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  1. Very poor tactic, tried this for Roma for 20 games, all the players fitted in perfectly and came 18th, rage quitted.
  2. Is the beta on the main page the latest one. Saying this because after one game you can't judje a lot though. On first sights they'res great over the top balls out wide, first match using it I only beat Livingston 2-1 but we dominated.
  3. Hi great tactic Dropping by it looks impressive as a Cardiff team it's working well. Quincy on the wing is quick and Bothroyd up front is very very good so's Chopra as a striker, Steve Foster has 17 tackling and is good there. Foster is also 6ft alternative to Cb along with Gyepes Johnson and Navas(16 tackling heading a 14 marking) is 6ft 5. Just played my first game pre season vs Peterhead still tough as pre-season every game is annoying. I won 5-0 away which is very good with some good football, just wondering are you 100 percent on team talks as normally isnt it we can win this and hal
  4. Yeh I have mate well Im attempting to I got some decent players on it as well, ill giv it a go with this tactic.
  5. So I was 1-0 down on aggregate after a loss vs Porto now I was relying totally on this tactic, after a few times of using it hopefully this would show what this tactic was made for. Final Score: Real Madrid 7 Porto 1 Amazing and after finding out that my centre back was playing striker for the whole second half(he scored) we could have stuffed him and their goal at the end wouldnt have happened, Marquinhos isnt a very good centre half, they were higher in energy than us but it was brilliant really really good, hope it dosen't start to falter.
  6. Looks alright so far Real Madrid 1-0 Betis - we totally dominated as always but our players sometimers cant finish, first game though Real Madrid 2-0 Almeria - confidence performance played mostly reserves Villareal 0-2 Real Madrid - They were fifth with some good quality away 2-0 could have been more was good without Soldado a Ramos In March 2012 looks like well win the league, playing Atletico Madrid in Spanish Cup final so Porto next in Champs league
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