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  1. What is the best way to figure out if this is hotfixed or included in a future update? Will there be an update here or will we just have to pore over the bug fixes for each update? Thanks for working on this!
  2. I have uploaded the file to the cloud. Titled Everton Beta.fm Is any future fix likely to require a new game or will it be compatible with existing saves?
  3. I am in year 4 managing Everton. I have signed a few foreign players to send out on fee paying loans to generate monthly income. I have maxed out the allowed 22 and over loans to foreign clubs allowance. However, the game is not letting me send U21 loans out to foreign clubs as fee paying or no fee loans. I can't find any setting or competition rules that would prevent me from loaning out U21 players. The transfer "error" I'm getting says that the reason why is because I've maxed out the O22 loan spots, but the player isn't O22...
  4. I'm having issues with loans out from the PL. There is a rule that a maximum of 6 over 22 players can be loaned to foreign clubs. However, this rule is preventing players UNDER 22 from being loaned to foreign clubs. The screenshot attached is an example, the player in question is 19 years old. This feels like a fixable bug and I didn't see it while scanning the posts.
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