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  1. You should be able to apply again this year Pendraz, that sounds like a bug . I've raised it with the appropriate people to look into, thanks for flagging. In the meantime feel free to send your CV and cover letter over to and we'll see that it's picked up and considered.
  2. That's right Mancia - we've also updated the 'public-beta' branch to 16.3.0 as well though so they're both exactly the same, just in case anyone forgets to switch back. Thanks for your patience and help in getting this issue resolved, everyone.
  3. Hi all, we've now made a fix for this issue available publicly via the Steam Beta Program. To download this fix, opt-in by right-clicking on Football Manager 2016 -> Select Preferences -> Open the Betas tab -> Select public-beta from the drop down menu. This will update your game to v16.2.2 and any network games run on this version will no longer suffer from Mac/PC score divergences. If it doesn't immediately update, please restart Steam to prompt the game to update to 16.2.2. This has been a complex issue to resolve, so thanks for your patience once again and sorry it's taken some time to get to this point. Any feedback on 16.2.2 would be welcome - it has been thoroughly tested internally and will be included in a full update in future.
  4. Looking forward to this one gents.
  5. Larethian - I have not suggested that you play single-player instead. I have confirmed that we believe the cause of the issue to be linked to the number of coaches a user has, and that reducing the number of coaches will resolve the issue. However, this is merely a workaround and we continue to work towards fully fixing the issue. cmingay - I'm sorry you feel that way, but that's your right. We will continue to work on a fix for this issue and release when it is ready. We don't want a repeat of the last patch in which we believed the issue to have been resolved, when it wasn't in all cases.
  6. We've identified a potential cause that explains why not all network games are being affected - it appears to be linked to the number of coaching staff the user on the Mac has employed. The more coaches, the more likely the issue is to be triggered. We're working on a fix for this, but in the meantime you can use this as a workaround of sorts by reducing the number of coaching staff - although, I completely understand that you won't want to continue playing that way; particularly in a network game. Thanks for your patience so far, we are continuing to work at the issue.
  7. Thanks all for the info here. The reason I've asked for it is because in our tests the issue has not affected every match or every network game, and it's important that we narrow down the precise cause. Of course this doesn't negate the frustrations of those of you affected, but the issue being isolated to a specific OS version or combination of them is one possibility and compiling this info in one place is tidier than the multiple threads on the issue and allows us to address all of you. Our dev team are actively working on a fix for this issue, and I'll update when there is further news on this. If you do wish to pursue a refund, emerson, then I'm afraid you'll need to contact the retailer you purchased from. @ roronoa and Larethian - do you play in the same network game?
  8. Hi all, We're currently investigating the issue above as a priority, where users are seeing match scores diverge or differ between PC and Mac in network games. First of all apologies to anyone affected by the issue; I want to bring all of the relevant info into one place (this thread) to aide the fix effort and would be grateful if you could reply with the following info if you've experienced it: Specific operating system of host (ie Windows 10) Specific operating system of client/s affected (ie Mac OS 10.11) Consistency of diverging results (ie every match on the client, or 1/5 matches on the client) If you are posting alongside someone else from the same network game or clan, please make that clear. I'll keep you updated with any further info required. Thanks.
  9. Resolved

    Thanks for confirming! Glad you're sorted.
  10. Hi pindaman99, at what stage is this happening - when launching the game from Steam?
  11. Thanks for confirming, glad to hear you're back up and running.
  12. What's the name of the save you've uploaded please? I'll take a look. Sounds like it's an issue specific to that save if you've been able to play matches okay in other saves and online games.
  13. Hi robbers, Is the game crashing when you make the same action every time (i.e. entering match or specific screen), or does it seem to be crashing randomly?
  14. Were you using Windows 8.1 before that?
  15. Yup stevio - as it's a public OS now. Problem with Windows 10 & FM15 is that the OS came after the game, so there's very little we could do during our own development cycle. In theory there's no reason to expect it not to work, but we can't make guarantees. As I say though, we'll still do what we can to get everyone up and running as we all want the same thing - FM being played!