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  1. I've just staretd with a team over in Brazil, there is a league to do before you do the main league! It's gunna be a long season.
  2. Nope, I took over at the start of the season. They have been happy so far, then all of a sudden I see they are very unhappy with my position (1st place) and this is the best position I have been in all season. I have won another couple of games and they now grade me as a D under competitions instead of F which is still weird considering i'm still 1st with a good lead.
  3. Why is my board so upset!? Im currently 1st! What more can I do? They are threatening to fire me :'(
  4. Season 2 - 2022 Last season we won the league so the plan this season was to do the same whilst adding the cup to my cabinet as well. It didn't quite go as planned... Competition Overall we didn't play bad. We draw WAY too many games we should have won and those draws were the difference between winning and not winning. We lost our first 3 games which got us off to a bad start but followed with a 16 game unbeaten run with half of those games being draws. As I won the league last season my focus was on the Canadian Championship Cup, however I was knocked out of that in
  5. Great to hear! Maybe I can coast my way through this challenge then by swooping in last minute to claim the trophies
  6. What are the rules around taking over a club near the end of a season to win a trophy. For example if a vacancy was available to manage a team who is currently 1st in the top league with only 4 games to go. Ultimately it means that I would technically win the trophy even thought I haven't really done the work. Firstly is this allowed? Secondly, if this is allowed then is it frowned upon or should I jump at the chance for an easy trophy?
  7. Season 1 - FC Edmonton Canadian Premier League Champions! The League Like many others, I started out my career at FC Edmonton due to their high reputation and the lower amount of games played to make it through a season. The idea is to get some trophies on the board early on before tackling the tougher league like to EPL. For a team that doesn't expect to win the league I could see right away they had quality players in most positions so I only brought in a few players to bulk my team out a bit. After winning my first 8 games without conceding a single goal I
  8. I'd like to do my first season review. Please could someone advise me on how to lay it out and include my pictures/screenshots? Do I upload them to a website first? Thanks in advance!
  9. Fellow "Managers", I have set up a Discord server as an alternate place to ask questions, team up for online play and share experiences. Everyone welcome! https://discord.gg/NeCH9MHw
  10. Just started this challenge and as many have, I started out with FC Edmonton. I was predicted a finish of 6th at the beginning of the season and 6 games in I have dominated every game not conceding a single goal. I have played FM/CM since CM3 and never really ventured out of England before. Are all obscure leagues this easy? I feel like I have been way too dominant for a team which was not predicted to challenge for the title. I'll do a full season review at the end of the season.
  11. Half way through your second vid, really enjoying it! I hope you keep it going.
  12. First season complete and surprisingly came 9th! Every time I attempt the Dafuge Challenge on Fm2020 I have failed miserably. Scored 35 points from the annual objectives list. These were: - Beat a team from a higher division in a cup game (10 points) - I beat Chesterfield in the FA trophy - Achieve 5 consecutive wins (10 points) - Managed 7 straight wins at the end of the season - Avoid relegation (5 points) - Goalkeeper 1+ goals - Had my goalie take all penalties until he scored. When taking over the club I had 1 player earning over £1k per week and
  13. Starting with Kingstonian. Pretty decent starting squad in which the board expect me to finish mid table with. £7.34k Transfer Budget and £6,670 p/w Wage Budget which is great.
  14. AIM Manage a previously unplayable club in the english leagues for 10 years aquiring as many points as possible. RULES The rules are essentially the same as the Dafuge Challenge in that you should holiday the first year and then take control of one of the clubs which are promoted into the Vanarama National North/South divisions. The challenge lasts 10 seasons and you have a list of objectives which can earn you points each season. There are also a list of milestones which can earn you big points over the course of the challenge. There are up to 200 points to be earned
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