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  1. sorry now i see it i exactly download at 09/12 and yes i use and another editor file... but i see in the game that when i change the duplicated player to retired person the id didnt change at all ...
  2. I download the players.fmf of Robbles Quin (English translation of Karin data) at 28/12 and the only change i did is the duplicate players to retired person and the id of the players didn't change ....
  3. my friend tell me id of for example Ryota Oshima you have the same 2000068983 ? so we find out in who players.fmf we find you and the facepack you made will be correct ...
  4. Duplicate players: Choi Kyu-Baek, Min Seong-Jun, Song Joo-Hoon, Kim Dong-Su, Bae Soo-Yong, Shin Tae-Han, Choi Pyeong-Kir (Choe Byeong-Gil are both same person), Yang Sang-Jun, Chung Yong-Dae, Kim Hee-Ho, Park Chan-Yong, Shimura Noboru, Zlatan Ljubijankic, Hugo Vieira, Leoni Johnny, Marcelo Toscano, Davi (Jose, age 36), Julinho (age 33), Salvitti Rodrigo, Ramon (age 30), Mikic Mihael, Dinei (age 36), Eliezio, Yu Shanwen, Engels Gert, Wellington (age 32), Caue (age 31), Mascia Alberto, Krakowiak Maciej, Eduardo Neto, Abah Audu Jerome, Lucas Macedo, Caetano de Almeida (Rafael), De Vries Ryan, Cklamovski Peter, Wu Shaocong, Daniel Sanches, Ebecilio Lorenzo, Babunski David, Erick Noriega,Masaya Karakisawa. *IF YOU CHANGE IN EDITOR THE DUPLICATE PLAYERS TO RETIRED PERSON THEN NO PROBLEM WITH THE ID OF ALL JAPAN PATCH PLAYERS IS NOT CHANGE ...
  5. One wrong name in the japan players database SHUTO MACHIDA club GIRAVANZ KITAKYUSHU id 2000070703 correct name SHUTO MACHINO https://www.jleague.jp/en/player/1617896/
  6. If is possible a change please to the players database Yamato Wakatsuki id 2000068749 Shonan Bellmare is loan to FC SION https://www.transfermarkt.com/yamato-wakatsuki/profil/spieler/657624
  7. Now i see it i dont know if fixed by the update duplicate player Fabricio Messias ID 19152301 - Fabricio dos Santos Messias 2000075018
  8. the only source for facepack is the official site of jleague( https://www.jleague.jp/en/club/ ) has the faces of the club players J1/J2/J3 example https://www.jleague.jp/en/club/sapporo/#player
  9. If someone can speak with EST touiro that will help us so we can have and Facepack for JFA Japanese full pyramid by Robbles Quin www.twitter.com/est_touiro?lang=el
  10. Delighted this is finally out (even in beta). duplicated players in the db Mauricio 19046032 - Mauricio de carvalho antonio 2000068150
  11. @EST Touiro Hi karin made the J League pack for FM2021 https://fm-j-league-pack.firebaseapp.com/ is there any chance for J league 2021 facepack???
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