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  1. In my Cambridge save i picked up Dion McGhee on a free - an ex-Man Utd youth player - he did well in both League 2 and League 1. Average Ratings were never that great, but he got plenty of assists before Genoa offered half a million for him and at Cambridge, at the time, I couldn't turn it down. Also, in League 1 I picked up Josh Bowler (Everton youth) and Josh Ginnelly (Preston) both on frees after their contracts expired. Both can play on either wing and were effective for me in League 1 and the Championship.
  2. Game 2 of the Premier League season went much better. Home to Fulham; this has to be a game I win if I'm going to stay up. And win it I did, comfortably. Absolutely blitzed them in the first half with Kalimuendo scoring two great strikers goals. Then Hlozek scored a worldie... at least I thought so from what you can make out in the match engine. cutting in from his wing I'm certain I could see him nutmeg two defenders before slotting into the bottom corner. Very pleased with these guys right now. Arsenal away up next... another reality check incoming. Seeing as I've bigged him
  3. I am just about to embark on my Premier League season with Cambridge, starting with Monday Night Football (gimme that TV revenue!) away to Leeds in the opening fixture. I feel like this is the kind of game I need to get something out of if I'm going to stay up. I've been very busy in the transfer market trying to up the quality and bolster the numbers in my squad. None of the big name targets I hoped for have come off so I've brought in some pretty random finds. Not many household names here folks! Sahinagic and Sevcik are both newgens, and have looked great in pre-season, very
  4. Yeah, in all my promotion seasons I've had a flying start - that's definitely helped. Get the points on the board early and when the rough patches come you've got a bit of a safety net. There's also less pressure to get the big results. You take a draw in the tough games rather than risk a defeat because you have points on the board already. It makes me more pragmatic, which has helped get me over the line with promotions. If I'd started badly then panic would probably set in and i'd be chopping and changing players, tactics from the off trying to find a result. Now I'm in the Premier Lea
  5. It's the end of my third season at Cambridge and, staggeringly I've secured my third successive promotion into the Premier League. Considering the opposition in the league and my squad i'm really not sure how. I'm starting to believe I'm a tactical genius. I'm sure the Premier League will soon knock me down though. This is how the league season ended. I was consistently in the play-off places all season while the south coast clubs at the top ran away with things. I had two moments during the season where the wheels started to come off, the first was just as my squad was
  6. As predicted, the wheels have come off a bit! I'm not too disheartened, in a fair few of my defeats I've been very much in the game ad just lack of quality finishing has let me down - and i've still pulled off some decent results in between and remain in contention at the top of the table at just about the halfway stage. My 'star' striker Ben Worman returned from his twisted ankle, scored in his first game back, then broke his leg against Luton (who got 9 bookings in the game the filthy so-and-sos) and is out for 5 months. Luckily Tjaland now has a work permit and will be recall
  7. It has been a real struggle, but I managed to add some numbers to the squad at least and eventually, after the transfer deadline passed I finally got my man in Tahith Chong on free. Haven't played any further yet, but am expecting big things from him considering how he compares to the rest of my squad. That said, things are still going amazingly well and I now top the Championship table. I really have no idea how I'm doing it with several players who I started with in League 2 and mostly relying on free transfers. This guy, Ben Worman, who I've mentioned a couple of time here ha
  8. Following my last ramblings on my worries for my Championship season at Cambridge and my lack of success in the transfer market I felt compelled to give a quick update, because after six games things are going insanely well in spite of my ridiculously poor squad compared to the competition. I've been fortunate that my two strikers, who have been with me since League 2 - Harvey Knibbs and Ben Worman have both been pretty ruthless. Knibbs has 4 in 3 before getting injured which forced me to use Worman who now has 5 in 4 starts. I'm still trying to strengthen, but finding it really
  9. My Championship season with Cambridge does not look promising. I had high hopes of signing up lots of great free agents dropped from Premier League clubs but no one wants to know. Chong, Gazzaniga, Ojo and many others just aren’t interested and despite good pre-season results so far (just beat most of Spurs’ first team 1-0) the season is fast approaching and I haven’t strengthened at all really. Aside from securing Rhys Williams permanently for a bargain £100k I’m struggling to find anyone of proven Championship level that’s interested.
  10. I've just finished my second season as Cambridge Utd following my promotion from League 2 and I'm as surprised as anyone... I really don't know how I managed to win the division. I never felt I found a settled tactic, switching from 442, to 4411, to 4231 and occasionally 532. And I didn't have a standout goalscorer either. Not like the previous season where Knibbs went crazy and got 30+. I had a great spell in November and December where I only lost one game and kept loads of clean sheets and striker Ben Worman from my youth team who never got a look in in League 2 was forced into a
  11. I've just finished my first season on my long-term 'lower league' save at Cambridge Utd. I'd recommend them as a team to take on as the squad is decent, has no glaring holes and expectations are relatively low for the quality in the team. As such, my first season was a huge success, I was challenging for the title until a run of draws late in the season saw me end up 3rd but comfortably clear of the play-offs and promoted. My stand-out player was Harvey Knibbs, who didn't start as my first choice striker, but ended up way clear as top scorer in League 2 with 34 goals in 44 appearances.
  12. I've just played the whole year of FM20 with one single 'elite' save dominating with Man Utd before hopping around to Barca, Juve and finally Dortmund (a save I don't really want to leave at the moment), so I'm maybe going to start a bit lower this time round (although, the elite career was my most enjoyable for years). I tend to make a shortlist of teams and take a look at their squads to weigh the pros and cons, like if there's scope to sell players to raise funds, appealing youth prospects, or on the flip side too many messy loans or imbalance in the squad that I don't want to deal wit
  13. I haven't seen him mentioned anywhere on this forum (i've done a search and everything), but AMR Viktor Tsygankov from Kiev has been mighty impressive for my Man Utd team. A relative bargain for top sides at £17.5m his assist numbers are amazing and often gets into streaks of form that make him undroppable - even keeping Greenwood out of the team. Also, Matheus Henrique from Gremio, another relative bargain available for less than £20m is a top CM-DLP. He plays passes in behind that other players don't, and regularly bosses games.
  14. Here's a few of mine. All have been acquired aside from Bayliss who's come through my Man Utd system. Rene Michna, currently billed as the next Petr Cech. Hoping he'll be the long term successor to De Gea for me. Sorin Dumanica, currently forcing Maddison aside in the AMC role, in competition with Mejibri. Uriel Rivera, the jury's still out a bit. Picks up red cards quite regularly in his loan spells. Jimmy Bayliss, was once billed the new Michael Owen and has developed pretty well. Find it hard to give him game time though with Haaland and Mbappe ahead of
  15. I just finished my 23/24 season with probably the best run of results I can remember having. From the start of March to the end of the season I only conceded 5 goals and ended winning the League, FA Cup and Champions League. Having bought Mbappe in January I was trying to find a way of playing both him and Haaland (I usually play 4-2-3-1) and stumbled into a really effective 5-3-2 for the big games against City and Barcelona. Then, Haaland got injured and missed the last month of the season which was a worry, but Mbappe carried me over the line! Such a satisfying end to the season!
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