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  1. anyone have any tips for having inside forwards (aml/amr-type players) track back apart from lowering mentality? would some sort of closing down adjustment work?
  2. No Golden Ball Thread?

    xavi of course.
  3. The Official USA Thread

    you've got demarcus cousins now, what could go wrong?
  4. The Official USA Thread

    no ;)
  5. The Official USA Thread

    definitely our best player.much of the time bradley wasn't collecting the ball from defenders because his midfield partner was doing the job.
  6. The Official USA Thread

    dude you're absolutely incorrect here. bradley was great all four matches.
  7. The Official USA Thread

    capello for usmnt.
  8. England vs Germany last 16 - BBC1 3pm Sunday

    :D so happy right now.
  9. The Official USA Thread

    bradley was great yesterday ffs
  10. The Official USA Thread

    thanks buddy, we definitely needed a wise englishman like yourself to tell us how to understand our performance at the world cup
  11. The Official USA Thread

    his dream reconciliation with his estranged wife will never happen now :*(
  12. The Official USA Thread

    looks like donovan might have knocked up one of the locals while he was on loan at everton /o\
  13. Round of 16 - USA v Ghana, ITV, 7.30pm

    surely a man of your intellectual gifts has many more interesting things to do on a saturday night rather than sit around and play troll?
  14. Round of 16 - USA v Ghana, ITV, 7.30pm

    absolutely disagree with them being superior over the entire 120 minutes.with that said, it's not like we deserved to win either.
  15. The Official USA Thread

    coach is also hamstrung when he chooses obviously inferior players and systems to start matches.robbie findley?! ricardo clark?! **** off bradley.