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  1. Argus 352 still working after 5 seasons with Newcastle! As you can see from screenshots, I have some elite players but not the best overall sqad in the Premier League? Just be patient, even if you lose 2-3 games in a row.
  2. Bizzare - the Argus won me the league with Everton 2nd and 3rd season! This game is so random!!!
  3. Great for me mate - thanks! Finished 2nd and 2nd in first 2 seasons with Newcastle!!
  4. Its not just you mate. Exactly the same for me. Mystery at the moment??
  5. I think it is around p64/65 on this thread. Looks identical to Knap's Sympathy V2 but must have some subtle edits somewhere.
  6. Hello Knap, Using Lass's tweaked version of your Sympathy 2 with FANTASTIC results in first season!!
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