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  1. hello, I have a Dell G3 3579 notebook with 2.20 ghz Intel i7 processor and 4.10 ghz turbo boost, 256 gb, 16gb ram ssd nvme toshiba, intel uhd 630 integrated video card, nvidia GeForce 1050ti dedicated video card. Despite the not really poor components of the notebook I have problems with the 3D game that jerks me. I tried to lower the graphic quality down to low but it always jerky, only with the very low quality it doesn't jerky but it looks very bad. I updated the drivers of both video cards and I set to start FM with the nvidia video card but the 3D continues to go jerky. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it continues to jerky the 3d. I have DirectX 12. In short, I tried them all but the problem has not been resolved. I have to play in 2d. Please help me!
  2. ok then since the game allows you to give fieldside instructions every 10 minutes during the race so I will, thanks a lot! summarizing the fieldside instructions are as follows: - if the result is equal, you must say: BE CREATIVE; - if I'm winning I say LODA; - if I'm losing I say show more determination. Exact?
  3. @Totalfootballfan how often would it be right to give the team instructions from the sidelines? in case of red card what should be done?
  4. @Totalfootballfan friend, I wanted to ask you if you use pre-match tactical meetings and if so how should you manage them
  5. @Totalfootballfan could you add in the OP the screams from the sideline to use? in this way you give us users the opportunity to find them immediately without going back to the discussions, thank you very much!
  6. @Totalfootballfan I'm interested to know if I can continue to use the filters safely or the missing features must be added
  7. @Totalfootballfan, the only changes to make annihilator v1 tactics to make it more offensive are: - very high defensive line; - offensive mentality.
  8. perfect, i end this season with the cerber v3 and fury v1 combo and the shield war as a defensive tactic and then we move on to the annihilator, annihilator modified x attack and shield wall to defend.
  9. perfect, I meant just that .... use annihilator v1 as the main tactic by replacing it with cerber v3 and if you have to recover the result, make the changes you have described. Do you think to combine another tactic to use it in combo with annihilator v1?
  10. This is exactly what I am already doing with the cerber v3 and fury v1 combo. my question is: annihilator v1 must be used instead of the cerber v3 for all matches and when you want to recover the result then do you have to make the changes you highlighted becoming ultra offensive?
  11. so annihilator v1 is the tactic to always use in every game making those changes if you lose and have to recover?
  12. so we continue to use the cerber v3 and fury v1 combo waiting for you to find a combo for annihilator v1?
  13. @Totalfootballfan ANNIHILATOR V1 to use instead of cerber v3 and in combo with fury v1?
  14. @Totalfootballfan OK thanks! I'm currently testing "favorite moves" role by role and I have to say that the result is satisfactory. I will continue the tests in the next few days ....
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