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  1. I'd given my save a rest which is why I hadn't been here for a while, but your success has motivated me to get back into it. I've now seen its actually possible haha.
  2. That's exactly why I started doing it as well, and with all the different leagues this has been my longest save by far for a long time. If anything now I'm into Europe it's starting to lose me a little bit.
  3. Yeah the games come thick and fast dont they. Just wait until you get to Brazil though, about a 70 odd game season. South Africa is pretty fun though isnt it, some really good youngster come through.
  4. Yeah those youngsters you've got look very good. With those sort of players you should have a decent Copa Libertadores, some of the big Brazilian teams are a whole other level though haha. I found in South America the top jobs seem to pop up quite often, so a decent world cup and you should be set.
  5. Finishing 5th in your first season in the SA top flight is not easy at all, looks like you're flying in this save. Are the Kaizer Chiefs set up for instant success?
  6. Luke Fox Borussia Dortmund 2035 / 2036 It's been a while since I've played this save but just managed to finish a very interesting season. After concentrating on the Senegal job for so long I was a bit worried about what jobs in Europe i would be able to get, Dortmund hadn't even finished in the top 3 in the league for 4 season but with the money the had I was hoping to have a good season and hope for a massive club to offer me a job and start working towards the Champions league. I was also reunited with two of my ex players, which was nice. Francis Ju
  7. Yeah that's why I've stuck with this challenge, even if I never get the chance to complete it, this has been my favourite save on any FM for a while. (Excluding my AFCON quarter final curse)
  8. In my set up I added all international Asian players, but that was the only change that I made. I'm in 2036 (I think) and the international teams are fine for me as it is, just starting to notice the overall player count starting to decrease a touch. Some relatively big clubs in playable leagues I've had loaded from the start have a few greyed out players in the youth teams. Seems to be a known issue with some teams only creating 3 or 4 Newgens per intake.
  9. The worrying thing is I still have them loaded, the International team are still fine but it starting to get noticeable that it wont last for ever. What can I say I just love Nigeria, already been there twice and trying to write myself back into it haha.
  10. Luke Fox Senegal World cup 2034 & AFCON 2035 World Cup Groups Second Round Third Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final AFCON Groups Second Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final What Next? Challenge update
  11. It's nice when it's you doing the poaching, less so when it's your players being poached isnt it haha A season in Brazil probably takes as long as almost 2 seasons in Argentina, but in my save at least, the level in Brazil was much better and if you can get one of the top jobs it will probably take less time than building an Argentine side up.
  12. Try offering the players a contract but change the start date to end of season, I can't remember if i tried it or was just happy to start from scratch. Brazil is a long season, but it's a pretty fun league. I had the same thoughts as you and tried Aregntina for the Libertadores, Argentina has a more normal 38 game season but in my save at least the Brazilian sides were much much better.
  13. I did very early on and from memory theres a league rule that only allows 1 year contracts, so at the end of every season its chaos. The team I was at weren't very good so I used it as an opportunity to bring in players as well, replaced basically my whole squad in one window, so that's always an option as well haha. Me and @_JHTB_ were talking about how frustrating it was early on in this thread.
  14. That's basically exactly how my first season in Brazil went, close all the way and lost out to a silly result or two. I was lucky to take over a few games into the league and not have to deal with the state champsbut its disappointing as hell though isnt it, all those games for nothing. It's a long season but with a few decent signings you could easily clean up the league and Libertadores next year I think, if you stayed that is.
  15. Cheers mate, was a nice season. Yeah a lot of people here seem to struggle with the cup side, I'm doing ok at the minute, it's the international game im struggling with haha. Congrats on the promotion, hows it looking to stay up next season? Holland is always a fun country to play in as well.
  16. Luke Fox Palmeiras 2032 / 2033 After the heartbreak in the league last season I was confident in the squad we had but we need some more depth, the games come thick and fast in Brazil, its crazy. I didn't make any crazy signings that would play in the first team, just some decent options in our easier games, the most notable was probably bringing a 34 year old Douglas Luiz back to Brazil from Aston Villa, as a Villa fan I couldn't not. Maybe more important than our signings was the players we managed to keep hold of, a lot of the big European clubs were sniffing around pret
  17. Luke Fox Palmeiras 2031 / 2032 After resigning from Racing in Argentina I was a little unsure of what my next move should be, I couldn't decided between going to Europe and trying to up my rep before returning to South America or to try and stay and work towards the Copa Liberatores. The Palmeiras job become available but the club was a bit higher rep than my manager so I wasn't sure I would even get an interview. They were under performing in the league and had been knocked out of the Liberatores in the second round but the quality of squad was evident and they should
  18. I took the Palmeiras job and it was instantly noticeable the step up in quality from Racing, even if they weren't having a good season when I arrived. Just finished the season and need to calm down a touch before I can do a full write up. Hows it going with Wolfsburg? Looks like you've made some exciting signings. Also welcome to international management and the not at all frustrating AFCON. @dkouv congrats with Australia mate, living my dream I've been waiting for that job to become available for about 7 seasons now haha. @_JHTB_ looks like you made China look a lot easier than
  19. Yeah the Chinese players do start to get exposed in the Champions league, i found it tricky to get the right balance of which foreign players used. I'll be honest I think I so reluctant to take the Nigeria job because I dont think I can take failing with the same team three times haha.
  20. I'm very tempted but its basically the same squad I failed with two years ago but obviously now older. The main reason I dont take the free hit is my rep has gone up massively recently and I'm a bit cautious a failure could send it back down. If you dont get a clean sweep in China this year once you can bring in your own foreigners it shouldn't take long at all, barring a few disappointing champions league exists like me haha.
  21. I wish that was the case with me and Nigeria. There's an AFCON starting in 2 months and they don't have a manager, again. I know their ageing squad isnt good enough, but it's still taking all my willpower to not go back for a third stint.
  22. Yeah I had a few seasons where I failed FFP in China, once you have a season were you can sign foreign players and you've got about 5 failing FFP isnt the end of the world. That was my main aim when I joined Palmeiras was to just qualify for the Libertadores but with the start I've had I might be able to achieve a bit more. Unlucky with USA as well mate, penalties is a horrible way to lose isnt it.
  23. I've managed to get the Palmeiras job in Brazil because they lost in the Quarter Final of the Libertadores and were in 8th in the league predicted to finish 3rd. I can see why they beat us so easily last year, the standard is noticeably better. Palmeiras have £30m in the bank too, so hopefully it wont take me too long to set up a a team to compete for the libertadores. The top teams in Argentina probably do have a decent chance but at Racing we were miles off it. Congrats on your Libertadores win with Santos, you got a new job yet? Ah just seen you've got the Guangzhou Evergrand
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