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  1. anyone have any tips for having inside forwards (aml/amr-type players) track back apart from lowering mentality? would some sort of closing down adjustment work?
  2. http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/4949/screenshot20100316at123t.jpg here goes nothing. next stop, greatness?
  3. despite my best wishes for a truro save, I couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't that great of a challenge. I've instead plumped kingstonian, who balance being in london with renting their ground and having no real infrastructure to speak of. http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/6352/screenshot20091222at137.jpg
  4. okay, that explains it - the second link in the original post is a link to last year's file, while the first link is to this year's file. looks like I got to work on my data entry chops. daf, if you want to update the second link with the one I've posted above feel free.
  5. it's worked for me thus far, yes. I'll hold off on fully endorsing it before others take a look. I'll go ahead and paste mine and the original to show some differences as well: mine: "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "30002707" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "7940869" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103927" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4002011" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100178" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "109212" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4000631" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "627" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103793" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100123" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100159" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100070" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4002016" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103651" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "670" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "8325049" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100134" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "723" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100139" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100227" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "8325140" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100217" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103640" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100115" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100088" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4001704" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103663" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100121" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103681" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100090" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "30015287" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "659" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "106580" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100225" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5108729" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "684" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "94001831" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100163" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100109" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4000389" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103700" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103639" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "8325039" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100027" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "615" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "4002013" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103634" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100031" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103870" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "8611092" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "653" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "578" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103608" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100055" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "113522" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "682" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100053" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103839" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103616" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5103188" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "8601371" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100057" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100061" "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "5100066" mediafire link ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì30002707î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì7940869î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4002011î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì109212î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4000631î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì627î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100123î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì647î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100223î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100159î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100070î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4002016î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100161î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103651î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì8325049î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100134î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103801î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100198î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì723î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100139î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100227î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100217î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100027î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì615î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4002013î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100031î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì8601343î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100037î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì8611092î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì653î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì578î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì106580î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì117669î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100055î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì90002272î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì682î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100053î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103839î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103616î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103188î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103840î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100061î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100063î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100066î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103640î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100115î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103635î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100088î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4001704î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103663î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100121î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì638î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100090î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì30015287î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì657î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì659î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100225î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì663î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103637î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì684î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100163î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100109î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì4000389î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103700î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5103639î ìRETAIN_PLAYERSî ì5100149î one noticeable difference is that the latter file has no RETAIN_PLAYERS for kingstonian, whose unique id is 670. I wonder if that mediafire link is messed up and the first link isn't?
  6. the mediafire link in the original post wasn't working for me - the unique ids weren't correct for some reason.
  7. went ahead and whipped up a new ddt, here's a mediafire link for anyone interested: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ymjjgmyott0
  8. can anyone else confirm that the unique ids appear to have changed in 10.2.0?
  9. too lazy to update properly, so here we go: first season, promoted after jumping from 3rd to 1st on the last matchday. second season, 10th in bsp. nothing really to remark on, save for continuing financial problems. I'm sixth in the middle of november in season 3 and have seen our average attendance continue to drop. falling with it has been our wage budget - things are ugly in wales!
  10. 2 seasons done with merthyr; one was good, one was middling. updates coming soon!
  11. have binned tooting and mitcham in favor of merthyr - they start with a better squad and my signings the first time around were simply awful. second time's a charm, right? http://yfrog.com/ebscreenshot20091101at924j
  12. through the end of january, I have a defender who has given up... NINE penalties
  13. loving that we can't cherrypick fa youth cup winners anymore. it was sad seeing david ball reject me though.
  14. so it's safe to say it's much easier to snag players once we get out of bss/bsn?
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