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  1. any chance you could upload the new one mate? having a nightmare sorting these free kick routines.
  2. This is first season using Cerber V2. No signings, Holiday all season.
  3. TTF mate, Cerber V2 is amazing. Picked Juve Stabia in Serie B in Italy and i was predicted 20th and won the league. I was on holiday mode all season and didnt buy anyone! Many thanks
  4. someone try win with newcastle then ill be impressed haha. Seriously though, were bad on FM
  5. ahh i see, what would you recommend? or should i just jump in to a save? is V4 better than V1 too, or have you not had enough time to test? sorry for the spam haha
  6. tried simming raptor v4 on pc as newcastle and been sacked both times. Am i missing something? granted it was just a test and i didnt sort everything.
  7. Can you sim Newcastle? Now that would be a real test haha
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