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  1. I haven't seen him mentioned anywhere on this forum (i've done a search and everything), but AMR Viktor Tsygankov from Kiev has been mighty impressive for my Man Utd team. A relative bargain for top sides at £17.5m his assist numbers are amazing and often gets into streaks of form that make him undroppable - even keeping Greenwood out of the team. Also, Matheus Henrique from Gremio, another relative bargain available for less than £20m is a top CM-DLP. He plays passes in behind that other players don't, and regularly bosses games.
  2. Here's a few of mine. All have been acquired aside from Bayliss who's come through my Man Utd system. Rene Michna, currently billed as the next Petr Cech. Hoping he'll be the long term successor to De Gea for me. Sorin Dumanica, currently forcing Maddison aside in the AMC role, in competition with Mejibri. Uriel Rivera, the jury's still out a bit. Picks up red cards quite regularly in his loan spells. Jimmy Bayliss, was once billed the new Michael Owen and has developed pretty well. Find it hard to give him game time though with Haaland and Mbappe ahead of him. Anselmo Espino, the jewel of my wonderkid signings and the reason I let Wan Bissaka leave.
  3. I just finished my 23/24 season with probably the best run of results I can remember having. From the start of March to the end of the season I only conceded 5 goals and ended winning the League, FA Cup and Champions League. Having bought Mbappe in January I was trying to find a way of playing both him and Haaland (I usually play 4-2-3-1) and stumbled into a really effective 5-3-2 for the big games against City and Barcelona. Then, Haaland got injured and missed the last month of the season which was a worry, but Mbappe carried me over the line! Such a satisfying end to the season!
  4. Signed him for Man Utd and after a couple of loans and a lengthy injury with a broken spine (ouch!) he's now (season 2023/24) doing great as a Mezzala in my midfield. He ghosts past people for fun - i know it's ridiculous to say just from looking at the match engine, be he reminds me of Gazza!
  5. I've just signed him for Man Utd in 23/24 season. I needed to replace Kane who had gone off the boil anyway and Real Madrid offered £85m for. Too much to turn down for a 30-year-old. My budgets were huge and PSG certainly saw me coming. I paid £300m for him and it still keeps me up at night!! He scored in his first game, then got injured (i was terrified it was something big but was only out for a few weeks) - now he's got 6 in 5 and i don't think i'm gonna regret shelling out.
  6. Sorry, beeb away for a bit. I don't have a save from before the tournament, but a few days before it started everyone was available. I didn't change anything; there was nothing i could do about it apparently. Still, my players came back and I won the tournament... no big deal.
  7. I've just realised this is the case in my save too. I am trying to find a way to adjust the holiday return date, but can't find anything. Pretty annoying really.
  8. Dunno if anyone read this... but I feel like the FM AI somehow did... When i picked up the game again, both Kane and Haaland got injured in training and I went on to be absolutely dire against Swansea and lose, breaking my good run!!!!
  9. Here’s my Man Utd story so far. I chose to start with them because a) I’m a fan and b) I’ve always found the best way to get into a new FM is with a top side initially where things are a little easier. That said, I also felt United are a bit of a challenge this season! First priority was transfers - bringing in quality in midfield and defence. Not to mention clearing out the deadwood. In came: Maddison for £30m Van der Beek for £23.5m Ajer for £20m I then panicked a bit about firepower up front and brought in Moussa Dembele from Lyon for a reasonable £26m for rotation with Martial. Finally, just before deadline day, Kehrer came up transfer listed for £4.5m which was too much of a no-brainer to turn down. In terms of outgoings, I was much less successful: Matic, Jones, Rojo, Garner and Williams all went out on loan Sold Bailly for £8m to Atletico Madrid when it became clear a work permit for a contract renewal was going to be a problem. In January I signed Haaland for £17.25m and soldFred for £24.5 to Southampton. Over the course of the season I found my squad pretty well balanced with cover in most areas. Only point of regret was loaning out Williams and leaving Ashley Young as my only backup left back. Stars of my team were Rashford (33 goals in 50 starts in all comps) and Daniel James (19 goals in 41 in all comps) both playing from AML and AMR respectively. James was a big surprise, but he was lethal in the opening months of the season. I won my opening 11 games of the season before having a real wobble in December while trying to juggle rotation in the squad. Things picked up again from January though and I was in the running for the League, FA Cup and Europa League. Unfortunately I was hit with injuries to Pogba (2 weeks) and Van Der Beek (6 weeks) just before the Europa League Semi against Arsenal. I was left with Ajer, Pereira and McTominay in the centre of midfield for home and away against Arsenal in the EL semi, then back-to-back league games with City (H) and Liverpool (A). Miraculously I won all of them. Annoyingly though I still fell short of City, missing out by 2 points. But worse was to come. I lost to Burnley on penalties in the FA Cup final and then 1-0 to Valencia in the Europa League. I dominated bother games completely but it just wasn’t my day(s). Now, my plans for the second season were dictated by the fact Paul Pogba wouldn’t agree to a new, reasonable contract and ultimately I had to sell him for £90m to Barcelona. He would need to be replaced and I went for Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio for £75m. An opportunity also came up to swoop for Harry Kane, who was unsettled. Another £75m outlay secured him. I also added an unknown (to me) Ukrainian right winger as backup for James for £16m - Victor Tsygankov. And this time I was very successful with that dead wood! Out went: Romero for £8.75m Kehrer for £7.5m Sanchez for £10m Rojo for £4.7m Jones for £17.5m Fosu-Mensah for £9.25m Lingard for £14.25m Dembele for £22.5m (reluctantly but was unsettled by Kane’s arrival and I didn’t need him anyway) My season started pretty badly with far too many draws, at the end of November I had a record of: W5 D6 L2 including, in my last fixture of November a 5-0 drubbing from Arsenal. At this point I was under a bit of pressure from the board. Thankfully, things have picked up and now, midway through February I have won all 13 league games since that 5-0 disaster. And am currently on an 11-game streak without conceding in all competitions. I’m currently 3rd in the league but my poor start means i’m a good way behind Liverpool and Arsenal at the top, but I am clawing it back. Here's my current form: Things are going well, but I have the enviable problem that Haaland is playing like an absolute beast right now and, although Kane is pretty reliable on the goalscoring front he’s not playing all that great. Also, I’m not able to give Greenwood the opportunities I want to with Haaland and Kane ahead of him. I’m considering a tactical switch to get two strikers in the team, but things are going so well at the moment it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. My other option is to possibly sell Kane while he still has big market value, but i’ve only had him for 7 months and it will no doubt cause unrest among the team. Here’s my current First Team squad: And here’s the tactic I’m using - i’ve recently adopted a more direct approach with balls in behind the opposition in transition which works great with Rashford, Haaland and James.
  10. I picked up Maddison, Ajer, Dembele (Lyon) and van der Beek all for about £25m each at Man Utd (who says Woodward is useless? ) and all of them have been great so far, would recommend. And transfer listed Kehrer for £4.5m is an absolute no brainer.
  11. In the very first transfer window Scotland's James McArthur has just left Crystal Palace and joined ATP in the Brazilian First Division for £7.5m.
  12. I posted in this thread a week or so ago asking for opinions on a fairly budget laptop I was eyeing up. I was told fairly bluntly that it wasn't good enough and i'd have to double my budget and I must be lying/mistaken in thinking I'd managed to do things I said I did on a similar spec some years ago. Which, y'know... was helpful. Anyway, I thought something that might actually be helpful is to post to say I bought a budget laptop; this Acer: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-5-a515-43-15-6-amd-ryzen-5-laptop-256-gb-ssd-silver-10198290-pdt.html I've gone budget because I'm only really buying it for FM20 and some photo editing/cataloguing so couldn't justify forking out any more than this. I've now played through my first pre-season on the FM20 Beta and, with a Large Database and 12 leagues across 5 nations, i'm finding the performance perfectly acceptable for me. 'Continuing' doesn't happen instantly every time, but when there is a delay it's just a few second's. The 3D match engine runs pretty smoothly, although the edges are a little rough on the visuals. Doing player searches in the Scouting area again takes a couple of seconds to show the results, but it's all perfectly playable for me and i'm happy with my purchase. As someone who's played FM since the CM days of the 90s where you'd have to leave your machine for a few hours to process at the end of each season, a few seconds here and there and a slightly less slick looking match engine isn't a a problem at all. So, if you are able to adjust/align your expectations to a similar scenario, a budget laptop of a spec similar to this one i've bought (Ebuyer do a Lenovo for the same price and spec) can be perfectly fine. Currys also accept trade-ins on any laptop with windows 8 or newer, so you can get some further money off too.
  13. I don’t think a £400 windows machine will give me the same performance. I literally said the opposite in my post. 🙄 I comfortably ran Lightroom/Photoshop on a fairly budget desktop PC 7-8 years ago with much lower spec than the laptop I linked to, so for my Photo uses I’m reasonably confident of the performance. Was just looking for a second opinion on what I’d found more for projected FM performance seeing as I’ve not played on a Windows machine for 5-6 years. Nevermind.
  14. Having played FM on my work Macbook in recent years, my employer has new 'locked down' my latest machine (the swines!) so I'm in the market for a budget second laptop to play FM and do some photo-editing. Aiming to spend under £400 and am realistic in my expectations not to have the speediest experience playing FM. So far, this is the best option I've found: https://www.ebuyer.com/901659-lenovo-v155-15api-amd-ryzen-5-3500u-8gb-256gb-ssd-15-6-inch-full-hd-81v50008uk# Thoughts? Appreciate any second, third, etc. opinions on this and any alternatives?
  15. Tried that, but didn't seem to say. I've since added a new manager in the Man Utd post, retired that person, then applied again, accepted and took up the post straight away.
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