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  1. https://fm-base.co.uk/attachments/oh-nikola-zigic-away-af-fmf.511550/ https://fm-base.co.uk/attachments/oh-nikola-zigic-away-fmf.511551/ https://fm-base.co.uk/attachments/oh-nikola-zigic-fmf.515108/ Fm20 championship tactics
  2. Try Defensive mentality to drag them out from there own half, use more direct passing, pass in to space in Your team instructions to counter them.
  3. few differnt formations from zyndar JOKER V4_251FEFEC-4A61-4D1A-857C-66C144E1E1B9.fmf JOKER V5_DAC62E39-69DE-4C2C-A216-9EB3F6D391EF.fmf LEVIATHAN V5_BF766458-E58C-4C66-B1CD-9FFBE91B85F0.fmf
  4. those are very good but needs right players Attractive-4-3-3 by Meraklija Vujevic v1_E14A800A-06B6-4D33-8AFB-66C7ED62885D.fmf Mid strenght-4-3-1-2-by Meraklija Vujevic-low quality teams_E1E69F7C-4AA2-4212-9C10-CF99606CD0D2.fmf Mid strenght-4-3-1-2-by Meraklija Vujevic-v2_34F3B938-87C8-45D0-84A8-4F5C67126F78.fmf
  5. and those two from zyndar SCAVENGER_2232CEED-EF66-4EE9-B0B4-26D9AB45A34B.fmf SMUGGLER_CC9994E0-B2C2-4CE2-9FA7-ACB5493A5302.fmf
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/lo5rkv4nt3ntsb0/TFF_DEMOLISHER_(_STRIKERLESS_)_V17_02C1682E-45BB-4051-AB1B-23562CEF4862.fmf Demolisher from Tff....just change central AM to SS. Home counter, away defensive mentality
  7. this tactic(away) combined with Knap warrior 442(home)
  8. Any reason why they not testing or why they not allowed Your tactics to be even posted on FMBase?
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