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  1. Hi Adzbabi First thanks for wanting to send me a donation but I must decline it. I'm not doing editing for that, when I stand on my feet I'll start making content again. It can be done so the players keep their nationality but then there will be no Yugoslav national team.
  2. Hi No, I don't have the money for the game this year ( haven't been working because of my health) . Maybe next year things will be better 😉.
  3. Thanx Wolf, you too. Hope to start editing again, me and Krle were doing some things long time ago before I found out about my cancer (october 2018) and then when I had the will I did some basic stuff.
  4. Hy there my friends Thank God I'm strating to recover, it's all well now. Off course not all side effects are delt with but will get there. I started working on my old job and taking it easy for now. Hope you all are doing well especially with this corona thing. On my last check up a few days ago all was fine and all tumormarker values were I must say excellent. Not playing FM for now but will get there and finish my project.
  5. I'm still recovering from the last radiation treatment and it's side effects but I'm much better now, thanks for asking. Still can't work on some fm projects because my eye saith is not so good but in a month I hope it will get better.
  6. Nation of Yugoslavia (renamed Serbia) whit the 6 tier league system The ex nations have no clubs but are still present in the euro qualifiers and world qualifiers. I have tested it for 5 seasons and had no problems. Try it and report any bugs if you spot any. I will make a database where all the Yugo players are back home. Here are the screen shots where you will see the structures and the rules and the file off course. For the leagues I picked the teams by their rep. The first 2 levels are unified and the third level is made of three divisions (yugoslav regions), West - Cr
  7. SRKI

    Editor 20

    Well wouldn't buy the game if there was no editor and a lot of people get bored quickly with the vanilla game so... For me it keeps the game alive till the next version gets out.
  8. SRKI

    Editor 20

    Like allways the changes (improvements) will be minimal.
  9. Great job I think you forgot Dejan Savićević from Yugoslavia In cm 2001you have the editor and you can see all the players you need.
  10. Off course my friend, you can upload it. Fighting to stay alive 😁 On 21.10.2019 going to have a check up to see if the radiation has done it's job. The most important thing is that I had the operation and the tumor is out but I it has invaded my vascular system. Thanx for your concern, will write what's happening.
  11. Hi I'm sorry for not replaying and making my database playable with the latest patch but I hade some health problems (was diagnosed with cancer last year in December). If I manage to make some money I will buy the FM20 and make these edits (Yugoslav league and Adriatic league) and release them. Thanx
  12. Sorry for not replaying but I had some health issues so can't do much work on FM.
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