I noticed - if you're using an extinct nation to create a new one, some will need more names added than others. I don't have exact specifics on this at the moment, as I'm pushing to finish the DB I'm working on.
  8. I tried to test this out with my own created nation using CIS as the original as well. Made 1,024 non-players named TESTING TESTING, and didn't see any of those come out. I'm gonna try it now with them on the Player person type and will lyk.
  9. So I gave this a shot, and added a bunch of 80 year old officials to a created nation/local region. In this specific case, it was an extinct nation that I edited, and then a local region that I edited and placed in that created nation. I was unable to get any of those names to generate so far, although I may not have hit any sort of tipping point in terms of the number of added people. Any thoughts on how to get these regen names to properly align with their new nations? Have you experimented in a bigger way than I have on this at all?
  10. If I'm reading this right, then what you're saying is if we add people to the database and attach them to a nation and/or local region, then you can affect the types of names that show up?
  11. They're hardcoded to join the MLS after the first season. You need to copy the clubs and get rid of the originals for them to work properly.
  12. I'm making a USA pro/rel database as well - to clarify you're using the "Override Rules in Code" option?
  13. To clarify - if I've created all new leagues for a USA pro/rel pyramid, I would want the second mode selected, right?
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