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  1. Managed to get here with West Brom after 8 seasons. As experienced FM players will know, this is not easy with a team with an annual transfer budget of about £30m, against someone like Man Utd with £250m. Used only 2 Knap tactics for all 8 seasons: FM21WARRIORKnap4442P104ECCC.fmf FM21VenomFaithKnap41212P100ALLCUPSNOLOSS(1).fmf
  2. FM21 Venom & Faith 41212 is even stronger after the latest update IMO. Not as many spectacular goals by SC's and occasionally they now miss a one-on-one, but overall more stable?
  3. Too Easy?? Playing with Newcastle. As you can see, won premier league EASILY, hammered some top teams, never touched staff, training, mentoring, shouts, tactic changes pre-match, etc etc etc. Just banged in the Knap Beta tactic!!??!! Team is OK - signed Ugarte, Vavro, Abram, Jedvaj and Santos Borre - not Haaland, Skriniar, Tonali etc. Great but realistic?
  4. Argus 352 still working after 5 seasons with Newcastle! As you can see from screenshots, I have some elite players but not the best overall sqad in the Premier League? Just be patient, even if you lose 2-3 games in a row.
  5. Bizzare - the Argus won me the league with Everton 2nd and 3rd season! This game is so random!!!
  6. Great for me mate - thanks! Finished 2nd and 2nd in first 2 seasons with Newcastle!!
  7. I think it is around p64/65 on this thread. Looks identical to Knap's Sympathy V2 but must have some subtle edits somewhere.
  8. Hello Knap, Using Lass's tweaked version of your Sympathy 2 with FANTASTIC results in first season!!
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