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  1. Okay, due to technical issues, I couldn't make screenshots. But this is my tactic: I use the same instructions used in this thread. As I said, this thread made me rethink my playstyle, and I wanted to test things out. Now for my setup, back to front, left to right: SKsu FBsu, CDd, BPDd, FBa Wa, BBMsu, CMd, IWsu AMsu AFa If the opposition plays with a higher line, or if I can spot gaps in the defence, I'll tick 'Pass into space'. My AF already got some assists from through balls, usually to my Wa. I'm loving the movement, versatility and overall presence of the AF. He gets above average ratings, even when playing against a low block, so I'm happy. Last night I played Bate Borisov - number 2 in my league, just behind me - and absolutely destroyed them. We won 7-3 in a really high paced match. Although my striker only scored one, his movement freed up a lot of space for my W and my IW, who scored a hattrick and brace respectively.
  2. I will try to screenshot my tactic later today, just a heads up: it's remarkably similar to the tactic in the OP Ah, we play the game the same way! I always have to many ideas
  3. Excellent post, it really made me rethink my tactic, so thanks! I already played a similar formation, with similar roles, but this post made me redesign my playing style, and so far, so good! And to answer this: I'm using the playingstyle provided by this thread, but I've got an AF up top. The same principles apply IMO, but from what I've seen so far, an AF gives you slightly more versatility, which is a plus. If you want, I can post my setup.
  4. In my current save on Fm19, I'm experimenting with an asymmetric 442. Things are looking great, as it's the first tactic I've created which creates space and..... Through balls to my striker! Can't post screenshots right now, but the set up looks like this: SKs FBs CDd BPDd FBa WMa CMd BBM WPs Ta AFa Its early days for this tactic, but I'm really pleased with the football it produces. If you're interested, I can post some screenshots in a day or two.
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