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  1. Hi Andrew, could you open a new thread for your issue please so that the team can help individually.
  2. Hi mr_josephine -- afraid we can't put an exact date on it yet, but rest assured the issue is with our development team for review.
  3. The issue itself and the switch to/from the public-beta branch will have had no impact on anyone save files. They will remain on your hard drive (or the cloud) wherever you had them stored (typically Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\games\). If you had cleared your cache folder, then the "Load Last Game" option on the main menu will be greyed out but the saves will still be accessible via 'Load Game'. Appreciate you're frustrated Blackwolf, but please cut out the abuse.
  4. The fix is now on the default branch of Steam (so you can opt back out of the public-beta if you wish to). Sorry you guys experienced this downtime today, and thanks for your help checking the fix. marshallherald -- if your issue persists then we'll need to dig a little deeper as it won't be the same problem that the other guys here have had. Let me know how you get on with the above.
  5. There's no code needed but it's possible that it didn't update properly. If you post a picture of the latest crash dump message I'll be able to verify if it has or hasn't updated (if it references version 1074310 -- then it hasn't updated).
  6. I have uploaded a potential fix to a test build. You can access this by doing the following: Open your Steam library Right-click FM 2018 Select 'Properties' Select 'Betas' tab Select 'public-beta' from the drop-down list Click close It should download a small update (you may need to restart Steam). Can you please try this and let me know if it enables the game to launch?
  7. Thanks Meethos. I suspect this is not the cause, but the point at which your game is crashing is where the game "benchmarks" the graphical setting, and your graphics drivers are quite old. Could you try updating them please?
  8. Could you please try deleting your preferences and cache, and attach a copy of your DXDIAG here please?
  9. Hi Mark, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve this particular issue:
  10. Could you try lowering the graphics quality in Preferences, and see if you can enter the match okay.
  11. Was this a one-off or is it crashing consistently in the same place?
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