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  1. Possible to share your team instructions/tactics for the 2 formations above? Thanks alot!
  2. Chancel Mbemba Has been a solid and consistent performer for me. Do note however this is him on the previous patch, not the latest one.
  3. Top of the table after 32 games played. QPR are 6 points behind us. Board gave us a further 20 million to spend in January and seeing as the team is fairly balanced (thanks Rafa), decided to buy some homegrown talent. Hoping that they can develop nicely.
  4. Any of you guys who has completed the first season tell me how did Anita perform/fit him in your tactics? Not really sure whether to sell him off or renew his contract, with only a season to go. His low strength and small frame has always put me off, but he usually performs consistently back in fm 2016.
  5. Nicolas Janvier (Stade Rennais) Alexis Bilin (Toulouse) Allan Saint-Maximin (Saint Etienne) Some top french prospects here.
  6. Harry Toffolo - Norwich Jonjoe Kenny - Everton
  7. Name: Tabata Age: 17 Nationality: Brazilian Club: Atletico Mineiro Position: Attacking Midfielder (Centre)/AM(RL) Value: Not sure at start of game Sale Value: Bought for £750k in 2015/2016 Work Permit Needed?: Yes Might need to load the Brazilian Leagues. His stats in the 3rd season. Name: Cristian Barrios Age: 16 Nationality: Argentinian Club: San Lorenzo Position: Attacking Midfielder (Centre) Value: Not sure at start of game Sale Value: Bought for £3.5m in 2017/2018 Work Permit Needed?: Yes Might need to load Argentianian Leagues. His stats in the 3rd season, first 2 seasons developed by AI.
  8. Well done on getting 6th! See you're raiding Lyon quite a bit there. Would like to know how Peruzzi's doing for you, eyeing him to give Janmaat some competition.
  9. Anyone here have kept and used Abeid for a season or 2? After his recent performances irl, tempted to keep him but have got other younger targets in mind so might sell him off too.
  10. Nope! Highest is Captain Colo at £72k a week. I wouldn't want to sell him at all, have a bit of a man crush on him, but if he continues to sulk in the game then there's no other choice but to sell. Find it weird though, never had this situation before with Cabaye. Have to be his agent.
  11. Into the second season and Cabaye has been annoying me with his demands for a pay rise, of up to 115k per week. Threatened to sell him if he won't keep it quiet which he responded positively but he'll pop up again in a month's time. Should I sell him guys? He'll definitely attract a host of big clubsl
  12. Where do I put that file in Chris? Really looking forward to starting back a new save!
  13. Name: Johan Martial Age: 20 Nationality: French Club: Stade Brestois 29 Position: CB - Covering Value: Sale Value: Under £2mil Work Permit Needed?: No Screenshot at 2014 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. I play him as Trequartista with Run With Ball set to often and he does a pretty solid job for the team.
  15. Just got an offer of 8.5mil pounds for Cpt Colo from Man City! Should I accept it or not, it really is tempting!
  16. Just as I bought Corchia for the RB slot, out came the oppurtunity to sign Santon on a free & I quickly offered him a contract and luckily he chose to sign for us even when there were far bigger teams who wanted him. He's on a 51k a week though.
  17. Just finished the first season in 6th. I'm delighted with the way the team's playing but there's still a need to improve. Here's the first season transfers. Galeano has been a great scoring 7 goals in 29 league app with an decent average rating of 7.08. Dembele had a horrible goalless run of 17 or 18 games or so before recovering to score a total of 12 league goals in 33 app. Cairney did pretty well alongside Barton in central midfield while I introduced Lucas Silva slowly as he got homesick. Did pretty well though on left wing or as a striker. Cornelisse and Espen were decent right backs for me to get through this first season especially Cornelisse. The rest are youngsters whom I will blood in slowly next season. I'm now looking to sign a right back, centre back and a striker. Will look at Corchia as Dandydon had suggested somewhere above and could try for Shawcross for centre back as Stoke were relegated. For a striker, I'll need a consistent poacher so any recommendations guys? Still don't know the budget yet for next season though but it's okay.
  18. He was always a must buy in the previous patch for my newcastle team. Quick, strong in the air and tackles superbly. Scores an average of 10 headers a season for me! Will go for him again in the new patch.
  19. How is Coleman doing for you? I need a right back, preferably british but if you guys have any suggestions it will be great. Max £6m.
  20. How's Makengo playing for you? Do you play him as a poacher? I bought him at the start of the 2nd season and he's been playing well but still hasn't scored after 9 games. Nice bit of luck there with your new chairman! Hope it happens to me too but won't expect anything. Good luck with the season!
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