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  1. This. 100% this. It completely kills any desire to want to try and make something that is sensible and looks like it makes sense when you know that it would make a far better tactic in game to ridiculous instructions with player roles that don't make sense to work at all in game. I've read a lot of the guides and what not and they do make perfect, logical sense for how football should work. The problem is not them at all, but the match engine and how it seems to reward these bizarre nonsensical tactics that for some reason walk all over the match engine. If the match engine was coherent in that way it would be pretty great in my opinion and hopefully it can get improved for the next game.
  2. Ah okay thank you very much for clarifying this for me
  3. I always thought that reputation did play some sort of a role how an opposition team would play against you. I've seen people say that here and there on this forum and others that it does and I was pretty sure myself that it did but I could well be wrong about it. I always thought the cycle was winning trophies performing better lead to an increased reputation and that lead to teams being more conservative against you, essentially that the 2 are linked together in a way.
  4. In fairness I do think a lot of people view this purely as a game, something they play for enjoyment. There's a section of people who play this game who don't really care too much for the realism of the simulation and just kinda wanna have fun with without it being too difficult or stressful playing the game. I've had times myself were going onto this game in my free time became a tad like a chore due to how difficult at points this game decides to be via the mechanics of it, particularly with the ever adapting match engine. I think people who want to take a non-league club to the prem or to the cl who want to plug in a tactic that will get them success for their aims shouldn't be policed by other members of the community, after all, it is just a game, people can play it however they want. This years edition more than ever has an adaptable match engine, that adapt and tweaks over time to whatever your team is set up to do in game, meaning that a lot of these plug n play tactics are redundant after a while anyway. A person in that mindset might find it very enjoyable to take Soutport from the the vanarama national to the prem because they enjoy the story of it, the signing and development of players, buying low to sell high, and so on. I myself really enjoy transfers and scouting on this game the most, I enjoy taking a player from eastern Europe or from south america and watching them develop from a youngster into a world beater and enjoy the process of player development and the stories that can be created within the game. Is it not fun to take a lower league side to highs they've never been to before, even if you know it might not be all of your doing? I'd still say that'd be quite an enjoyable experience in this game in my opinion at least, especially when factoring in all the other aspects of the things you can do on this game. I'd disagree that 95% of the game is tactics from my experience with it, due to how you need to manage scouting, transfers, training, and a lot of other things not mentioned. I also have a point on the idea that these unrealistic tactics break the game so to speak. That's more on the fault of SI than any individual player in my opinion. It's their job to make sure that there are no huge flaws in the game, as if there is it is clear people will exploit. If the match engine, made by SI, cannot counter the unrealistic tactic's, its not the players fault, but the games. I know its cliche but don't hate the player, hate the game. There's not really a genuine alternative to FM either, at least one that is as in depth and enjoyable as it. There's a few other managing games but they're nowhere near as good, and F*fa just isn't a lot of peoples cup of tea due to how poor the simulation aspect of career mode is on it.
  5. I don't think there is any tactic of any sort that is going to be consistently successful on this years match engine, as you've said. It consistently tweaks and adapts to counter whatever your team is doing at whatever point. While it can be frustrating, after a while the game would become too easy and boring to a lot of people if you could just have 1 tactic that consistently works really well no matter who against, who's in your team and anything else involved. I don't think the game is built in a way now that allows for one super overpowered tactic to get you consistent success over a number of years anymore, it makes you tweak and change and adapt to everything that is going on in your save. I think one of the things that frustrates me, you might feel similar, is that since a lot of people use just key highlights and extensive highlights a lot of the time you can't really see what is going so wrong with your team at any given time for most of the game, only a few minutes here and there with the key events of said game. I would also say that whatever your doing can't be too far of the mark if you've beaten all of those teams away from home. Losing at home to Inter isn't fantastic of course but there's a lot of fine margins in football as well. You are bound to lose games at some point, it is not really possible in this game, or IRL, to expect to win every single game throughout a season, you'll win some you maybe didn't think you would and maybe lose some you didn't think you would as well. If your striving for complete perfection, your always going to leave disappointed. Morale and things like that are also very important on this game. You could have a great tactic with a great team but if they're unhappy or you have poor team cohesion then you probably still won't get too far unless stuff like that gets sorted. I'd also add that when changing your tactic every season that it could be more effective to just tweak 1 or 2 things here and there instead of a wholesale change as it seems like you might be suggesting that you do. If that's not what you meant with that point then apologies, but could be an idea. I also don't know the players you have, the tactic, etc etc but if your having an issue putting the ball in the net it could be the forwards finishing and things like that. You could have a 4* striker who looks to be a worldy but if they have 12 finishing or something like that they could have serious issues with actually putting the ball into the back of the net. On the topic of the tactic testers saving and reloading I'm not too sure on that. I'm sure that there are some that do of course, but my main issue with them is how they only use certain teams and for a certain length of time. They tend to only really use top top teams, Liverpool and the like, and often only for 1 season. I'd love to see one tested with a lower down team in the league and have consistent success over the period of a 3/4 seasons, because I have a sneaky suspicion that the wheels could well fall off at some point, as the AI adjusts to increasing reputation and the like. A lot of them also holiday through there save with their tactic, and I don't know if that has an effect but sometimes I do doubt that they would have done so well using the tactic game in game out, but that might just be me.
  6. Yeah that's fair enough sorry I might not have fully understood what you'd meant in your original comment. That's interesting you say about getting bored with a certain play style. I've never really had that myself, as long as my team is doing well I can't say I've ever really been too tempted to ever change it from how it is at that time.
  7. Well I can assure you it definitely isn't just you that has had a lot of issues on this years game
  8. In fairness to this guy he has won the champions cup 5 times in 9 seasons so its worked outside of France as well
  9. Hello anyone that might read this, hope you are doing well. I just have been having a slight issue with my clubs ability to loan out certain players. I'm in my 8th season as Everton manager and I am coming off the back of winning the league for the first time in my previous season, so its quite clear I have a pretty good team, to understate it. I now have a problem though with my save. After stockpiling players for years, buying them, loaning them out for seasons on end I now 2 problems in particular. One is that you can only loan out a certain amount of players over the age of 23 to foreign clubs. This might not seem all that bad, but considering when I try to loan players out I only seem to get offers from foreign clubs its becoming a bit of an issue having tons of players that I'm not going to be able to move on for the next season. I've had players, like a regen called Lee Kinsella who I got in my first youth intake, is 2.5* current ability, and turned 23 before this summers window. Previously I had no issues getting loan offers for him from English clubs, but this summer, I only got offers from clubs abroad, meaning I had filled up a spot with him. Is there a reason this happens and is there a way to get more English clubs offering to bring in my players on loan? The second issue is that I have certain players who I just find it impossible to loan out certain players. I have a player who is 21 years old, a regen named Wisdom Anorou, who is a DLP who is currently at 3.5* with a potential to be 4* and 5* in black. He is definitely good enough to be in my team, but I play a 442 and I have 6 CM's who could play, not including him. He is definitely a good player, but I am unable to loan him to anyone. I have received no offers, even when I offer him for no wage, no fees, no anything really. Is there a reason I can't seem to get any offers and is there any way I can fix this?
  10. I'm not one of the best people on this game but there a few things I notice. None of your out and out wide players are set to be 'attacking', meaning that you might not have enough players going forward at any given time. If you want the full backs to overlap passed the IF and IW, it could be an idea to put them on attacking to actually instruct them to overlap and put the ball into the box. I also think you don't have enough natural width on the left hand side, you have the 2 wide players wanting to come in and a central player looking to drift out, so you might need to combine the IF with a wing back, not a IWB. The half back in Rodrigo should be enough to hold the space in that area left by the MZ. I think with Man City you might need to go even more aggressive. Teams will look to sit off against a side like Man City, hoping they can soak up the pressure and hit on the break, so a higher line of engagement and higher pressing could actually allow you to win the ball back more and defend from the front with your side against opposition. In not pressing you kind of allow them to just hold on to the ball with no real pressure for large periods of play. A system like this could actually work really well against sides who'd try to attack you, such as Liverpool, United, big teams in the CL, etc, but not so well against a lot of lower down PL sides. I myself have really struggled to work with a tactic that seeks to control possession as well as actually getting through the defense properly, but that was with Sunderland and not a side as good as Man City so your side might be able to break through opposition players better due to having such a high quality of player. My midfield 3 was made up of a DM on defend, a advanced play maker and a CM on attack with having width on the wings and that worked well enough for me on my save, getting promoted in 2nd on 91 points. With such a quality side as City something like that might be able to work for you. And I sympathize with you about the match engine, the gegenpress type tactic seems to work so well on this match engine compared to a lot of other systems, even if you think you've found something that looks like it should work.
  11. Ah well fair enough. I've seen a lot of people say it isn't too great in terms of variation which I tend to agree with from my own experience on this game so far. To be honest I've seen a fair bit of Liverpool in the past few years and I haven't myself noticed that specific change in the past few years. I noticed it between the end of the 17/18 season, when they came 4th and lost in the CL final to Real, and the start of the 18/19 season when they won the CL and got 97 points in the league. It definitely happened but I think we might disagree on when said change happened. Liverpool's output, from the point that I think said tweak happened, has not been too different, getting 97 points vs 99 points in the 2 seasons. I think the ball is more with the full backs slightly but not too much of a difference with the forward players. Yeah I do agree on that one. Have to keep it interesting but not every team should have the necessary ability to counter act what you do so easily, so soon. Hopefully it is fine tuned soon as you say. I didn't mean to say that some roles are completely useless, just that in general, there are some clearly more effective than others in most situations, meaning that if you want to win you are kind of hamstrung-ed into using pretty similar roles all of the time. Of course nearly all roles will work well enough if you have a good team and a good player to play in said role. I do know that some roles don't work well with another role, maybe due to similarity or something else, whatever that may be, and in contrast that they can mix well with roles that compliment each other. On the entire thing of a trequartista working for you in a certain set up with Dybala that was kinda one of my points. If you have good enough players, you can essentially plug them into something and as long as its semi-coherent you'll get decent enough results. I don't think saying that you had success with a near elite level player really disputes my point that some roles are of very little use for the vast majority of players who play in said position. I didn't mean to necessarily say some roles are literally useless, but just that they don't work for a lot of players and in a lot of set ups from what I've seen and experienced in this game. Yep I agree defending is important, I didn't try to suggest it wasn't I don't think. I always thought that the automatic instruction meant they matched your set mentality, so if on attacking they'd be attacking, balance support, defensive for defense, etc. My general point was that heavy aggressive gegenpress tactics were the most effective on the game, in a very general sense, for the player, and it was kinda my ideas on how it maybe was linked to a clubs reputation and other things like that. I know that tweaks and things like that are needed in game and in certain situations but that generally a lot of people I've seen play this game say this is the best general set up you can use at any point because the ME seems to overvalue how good it is, which is matched with my experience of actually playing this game. Its kind of a bit a meme with people who play this game that the go to when failing is to go to a 4231, with high lines, high pressing, high tempo and the like, seemingly no matter what team and what players they are managing. I'd want a game were there isn't such a clear almost default that people switch too when things aren't going too so you can actually tweak and tinker with new ideas without knowing that there is a default idea you can always turn back to at some point. I think I should have probably prefaced my original post in this thread with that up until quite recently I've never played this game too much and never had an idea about the online communities, all the websites, forums, etc, which means that some of my opinions aren't likely to be spot on due to being a relative newbie on this game compared to a lot of people on this and other such sites.
  12. Yep I know, was just trying to make a bit of a joke out of my failings at this game in this specific instance. I wouldn't say it was particularly whingy, although the word glitch probably wasn't best suited to describing the issue he's having on his save, given that it isn't what you would really deem to be a glitch. I completely agree with the set pieces thing, on my own Sunderland save I think I've scored 70 league goals and 18 of those where from corners so I completely get what you mean on that one. I myself have had 3 of my center backs all get 6 goals across the season, mainly from corners so yeah. I've also had a fair bit of success with having the ball crossed to the back post and having a winger or inside forward heading the ball in at the back post but I've had issues specifically with making use of a traditional target man when it comes to him putting the ball in the net from crosses. Heading is definitely effective on this game but I do sympathize with the original post as I myself haven't been able to find a way to play effectively using a direct style of play with a target man where he scores a lot of players but that's just me. I don't know if I insinuated that it was impossible but if I did that wasn't what I meant to say, just that I personally had found it difficult. Apologies if I hadn't been clear enough on my posts on this thread. As I said I am still new to this game and when I understand it a bit better hopefully I will find a way to make better use of this aspect of the game. Yeah that guy sounds like he's going to a bit of a beast coming in from the left. If you have good players on the right hand side to put the ball into him you could be on to a real winner. If he has decent physicals like pace and other things like that you could be on to an absolute gem. Hopefully he starts banging in all of them asap :-)
  13. Ah well it must be just me and @Bunkerossian who have issues on that one I guess haha Fair enough I'm still kinda new to this game so hopefully I'll find a way to be able to get it working for me on a few of my saves
  14. Ah okay thanks. My team kinda plays like that anyway so there shouldn't really be a need to go out of my way to instruct players to do that
  15. Hello everyone. I just have a query regarding the play for set pieces instruction on FM 20. My team is pretty strong from attacking set pieces, free kicks and corner kicks, and was wondering if putting play for set pieces on would enhance my teams performance. Just for reference, I've scored 53 league goals in 35 games, with 15 coming from corners and 5 coming from indirect free kicks, as well as 6 penalties, which I know doesn't necessarily fit the set piece thing, but just shows how poor my team is at scoring from open play as 26 of my 53 goals have came from set pieces. Really it'd be best for my team if my style of play was just trying to win set pieces to try and score from. Is there any negatives that can come from having this instruction selected that I might not know about yet? I can't think of any of the top of my head but maybe I'm being a bit naive on that one? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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