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  1. hi TFF, by any chance have you updated the Cerber tactic to version V5? I ask you because in the set piece video I see the Cerber V5 tactic selected. in case where can I find it?
  2. hello my friend @Totalfootballfan, can you write me what to do when you suffer a red card?
  3. @Totalfootballfan if you are winning and it requires protecting the lead then I suggest removing AMC position and moving MCL position to the MC position if you are losing and it requires scoring goals then I suggest removing MCL position and moving DM position to MC position but if the result is tied and you have a red card, what should you do?
  4. CDR(Right Foot) - Very Strong what role are you referring to?
  5. is it possible that there is no solution for these annoying lag during the game in 3d?
  6. @Totalfootballfan could you tell us what to do if we have a red card? i am using the cerber v4
  7. no, unfortunately I have not found any solution in fact aono returned to play fm19
  8. hello, I have a Dell G3 3579 notebook with 2.20 ghz Intel i7 processor and 4.10 ghz turbo boost, 256 gb, 16gb ram ssd nvme toshiba, intel uhd 630 integrated video card, nvidia GeForce 1050ti dedicated video card. Despite the not really poor components of the notebook I have problems with the 3D game that jerks me. I tried to lower the graphic quality down to low but it always jerky, only with the very low quality it doesn't jerky but it looks very bad. I updated the drivers of both video cards and I set to start FM with the nvidia video card but the 3D continues to go jerky. I uninstal
  9. ok then since the game allows you to give fieldside instructions every 10 minutes during the race so I will, thanks a lot! summarizing the fieldside instructions are as follows: - if the result is equal, you must say: BE CREATIVE; - if I'm winning I say LODA; - if I'm losing I say show more determination. Exact?
  10. @Totalfootballfan how often would it be right to give the team instructions from the sidelines? in case of red card what should be done?
  11. @Totalfootballfan friend, I wanted to ask you if you use pre-match tactical meetings and if so how should you manage them
  12. @Totalfootballfan could you add in the OP the screams from the sideline to use? in this way you give us users the opportunity to find them immediately without going back to the discussions, thank you very much!
  13. @Totalfootballfan I'm interested to know if I can continue to use the filters safely or the missing features must be added
  14. @Totalfootballfan, the only changes to make annihilator v1 tactics to make it more offensive are: - very high defensive line; - offensive mentality.
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