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  1. Hi all, just wanted to get a second opinion on my tactic? Been using it for a few games and have been doing okay but just wanted to see what a few other people thought about it and if you saw any glaring problems with it.
  2. Yeah that's fair enough. You know what I hadn't checked individual players xG but I will know you've suggested that. If its just one player who's under performing in that area I'd be good to just replace him but if its numerous I probably need a bit more of a rejig of my tactic. I'll try whacking the tempo down a bit as well to see if that helps me a bit as well.
  3. Would changing the AF to a CF on attack be helpful or would it have to be on support to be effective in the way you talk of?
  4. I mean that is an interesting observation, but not quite sure I agree with it. DCL is good as you said, but I wouldn't say the rest are terrible. Zirkzee and Richarlison are pretty good, Orsolini and Dembele and fantastic should be okay. I'll give lowering the tempo ago if you think it'll help my team be a bit less frantic as you said. Thanks for the suggestion
  5. That's fair enough, apart from penalties I do tend to have loads of little increases on the graph and lots of them which isn't as good as having just a handful of higher quality chances. I do score a fair few goals from set pieces, corners especially. DCL, Zirkzee and pretty much all my center backs are pretty decent in the air so I'm quite good in that department. The overlap right is something I have been thinking about myself so I'll whack that on. In terms of defensive solidity I don't notice that I'm too bad in that department, I mainly just get done on the counter a bit w
  6. What you've said about the work ball into box instruction makes complete sense in fairness. The only reason I had it on was to try and stop my players from taking shots from miles out that probably wouldn't go in but I assume I'd be okay to just turn this instruction off for now. I did buy a new SS who's a regen who cost me £75 million who has some pretty decent stats all round but particularly in the passing area so he could be a bit of a help in the lack of elite passers department. I put run at defense on just because I have players with decent dribbling so I was trying to utilize that
  7. That's a good point about the 3 forwards. Would putting the SS to an AM on support or something like that be a bit more helpful? I'll just give them a go swapping them around, easy enough I guess. I kinda thought that having work ball into box would stop my players from just taking shots whenever they felt like it if that makes sense so my players don't waste possession with shots of a low probability of going in but that does make sense. Would turning it off be okay do you think? Thank you very much for the help mate, always see you kicking about the forums really appreciate it
  8. Got a big of a bug here for you. Premier league fixtures in my Everton save in the 24-25 season seem to have got a bit confused, with there being numerous teams who I only play away or only at home. The teams I only play away are Liverpool, Manchester United, Burnley, Southampton, with the teams I'll be playing at home twice against being Arsenal, Watford, West Ham and Wolves.
  9. Yeah I think my game has had a bit of a nightmare haha I have doubled up home/away fixtures vs certain teams, Liverpool away twice, etc etc... I know this is completely in the wrong place but I didn't know where else to put it so apologies
  10. 1. I'm buying a new shadow striker to try and improve my side, hoping to drop Kubo or Lourenco deeper into the midfield as a DLP. I think Richarlison is decent enough but would be open to improving him at some point in the future. 2. That point about DCL's dribbling is a good one I haven't thought about before and is definitely something to keep in mind going forward. To be honest I think Richarlison is a pretty decent finisher, he doesn't seem to miss all too many chances that I see myself but definitely something to keep in mind as well. It seems to create the most for DCL, then t
  11. I'll have a little look at what I can do to try and make my team create better chances in future.
  12. Yeah that sounds about right in fairness. A lot of chances that aren't fantastic as opposed to just having a few that are really good. The lower ratings of the forward players is something I've noticed too. I'll attach the tactic just so you can have a little look and see what you think.
  13. Hello all. I know this might sound really vague, but my team always under performs its XG, for how many we should score and how many we should concede. I very rarely see this happen in my favor, where I get really lucky and I just don't know if I'm doing something blatantly wrong or if I'm just being quite unlucky at the minute. I've attached a few screenshots of what I mean. Apologies if this is not the right place to have posted this thread but it was the only place I could see where it fitted in best.
  14. I was trying to make a tactic that was compact and would sit back and try and soak up pressure of the opponent and then break quickly and try to score on the counter, but from your confusion, I'm guessing I'm a far way off.
  15. Here it is, just so you can have a bit more of an in depth look at it to see what you think. I'll try and explain my logic to it as best as I can. I've changed some of the roles around like you said and tried to play around a little bit with the midfield. I swapped the AP for the DLP on defend to make it so I have another player who holds their position like you suggested I should have, as I thought I needed to still have a play maker of some sort in the team. I don't know if having the box to box instead being a ball winning midfielder or something like that would be beneficial but I'm o
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