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  1. Ive decided to close the door on FM 21 as i won everything 6 league titles 4 champions league 2 fa cups 1 league cup & 4 comm shields i might do another save but its unlikely look forward to FM 22
  2. After going unbeaten in 112 home games finally lost but on course to win 4 leagues in a row but my squad needs rebuliding as VVD,Fabinho & Henderson are declining
  3. Wow heres a blast from the past welcome back
  4. Yes updates all the Feb transfers in Russia & China also some EFL transfers
  5. 21.4 update is out gonna restart again as I wasn’t happy with my current save this will be my long term save & final save likely.
  6. I'm starting a new game now the winter update is out gonna use the 4-4-3 & 4-4-2 diamond tactic
  7. Can’t wait to use Davis & Kabak in the new update gee not much activity on here
  8. After winning the league 3 seasons in a row did a 4th but finished 2nd to Man City but had the last laugh by winning the champions league against them I resigned won’t play another save until 21.3 update comes out which is usually early March catch-up on other games in that time
  9. I restarted my game completed season 1 in which I just won the league Man City are my boggy team as they’ve beaten me 4 of 6 times we played sold Salah for 150 mill to PSG & signed Mbappe for 190 mill so technically for 40 mill I did a overhaul of my squad I’m confident I have a squad to dominate everything I’ll post a review later
  10. Season 3 review League;2nd Fa cup:won Champions league :S/F League cup :3rd rd Comm shield:won Overall Lost the league by 3 pts to Utd who also knocked me out of the champions league heavy loss as well Haaland scored 39 goals in all comps was a poor season to many draws cost me as i only lost 2 games season 4 aim to get my league title back
  11. Review Season 2 League:Won Champions league:RU FA Cup:6th Rd league Cup:Won comm shield:Won European supercup:Won Overall Had a great season again Salah was the star with 37 goals in all comps Mane is injured a lot but scored 18 goals already signed Haaland in season 3 will be interesting him & Salah in the same team
  12. Lost the champions league final to PSG also didnt do well in the world club championship signed Haaland means ill go from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 ill do a season 2 review later on
  13. Just won the league 2nd season running also have won the league cup & have 1 foot in the champions league final beat Arsenal 2-0 away home tie next
  14. Gee it’s hard to offload players in this version of FM
  15. Just lost VVD with a broken ankle for 3-4 months start of season 2
  16. Season 1 review League: won Champions league:won fa cup:4th rd league cup:3rd rd comm shield :won won the league losing only 2 games my front 3 Firmino,Mane & Salah all were my top goal scorers will trim my squad & sign some youth in season 2 the surprise in my save is Tottenham getting relegated
  17. I restarted my save a few times but finally got one going in December of season 1 only lost 1 game so far already out of the league cup as I fielded a 2nd string team will post a full update when I complete season 1
  18. Just won the comm shield now the season proper starts
  19. Gonna restart my save wasn’t happy with it will rotate in cups against lower league teams & no transfers in season 1 January I will sign players
  20. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/asus-tuf-15-6-inch-r7-4800h-16gb-512gb-gtx1650ti-4gb-gaming-laptop.html
  21. Finally got a superfast laptop re started my save wont sign anyone until January ill post some updates later on
  22. Getting a new laptop today old one is slow as but saving my game in could just played my 1st game won the comm shield in a close one
  23. Is this one ok ? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/asus-tuf-a15-15-6-full-hd-144hz-gaming-laptop-512gb-gtx-1660ti
  24. Great thread started a new game but won’t be signing anyone until January will def get a centreback as there’s only 3 & a backup keeper
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