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  1. That kid looks phenomenal. Shame he cant be registered. In the mid season transfer window you can register two more foreign players(if you have space) Just good to know incase one of your foreign lads isn't performing, can unregister one or two and replace them. Yeah the chinese lads are either not very good or way way too expensive. Have a look at a guy called Li Sirong, i think it is, check my update if it's not. He's a chinese centre back who plays for Den Haag, he cost me less than 200k and is actually pretty decent,under 21 as well.
  2. @MShing Congrats on the new job, after initially finding it frustrating the massive gulf in quality between the foreign players and the Chinese lads makes it really fun. Anyone who is pacey or strong just dominates physically, I had Salamon Rondon up front with 16 strength and there wasnt a single chinese defender he couldnt bully.
  3. Yeah I hoped we could turn the Nations league campaign around and maybe quickly boost my rep, I was so so wrong haha. Not sure if I should stay or cut my losses with them. I was starting to think maybe FM 21 was a bit too easy, but nothing easy about being the Albania boss.
  4. Luke Fox DL Pro 2022 / 2023 After moving on from Steenberg United I took charge of DL Pro just before the league season was about to start. We were predicted to finish mid table and after looking at the squad and the rest of the league I thought that was a fair prediction. Before leaving at the end last year Rafa Benitez had managed to win the Chinese Fa Cup so we got to play Guangzhou Evergrande in the Chinese equivalent of the community shield. Guangzhou have won 9 of the last 10 league titles and were odds on favourite to win it this year, so this would be a good earlier
  5. @vikeologist ah mate I'm gutted for you. I'd of been speechless at how fast it all came crashing down.
  6. I hadn't spent a single penny all save and just saw millions and got a bit carried away haha. Trying to use the bulk of the money to upgrade the foreign lads as mine seem a bit on the average side compared to the top teams. I did just sign Ryan Kent from rangers in the mid season transfer window to cheer myself up a bit haha.
  7. One to go, good luck mate. Hows the squad looking? You in with a chance ?
  8. That's pretty much what I do. One of those 2 forwards is normally a DM in a tight game or AM in a game I expect to win. Whenever I've shifted to the 4-2-4 out of desperation I've never managed to get it to work to be honest. Cheers mate, it's not going to be as easy as I assumed when I saw the budgets though. The 4 foreign player rule means chinese players cost an absolutle arm and a leg, I expected the prices to be inflated but it's crazy. I had to pay £15m for a 19 year old defensive midfielder who hadn't even made a first team appearance yet for a mid table side. All the
  9. I was talking to @_JHTB_ about it and probably forgot it in updates to be fair haha. But yeah second tier in South Africa a league rule is max one year contract for every single player in the division. It makes for a crazy transfer window. I had about 20 leave on free's and the same amount in, makes it relatively simple to a title challenging side. Yeah you'd of thought someone somewhere could of pointed in the right direction. Just had a quick google and it looks look a pretty nice city as well. To be honest I'm starting to wish I didnt find the ground in FM, the early sta
  10. A first Copa America for Venezuela is some effort. Sounds like a tactical masterclass, set out to frustrate and take it to the lottery of penalties and managed come out on top. Congrats mate.
  11. Luke Fox Steenberg United 2021 / 2022 With the good finish to last season I was excited to give our first full season at Steenberg a real good go. I planned on making a few signings but trying to keep the core of the team the same and hopefully that would carry over the momentum and atmosphere at the club. As you can see that plan went out the window pretty quickly. The one year max contract length rule in the league made it the busiest transfer window I ever had. A combination of players not wanting to sign new deals and the sheer number of players available on
  12. Yeah I can see how doing this more than once takes its toll to be fair. Even completing it once is a massive achievement.
  13. I'd like to take Steenberg up and give it a go. But it will be a while yet, this one year max contract means this transfer window is taking me ages. @vikeologist only 3 to go now mate. You going to take it on again in 21 once you've done this or going to give it a break? I'd imagine I would need a little gap in between haha.
  14. I hate managing those teams when you feel like no lead is safe, makes it so stressful. Yeah I'm already dreaming of the day I can offer proper contracts again. I cant imagine staying in a league long where every single year the whole squad need new deals. My best performers all wanted to leave for top division teams, so frustrating. I worry if I go up I might be that team on 1 point haha. Do the big boys at the top run away with most games or is it relatively competitive?
  15. It's going to be an interested transfer window, a few of my key players dont seem interested in resigning but seems to be a fair few good options for replacements. Not sure if the massive overhaul will be a positive or negative yet. That 6-2 victory against the runaway league winners was nice, especially after they went 2-0 up inside 5 minutes. Yeah I dont really understand the reluctance from the board. I'm at 1.5 stars rep but the club is at 2 stars. I'm not sure there's many better rep teams out there that would even consider me, even with the new coaching badge. Gu
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