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  1. Won the FA cup bad week for Everton got relegated & lost 2 finals in a week lol Signed Horn,Belotti,Keita & De Light outs Mignolet,Klaven,Sturridge,Klavan,Can & Coutinho (January)
  2. Just won the league with 2 games to go won my 1st 17 games but lost a few after that won every game at Anfield in the league losing only once that was to Real madrid in the champions league have the Fa cup against Everton who lool like theyre gonna get relegated
  3. Streak ended at 17 as was held 2-2 by West Brom
  4. Started again in season won ive won my first 17 games & 13 pts clear ive never been in this position in any version of FM im gonna put Coutinho to Barcelona & January & add VVD to my squad
  5. Its gonna be funny the March update wont have Coutinho in it
  6. Sold him for 133 to PSG in season 3 ive restarted im gonna put him in the Barcelona team from season 2 for 150 mill
  7. Just sold Coutinho to PSG for 133mill in season 3 & used the money to sign Aseniso 60Mill & Werner from Lepizeg 59Mill season 2 won the league & the league cup
  8. Playing Salah as a striker he’s deadly almost a goal every game got 20 & I’m in January in season 2
  9. Finished season 1 didnt go much finished 3rd & was R/u to Utd in the Fa cup final who won the treble signed Butland,VVD in season 2
  10. Finally got a save going in in Jan of Season 1 going ok so far haven’t signed anyone yet I’ll will at seasons end Bayern made a 76 mill bid for Coutinho which I rejected it I want 90mill plus to join at seasons end also rejected offers for Lovern & Matip both bids were made by Barcelona already out of the league cup got drawn against RB Leipzig in the knockout stage of the champions league interesting since Keïta plays for them sold Flanagan & loaned Markovic out hope to sell him in season 2.
  11. Just got Bayern & Barcelona in the group stage of the champions league
  12. The only thing I agree with in here is the squad should have been done by now but the rest is uncalled for other threads copy Wikipedia as well
  13. It starts just got sacked every FM game it happens but i get it right in the end
  14. Haha said that the last 2 years downloading the game now then put the graphics in & im set to go
  15. I’ve given in & gonna buy the copy now knew I couldn’t wait till March lol anyway gonna start with my 4-2-3-1 formation as I have since Football Manager 2009 & sign no one in the first windows gonna import the FM 17 tactics unless they’ve changed it also gonna put all the graphics in as well most likely will be tomorrow when I start a new save
  16. Great thread sadly won’t play the game until the March update as I normally start my long term save then but that could change
  17. id prefer to use my own Tactics but i reed yr guide Kimz i found it very great reading as well to jedzo depending on what team yr using try buying players to suit your team & Tactics thats the mistake i made when i started on FM 2008 i use to go like in real life but now i get the players to suit my team & style
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