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  1. @knap Yeeaa you are right. I have tried the 451 from the Mr L test. But this was not a succes
  2. @knap Nice! I saw the new tactics, but I would like a tactic where the wingbacks are on the realistic position if you understand
  3. @knap Earlier I has so much succes with these, and I love them! But in my current save they dosn't work very well.. !!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOneUroKnap4231P100ECCC.fmf!!!!FM20.4.0451KnapPreachinBluesVOL4P108EC.fmf
  4. @knap The old tactics dosn’t work as good than earlier. Are there a new match engine in the 20.4.4 Update?
  5. @marksmithlfc1234 So you dont need some good offensive/defensive coaches?
  6. @RDF Tactics Sry again, I do not formulate correct. Do you still have the big away tactic on "higher"-defensive line, when you NOT meet a Advanced forward?
  7. @RDF Tactics Sry if I complicate it. Do you still have the defensive line on "higher" on the big away tactic if you meet a AF?
  8. @RDF Tactics It look so nice! Do you use Big Away tactic for all your away games?
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