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  1. It's pretty hard for FM to get it right, IRL teams don't always wear the same kit - even against the same clubs if they play in cups or from season to season. In lower leagues, it can even depend on whether the kit man got them washed in time! To have any hard and fast rule about if team A wears this colour then team B wears second kit etc would always have exceptions from real life, as real life is exceptionally inconsistent on this.
  2. I agree, but the problem is sometimes the question/answer is ambiguous, or just plain wrong. The example of saying "I am confident in all areas of the team" being a negative evasive answer rather than a strong positive is one. That said, I haven't run into too many problems since the patch, only one team meeting ended very badly when I gave an answer I believed to mean one thing and the players seemed to think I meant something else.
  3. ]]Outside UK? I know Manchester is grim but we haven't managed to disown it completely
  4. A few things are harder, but nothing is broken. If you start with a low reputation (eg Sunday League Footballer) at a big club, it will be near impossible to motivate your players, and in general it is much harder to keep your entire squad happy as was the case before. There are no massive illogical drops in my experience, but some players are definitely more sensitive to criticism. If you want to cruise through the game winning everything then this patch is not for you, if you want to get frustrated but feel you have achieved success, this is a lot better. It is not perfect and there are still annoyances, but I do not believe the last patch made anything worse - at least I have not noticed anything.
  5. I had this when the player played in the only game before an international break. I think the same happens with a promise to sell players later in the season, they get upset during the next transfer window after you have tried to get rid of them and they refused to go.
  6. IRL, some teams budget for a cup run, if they don't get it, they release players. Others stick with a very low wage bill throughout and strengthen if they get a cup run. But for all but the biggest BSS teams, your wage bill would be massive, I would try to stick to the 3-5,000 range with Maidenhead rather than 15. Use arrange friendlies extensively, and try to pick up released youngsters from top teams and sell them on with 50% next sale clauses. These (and cup runs) are your only real income sources
  7. There are some ME changes, including one to change defenders behaviour at goal kicks to reduce the issue of goal kicks being headed back for one-on-ones. It's mentioned earlier in this thread along with a few other changes by PaulC
  8. Happens to some teams IRL, especially those who play short passing games in lower leagues once the pitches get ruined and more matches are played in the wet muddy conditions. If that is the cause, then playing more direct could work, but if you have players more suited to short passing on good pitches, you might be stuck.
  9. They really are not the same thing, non-playing players cannot influence the game, a manager certainly can.
  10. The reaction to manager comments is wrong. IRL most managers say they think referees got certain decisions wrong, and they never get any level of punishment. To say the ref was wrong is fine, to say the ref is biased, cheating or incompetant gets you fined and sometimes banned from the touchline. FM certainly does not do this correctly.
  11. Hmmm, my next game was the Dutch Super Cup, correctly played at Amsterdam ArenA, but listed as neutral ground in my fixtures list. There is definitely something not quite right with Cup venues. EDIT: Not the venues themselves, but how they are recorded/displayed
  12. Yes, but I actually was away. The final happened to be held at my opponents ground, just the history says it was at mine. I can look at the match from the fixtures list and it says away, it's only the competition history that has it wrong.
  13. I just had similar but not identical. I played the Europa League final and everything correctly said I was away (playing at Lille's ground - so it wasn't neutral anyway). It showed as away, the in-game stuff all said I was away and the name of their ground, but the Competition history says it was played at Amsterdam ArenA, which is my ground. Not your exact issue, but maybe linked
  14. I had this just now, lost the semi of the Dutch Cup when I was unable to field a team and had to holiday past the game. My opponents had about 5 out, I had closer to 20. Unfortunately, no save from before it was scheduled, it's not the sort of thing you notice before the game itself to save before
  15. Maybe have an option to retire the manager you are replacing, and then just use the previous managers name. In your example, you could use the pre-game editor to make SAF a director of football or something, they never leave, and then play with your manager's name as SAF
  16. I would mostly agree with Cougar2010. Having been in a dressing room of a club which is playable in FM, I can definitely confirm that position was never mentioned in the slightest. Players knew their role and what to do and no manager would ever dream of saying some of this stuff to a player. If you are a left back you know to support your midfield when you have the ball and get back and defend when you don't. Setting someone to wing back or full back tells them what balance to strike and that is easily enough. To say when the ball is 60% of the way up the pitch you must stand 40% up the pitch is a ridiculous nonsense and that is how wibble wobble worked. The TC as it is now is much much better than what went before, and IMO than trying to bring back an advanced version of wibble wobble. The points about more options/instructions and shouts to single players are very good and I would hope FM expands to that however.
  17. Under the scouting button, go to knowledge. Then hover the mouse over the bar showing World knowledge and the tooltip will appear
  18. I have this exact problem as well, with the same set up as FM11. I have a lot of leagues as view only, and about 85,000 in the game (less than FM11) and the player search screen is so slow I simply don't use it. Even with filters so there are less than 500 players on the search, it can take over 30 seconds to look at 2 players with all the waiting.
  19. I do, but don't see it as a problem. You can always sell them on and get a 50% of next sale clause. That way if they turn great you can re-sign them at half price, or let them be sold on and get half of the transfer fee. It's how I make my money.
  20. It would be a pretty obvious loophole if what you say was the case. A European team could pay the Brazilian club to release the Under-18 to free agency after having signed an agreement with the player to sign him the next day. Exactly the same money changes hands as a transfer and the player can move instantly.
  21. I'm sure you know already but: http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/wthm-general-discussions/
  22. There already are difficulty levels. You can start with different reputations, take over clubs at different levels, use the tactics forum, good player forums, re-start as often as you want, cheat in various ways, use the editor etc etc. All these things can be used to make the game easier. Of course, if you want it harder then that's different, but assuming it is not hard enough as the AI is not advanced enough, that isn't something difficulty levels can fix.
  23. I think it is fair enough to have this in the professional leagues, or at least only allow it if the player has requested a transfer. What I don't like is this happening in the semi-pro levels where there is much much more player movement IRL. Many BSS/N teams use 40-50 players a season, andgenerally they move in and out to other clubs at the same level. In one case last season we signed/lost the same player 5 times in a month (released, signed back 3 days later after injuries, moved to another club, re-signed, moved to another club). Nothing approaching this could happen in FM as he wouldn't have ever re-signed, and no other club would have taken him.
  24. 1. Only ever start once - re-starting gives you knowledge you wouldn't have otherwise. Even if you are sacked, keep going with whoever signs you. 2. Never use editors, good player/tactics guides or advice from forums. 3. Start off with the lowest experience possible, eg Sunday League footballer. 4. Don't do things you know to be unrealistic, especially if the AI doesn't. Things like lower league teams arranging 20 friendlies against top league opposition for the money. 5. Ignore all the above and play however you find most fun. To me, all that makes the game far more realistic, and I wonder how many people who find the game too easy can say they do all that.
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