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  1. november 10, 2016 - THE 2020 RACE BEGINS
  2. got it, that makes sense. hrc's campaign made the strategic choice to go after trump as unqualified which meant that they didn't engage the policy discussion. given where the polls are now, they probably regret that decision.
  3. fair enough! I would say that policies weren't discussed because the parties are very well-sorted ideologically; as such, policy positions are pretty easy to surmise. the only major deviations would probably be on trade policy (for both parties) and for the embrace of authoritarian dictators (on the GOP side).
  4. ah yes, both sides are equally at fault here, I agree! would you call yourself socially liberal but fiscally conservative by any chance?
  5. give me favs' map except with trump taking NE-2 and ME-2 for a final tally of 340-198.
  6. ed rendell *insert jerking-off motion here*
  7. they actually use early voting data, which has varying levels of detail (e.g., I believe north carolina releases a daily list of early voters) as reported by each state's voting authorities.
  8. looks like there's just going to be baby oppo, but I do like the fact that trump married an illegal immigrant
  9. some AMAZING reading in the old election thread btw. I appear to have been a proto-bernie bro in my allegiance to bho
  10. I'm actually shocked it's taken this long for the FBI to be overtly politicized like this.
  11. no one gives a **** about who runs the dnc.
  12. looks like the clinton campaign has finished loading up the oppo cannon and is about to let it rip:
  13. scroll down to the section named "The winding path to 270 electoral votes" for a pretty cool look at that very question: http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/