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  1. To be honest, I haven't used external background pictures before so I don't really know how to fix it. My skins are based on the default skins I extracted with the Resource Archiver directly from the game. Maybe the default skins need further editing on certain opacity-values to make these pictures fully visible? Have you tried your background pictures on the base skin, provided in the Skinning Hideout? If they are fully displayed, you should be able to transfer the panels I edited and maybe it'll work then. This was mentioned some days ago and I'm already trying to fix it. Than
  2. So far this works for me, thank you Since I usually replace the attribute values by colorised stars via an appearance-command (appearance="boxes/custom/attributes/star") and the columns will stay there anyway, I wonder if it's possible to include an appearance command after resizing the values to "0" as well? Here's what I tried, but it does not consider the attribute thresholds to colorise the stars: <record id="table_properties" layout="180,140,50,50" fixed_size_rows="true" row_height="25" auto_size_maximum_height="400"> <list id="column_table_properties">
  3. I tried removing them as well as setting them to zero, but the attribute values do not disappear. Looking at the xml-file I honestly do not understand where these values come from and why the presentations varies between different advice categories. I accidentally made the whole button to choose the person to get advice from disappear, but I didn't find the line responsible solely for these values.
  4. Hello, At the moment I am trying to edit the advice screen in the staff/responsibility section, but I do not really understand the structure of the corresponding xml-file: In some sections there is something like a table with "name, job and some attributes" while in the next section there is just the name with the job: For now I identified the backroom advice settings panel.xml to be responsible for this section but removing the marked lines in "Get Advice From" solely creates the following and I don't really understand where this comes from: While I remov
  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback I will try to work on the issues you mentioned above and hopefully be able to present a working update as soon as possible.
  6. Here's a little addition on how to customise the colour of the attribute stars: Option 1: go to Preferences/Advanced/All and make sure "Use caching to decrease page loading time" is unticked open the StarAttributes settings.xml and adjust the rgb-code in <!-- Profile attribute colours --> for the particular attribute in: <colour name="~ attribute" value="rgb(r,g,b)"/> as well as in: <colour name="~ attribute background" value="rgb(r,g,b)"/> with ~ = low, average, good or excellent save the xml-file and reload the skin -> if this does not
  7. You can use The Unarchiver from the App Store in order to extract Rar-Files and to load a torrent I tried Folx these days and it worked pretty well.
  8. I guess for skins with a whole different layout you'll have to manually repeat everything I did to the default skin. Most of the files are responsible for the non-numeric attributes. I used the Resource Archiver to extract the default and the dark skin to start with and then added the graphics and the panels needed to replace the numeric attribute values. But in addition there are some files to restructure the comparison screens as well as to delete the attribute octagons for example.
  9. Try to delete the star.png files located in graphics/boxes/custom/attributes. This might be an option, but I guess this won't hide the attribute octagon and the bars in the player comparison-screen for example.
  10. I don't know yet. Looking at some skins with this coach summary, it seems that they changed the whole structure and it isn't done with just replacing some lines. Like I said, I'm still working on this skin and trying to improve its presentation, but since I'm not an advanced editor, this takes some time. So for now, you'll have to use it the way it is, or you'll have to try yourself.
  11. I guess you may have to transfer all the files from the panels- and the properties-folder and hope that these files weren't edited in the other skin, since replacing existing files might destroy the other editor's work, as well as the boxes/custom/attributes... path with the star.pngs from the graphics-folder. On top of that you'll need to replace the lines I put into the StarAttributes settings.xml-file in the other skins settings.xml, but just for the specific part I edited. I haven't tried this before, so I am not able to give you any advice on how to proceed. Given that the files I e
  12. You open Football Manager, go to Preferences and choose "StarAttributes" as your skin. Then you reload and most of the changes I made will be shown, for example the player profile: but in the custom views as well as in the specific player role views you'll still find numeric attributes, since they are controlled by the person properties.xml-file: So you'll have to restart Football Manager once to load the person properties.xml-file as well. After that everything should be fine and all the numeric attributes should be replaced: In German:
  13. Thank you When I started to create this skin I tried to solely focus on replacing all the numeric attribute values first as well as restructuring the comparison panels to be able to present a playable result as soon as possible. Of course, there is still some room for improvements in the default skins presentation, but I didn't want to overextend myself on working on to many topics at the same time. For now, I assume that there aren't any numeric attribute values left, so the next step would be to work on some small adjustments in the defaults skin layout. One step was to replace the "pr
  14. *updated January 3rd* Changelog: fixed an issue concerning the colours of unscouted and low attributes added left and right foot ability to player overview IMPORTANT: How to make it work after Downloading: Put "StarAttributes" in your skin-folder open Football Manager, go to Preferences, choose "StarAttributes" and reload skin -> now player and staff profiles show stars, while the different views still show numeric attributes exit Football Manager and reopen for person properties.xml to load finally custom views as well as specific pl
  15. Yes, there will be another release with the updated attribute-colours, once I figured out all the relevant panels as well as the left and right foot instead of just preferred foot in the player overview. Since unscouted attributes should only be an issue with opponents' player profiles, scouting reports, comparison-panels and team overviews, there should not be that much work left, I guess.
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