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  1. Hi Guys, Pressing FM17 Touch on desktop and steam. The little window pops up saying 'Preparing to Launch'. Looks as if it's about to load then nothing happens and the little window dissapears. Checked the FAQ. Anything I can do, only played once this year...
  2. You actually hate Wales don't you. Every thread, bizarre. Bowen repeatedly pointed out errors even though it wasn't true. Ronaldo's header wascpoor defending according to Bowen but let's face it, was an incredible leap and a great header. Savage pointed out clearly his belief that 2 Belgium penalties should have been given even though the game was tense at 2-1 Wales at the time. Pipe down.
  3. Nothing more to add, will be in Cardiff tomorrow to celebrate our heroes achievements. Must crack on towards this World Cup now. Have to keep this momentum up and build a legacy. One game at a time, together stronger. An overview: Moldova + Georgia obviously potential banana skins but really have to be taking 12 points off these Ireland :Need 4 points here imo Austria: Initially our main scare I thought, but suffered a poor Euro's and to play them away this October could be at just the right time. Serbia: Not been at their best of recent but still the 6-1 defeat lurks in the back of my mind. Need 3 points here. Most of my mates love the rugby so going to Austria is going to be annoyingly difficult.
  4. People need to watch the first half again I think. After half-time the team who scores first wins, simple. Forces the other team to attack and therefore get caught again as we did. Unfortunately it was Ronaldo, a superstar and a pretty lucky second goal. Congratulations Portugal, very proud.
  5. Never thought we'd make it this far and was gutted when I only managed to get the QF should we qualify in the ballot Off to France tomorrow, no idea where I'm staying. C'mon Bois
  6. As much as I've said it doesn't matter how far we get I'd still be over the moon no matter what... It would traumatize me going out to Northern Ireland after coming this far Great to see one of us go to the QF's though!
  7. Vardy and Rashford should start for the English, feared them. Was looking forward to facing Rooney and Sterling, both useless. Pinging balls out to Walker looks good for the cameras mind. Devastated. England Deserved it. No attacking intent. 2 Bale freekicks and a total scuff is worrying. Get Jonny Williams on the pitch quicker and Vokesy to hold it up for them. We sat back and let them come at us with hideous defensive mentality, no counter attacking intent = England didn't need to worry. Owe Russia big time after 2004. The way Russia finished last 2 games scares me though, a last minute goal to send us home on Monday would genuinely end me. CMON THE BOYS ON TO TOULOUSE. Bale's a god
  8. This Kolo love in The amount of times he lost Gameiro in the box. Great recovery tackle but lucky that Gameiro's slow as. Same people who loved Skrtel 13/14 because they were deceived by his goal-scoring ability that season. Both can't defend. Man City got rid years ago for a reason. You have to be ruthless otherwise Liverpool won't compete again. Too old sorry Kolo & not top class. Goodbye.
  9. Euro's forum where we don't need to be frequent in the ABE thread \o/ You tried air bnb Gregg?
  10. Ben Dudley's tweets show he found a way for them to give him a follow Wales to the final 7 game ticket
  11. Yeah any Wales tickets gimme a shout, but ask Chops and Penge first as I believe they went to a few away games this campaign. Gold membership for the FAW should see me get some though hopefully.
  12. My tactics. tactics are 99% what gets you wins. I have Insigne, Akpom, Van Dijk, Chiriches, etc etc in the Championship, does that not count for anything??? what tactics could dictate such stupid fake inconsistency... tactic overload isn't what FM touch should be about. made the game quite boring tbh.
  13. can I beat second place Bristol City 4-0( I'm 1st) and lose the next game(at home) 5-1 against 24th Birmingham. no tactic change. don't say complacency as I'm playing FM Touch not the full deep game. Did I kill my players families?
  14. Can't believe you thought Allen was horrific, please begin to understand football Players seem very confident.
  15. Keep: Clyne Gomez(young) Sakho Moreno(he'll be good) Milner Henderson Lallana Coutinho Firmino(despite awful, still has quality) Ibe Benteke Sturridge Rossiter and youngsters etc Can Everyone else has to go in order for LFC to compete.
  16. Watching highlights on S4C and feeling far better. Need to be more clinical etc but we played some really nice stuff. By the way please everybody watch Malcolm Allen's commentary on the S4C highlights after Bale's goal in Cyprus. Best thing ever. Should be available online
  17. Wanted Ramsey to drive at their defence more, and Bale. Vokes should have been on a whole 25 minutes earlier. Such a useful decoy to take men away from Rambo/Bale etc. Putting Church on earlier was bizarre. Cyprus dominating apparently, keep that up and we'll qualify tonight!
  18. We see it more as being hilarious considering you are 20 times the size of us etc yet still our small, proud nation are better than you at both sports. Rod emoji.
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