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  1. Well Klopp and Guardiola not losing the dressing room every few days would be a start
  2. France Italy German England Spain Portugal Netherlands and Scotland
  3. I get it trying to be more accessible but surely they could improve on the AI of the opposition managers, the "top renowned" ones at least
  4. I used to play FM on PC but of recent I haven't really had the time/opportunity to game on Consoles or PC and mobile felt like a more convenient option. I started my first season, signed Emre Can, Havertz and Takumi Minamino, sold Mata, Fred and Matic and brought in the likes of Greenwood (Who is an unbelievably good wonderkid) and Angel Gomes. Went the entire season unbeaten while the likes of Liverpool and Man City always had dressing room unrest, multiple players putting in transfer requests, Sane and Sterling were both unsettled (AT THE SAME TIME) with Sane "having no faith in his manager" who happens to be Pep Guardiola. Liverpool commonly played 3 5 2 sometimes with both Salah and Mane on the bench. So my so called competitors remained in disarray meanwhile the likes of Rashford now view me as a mentor. It just feels way too easy
  5. The managerial contracts and customisable manager would be nice and maybe more inter managerial interactions and relationships Plus more detailed fan and board expectations and confidence
  6. My bad. Seems you can filter the news options. Mine was set to just club and reserves news. Since set it to global
  7. Would be great if we were kept abreast of some happenings going on in game such as major transfers, managerial changes/job stability, shock results and top players being unsettled. In my save Chelsea signed donnarumma for a world record fee, kante got listed by request, Frank's job is very insecure, and apparently Leroy Sane is unsettled and has no faith in his manager. All this going on under my nose in England and I was unaware, just stumbled upon it.
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