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  1. Can´t progress in the week because of needing a answer for player move to your club. My youth staff handels all my youth intake and transfer. So they want that i accept the transfer but i do not have a button to check to accept so i am stuck at that screen and cannot progress in week. Only choice i have is to decline the transfer in the transfer screen. Even there i can not accept the transfer.
  2. it bothers me. i have a transferbudget of 36 mio (playing with parma 3rd season) and i wanted to buy Nicolo Armini from Lazio (20 years old value of 3.5 mio) i asked my DOS to do the transfer. first offer was around 34 mio. it is ok. i mean i would not buy him because for parma it is a lot of money. but lazio wanted 83 mio and my DOS made this offer. why? parma has not so much money.
  3. thx. i always thought that tv revenue was always included in the prize money. in reality DFL who are giving out the prize money for the bundesliga have included the tv revenue andis still less than in the premier league. thats why i got confused with the fm20 prize money.
  4. my DOS is working really slow. he needs a view weeks or half a season to make an offer on players i put on transfer goal. is this an issue? i do not know if this is correct but i guess he is starting to work when the transferperiod is starting? i am not sure but it makes no sence for me. in fm 19 the DOS was make offer in a week or less regarding if it was transferwindow or not.
  5. i do not know if somebody allready wrote about it but i trained 4 - 5 units of finishing created chances a week the last 8 matches of the end of the season to test if something is changing. and i was surprised that my finishing of the 100 % chances got a lot better. so i do not know if this is just a coincident. but i think training could be a way to make it a bit better.
  6. yes i know that is vary but i was wondering why it is now such a big difference. because in reality bundesliga is not even close to what the premier league is giving. or am i on a wrong track here?
  7. so this is what the premier league is paying? DFL is paying in the saison 19/20 for first place only 68 mio. how does the prize money in FM work? because i do not understand the gab in saison 20/21 between premier league and bundesliga.
  8. i am in my seconde saison in italy and i wonder why the prize money in germany for first place is 107 mio and in england only 45 mio euros and in italy 4,5 mio. i know italy is poor with money in football but i do not understand the gab between bundesliga and premier league. so is there something wrong because i thought that premier league was the highest prize money?
  9. merry christmas everybody. after 200 hours in this game i like to give a feedback. Positiv it is the best manager out of the managers out there i think SI is trying there best to make this game each year a bit better trying to make the grafik and the animation better some new feature - for example development center or the 5 year plan Negativ graphics and animation are not good at all and are not up to date - yes SI did some work on it but still it looks very old fashioned. this is not what costumers expect in 2019. M.E. is in my opinion not balanced at all interface is in some areas - like signing/transferoffer player screen - confusing to look at press conference and teamspeech (beginning of a match) are getting boring very fast What i want to see changed graphic and animation would be my first choice to work on it. right now there is no atmosphere in the stadiums. stadiums lookin the same. i think SI made one pack of stance and generated the stadiums for all teams. (parma is missing a stance and is not looking at all like a parma stdium) maybe SI could put more detail in this part of the graphic into it - for example make more variation. using the light as a atmosphere source would be a way to push a bit out of the old graphic engine animation should be worked over - there is to much sliding players - for example injured player lying on the ground very often slide out of the pitch - goalkeepers get a boost in midair and doing the clark kent move - and many more animations which are funny to look at i want to see that the M.E. is in some state balanced - right now it is in my opinion hard to play a defensive tactic. for example is my defender in a 1vs1 visually faster and visually at first on the ball but one third of the saison i see that they stop or run a different path so that the striker is getting the ball first. well there are many issues i see and they are also stated out already in this forum. i just want it balanced. i do not want it realistic. i want it balanced and working because i think you can not have a realistic M.E. the biggest issue i have right now ist the amount of bugs for a finished game. i do not mind that there are bugs in a game. but when i see over 18k commentaries in the bug forum i get sad. well i know that these are not all bug reports but still if there is one third out of this bug reports than this is really really sad. i do not mind to post bugs but what i read in this forum is that there is a high demand on posting bugs and upload the data. and i can understand this because SI needs material to see where the bug is coming from. BUT - i paid for a finished game and right now i feel like i test your game. it feels not even close to be finished. i could help and post and upload (many did this already) but i wonder why i should do the work where actually people are getting paid for testing - i guess there is a term for it and is called in every country the same - quality management. this is only my opinion but i am not happy that SI or other game development companys are thinking that this should be a thing. no it should not. let people buy a buged game and fix it with patches the whole year is not good. it is bad. for all the people in this forum. please think about the product you bought carefully and than give a proper review. if you buy shoes and they have holes in it you do not give a good review and say "well at least the leather is nice" or "they made two holes less in this shoes this year. thumps up" happy holiday to you all please do not judge my english. it is not my main language.
  10. can you tell me waht team you have and what strikers? and maybe the tactical way you play. i want that my strikers do heading goals again. one is 1,86 and the other one is 1,93 and both have 16 in heading and 14/15 in finishing.
  11. Please look in the Bug Forum or at the many other parts of this forum and you see what he means with issues.
  12. nice choice. i started with parma since palermo got relegated in 4th. i started palermo in fm19. so i tried to start with parma. besides of the ME issues it is really fun to play in italy. never wanted to play in italy. but somehow i ended up there. was a got choice.
  13. hm .. ok so it is a ME issue than? so nothing to do about it? i didn´t want to scream it is a Bug or it is because of the ME. i hoped that this could be resolved with a tactical twist. do i have to post this than in the bug forum?
  14. i think you miss understood this. we want to play a football manager game. so it is the only choice right now. yes you can avoid it and do something else. but thta was not the point. and time doesn´t reflect a triple A game. you have so many hours in one game because you like it. but it is not likely a triple A game. But nevermind.
  15. bevore the update to the ME i had quite a few goals after heading. but now nearly none. so i wonder what i can do to change it. but if you say it is impossible, than i have to sell my striker for smaller and faster strikers and play only low crosses?
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