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  1. I've been trying to achieve an hybrid three at the back for a while now, i'll be watching this space closely. Keep up the good work!
  2. His goals started to dry up right after i posted. I now play with a poacher up top. If i recall right, this was my setup with the PF(d) GK(d) Fbs. Cd(d). Bpd (d) fb(a) Bwm (d) W(s). MC(a). Dlp (s). IW(a) PF(d) Now my setup is changed (the defense stays the same) DM(d) W(a). B2B. AP(a). DW(s) P(a) We play on balanced mentality, slightly more direct with early crosses. The poacher is offcourse the main goalscorer.
  3. This could be what my 4-1-4-1 needs! I've managed to (finally) incorporate a lone poacher in that tactic, but defensively it could be better. In earlier attemps to make my team defensively more solid, i lowered the pressing from "more urgent" to "standard". Less urgent pressing could potentially be the key to my tactic. Thanks for opening my eyes!
  4. I really like the 4-1-4-1, it's versatile and can produce alle kinds of football. I recently started a new unemployed save and ended up in Wales, Fflint Town United FC. I saw they had like 6 natural strikers, so at first i tried to play with two OR three strikers... To no succes. Turned out my love for the 4-1-4-1 is too big :). Since the switch to my beloved formation, i only played two games, so it's early days. Right now it's working tho. i play with a PF(d) and i'm falling in love with that role. He holds the ball up for other teammates, he harasses the defence and is An all around nuisence. Also, his positioning is great for counterattacks. Oh, and against my expectations, he's scored 3 in those 2 games!
  5. Amazing stuff! Really well thought out and backed with some nice screenshots to show the tactic in it's full glory! In the screenshots under A and B, the right fullback looks like an IWB(d), so i assume those are taken before you made the switch to an WB(d)? Regarding that switch, did you make it because the IWB(d) made you more vunourable to counterattacks down that flank? Keep up the good work, it looks like a blast from the past. Very nice!
  6. First of all, very nice threat! Ik really like the approach, and it is something i've been trying to create myself. Funny thing is, i'm also managing in Romania (Aerostar Bacau). I suspect that your rightsided WM acts a lot like a WP, am i right?
  7. In my current save on Fm19, I'm experimenting with an asymmetric 442. Things are looking great, as it's the first tactic I've created which creates space and..... Through balls to my striker! Can't post screenshots right now, but the set up looks like this: SKs FBs CDd BPDd FBa WMa CMd BBM WPs Ta AFa Its early days for this tactic, but I'm really pleased with the football it produces. If you're interested, I can post some screenshots in a day or two.
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