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  1. testing little tweaks for this tactic with Villa. Every home game starting with Attacking mentallity Away to top five( city, utd, liv, chelsea, arsenal) cautious away to anyone else Positive 352 rosler tweak.fmf
  2. very solid tactic tested with Herta and Freiburg, no transfers. Well done!
  3. Thank You for answering, i could spend 2000 euro i suppouse but i wonder if very fast performance could be achieved without spending that much, all that new PC's looks very fancy...where would be best to buy PC in Your opinion?
  4. https://www.pcspecialist.ie/view/Atlas-Elite/ Would you think that 2000euro is to much to spend on gaming PC just for FM? Dont play other games (europa universalis series sometimes) with lack of time im looking for PC to proces game as quick as possible. Thank You... Never seen this thread before but seems to be good idea and helpfull too.;)
  5. What is Your opinion about new 4132 tactic under new patch? I got slightly worst results than before but it could be just randomness of the game, not sure now to continue my save or wait for Your update.
  6. i getting mixed results after update in my test saves, what is the point to change this ME every week.. difficult to enjoy this game lately
  7. lower league test so far, first promotion from 3rd Belgian Division. two strikers are top scorers in the league, guys re-trained from wingers
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