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  1. Awesome work with the megapack, Daveincid! One question: Can I use this with majesticeternity's Award Overhaul mod? Does the reworked reputation system for awards conflict with the league reputation changes in this megapack? Cheers!
  2. I really enjoyed using that mod. Thanks! Are you planning on making it for FM21 as well?
  3. Hello, Encountered a crash after a friendly game finished, when accessing the "Analytical Data" section and then by clicking somewhere on the "xG Match Story" graph. Crash dump attached. Cheers. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.12 15.55.06).dmp
  4. I think it'd be great if the hearts were the result of a "fitness masking" setting, similar to the "attribute masking" setting, that you can choose to turn on or off when setting up the game. If you set it to 'off', fitness will still be displayed in percentages as in previous versions, or alternatively, if you set it to 'on', fitness will be displayed in a range of coloured hearts. That way everyone is happy. Having hearts represent a range of fitness level (e.g. 90 - 100%) also might make the game more challenging to those who feel it's too easy at the moment and add more realism to those that feel percentages don't accurately reflect the way fitness is measured in real life.
  5. I reported this bug about a week ago. I haven't been able to get on to try the suggested fix yet. See if it works for you.
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