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  1. under review

    Thank you for the files YS-1965, the backup save and AppData is very helpful. These are now with our development team to investigate further and we'll let you know when we have any further news on this.
  2. Hi Zane, You can report any data issues directly to our research team here: With regard to the game slowdown, could you try navigating to your Steam directory --> FM 2017 --> data --> db Move the folder '1730' to the desktop (or elsewhere away from that location) and restart the game. Does this improve the game speed?
  3. You should be able to apply again this year Pendraz, that sounds like a bug . I've raised it with the appropriate people to look into, thanks for flagging. In the meantime feel free to send your CV and cover letter over to and we'll see that it's picked up and considered.
  4. Looking forward to this one gents.
  5. Resolved

    Thanks for confirming! Glad you're sorted.
  6. Hi pindaman99, at what stage is this happening - when launching the game from Steam?
  7. Thanks for confirming, glad to hear you're back up and running.
  8. What's the name of the save you've uploaded please? I'll take a look. Sounds like it's an issue specific to that save if you've been able to play matches okay in other saves and online games.
  9. Hi robbers, Is the game crashing when you make the same action every time (i.e. entering match or specific screen), or does it seem to be crashing randomly?
  10. Were you using Windows 8.1 before that?
  11. Yup stevio - as it's a public OS now. Problem with Windows 10 & FM15 is that the OS came after the game, so there's very little we could do during our own development cycle. In theory there's no reason to expect it not to work, but we can't make guarantees. As I say though, we'll still do what we can to get everyone up and running as we all want the same thing - FM being played!
  12. Cneek7 - although Windows 10 isn't technically supported we are working to try and reproduce this issue internally so that we can help with a fix. We suspect it's going to be a local issue. Which version of Windows did you upgrade from? Did you run an update, or a complete clean & install? Cheers, Stu
  13. It isn't technically supported, but we're still trying to get to the bottom of the issues a few of you are encountering, and to find a fix for them. It's likely going to be something local that needs to be resolved. Can you confirm which OS you upgraded from?
  14. To update, as I don't think Neil has been clear enough here - whilst Windows 10 isn't officially supported, we *are* working to find the cause of these issues and help you resolve them. We suspect it's going to be a local issue. Can you confirm the OS version you were running prior to upgrading? Niejo - have you tried launching the fm.exe directly, rather than through Steam? Thanks, Stu
  15. Could you try deleting your cache as detailed here please: Let me know if this improves things for you.