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  1. Ditto. Play windowed mode and always have to choose it in preferences at launch.
  2. Did you holiday all the way through and continue playing the next season? If so, were you able to play matches in the next season? Just curious. This bug is in the crashes subforum as well. I obviously don't want to holiday through critical playoff matches so I'm waiting for a patch. Thanks
  3. Thanks Neil. I did holiday past the first leg. But the same issue persists in the second leg. I'll just wait for an update. Appreciate your responsiveness on this.
  4. Just made the playoffs in Spain Second Division. Game will not continue - click on Match Preview and nothing happens. I can holiday to simulate the game but obviously would prefer not to and not sure if game will continue to run thereafter. Uploaded file to ownCloud. Tucker Brown - Arenas.fm
  5. When I restart the game, some newgens will have a regular face and sometimes they will have a blue face. Here is my President as an example. Known bug? Thanks,
  6. Encountered another crash on Catalina and did some research. To anyone running an eGPU and MacOS Catalina, there are several articles mentioning crashes with RX570 and 580 cards. I have a 580 and use it to run FM from time to time through my monitor, but every time I have recently, it completely crashes my computer. Seems to NOT be an SI issue but rather a Catalina issue: https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/10/14/apples-macos-catalina-causing-problems-with-select-egpu-setups
  7. A small interface bug to report. I have played a Tiki-Taka 4141 through December of my first season and it still says I play Route One. The Beta seemed to adapt and update this description as I played but the Full Release seems to not update it. Again, not a major bug, but dents the sense of realism. Thanks
  8. I have the same issue with MacOS Catalina and eGPU setup. I also have a 4k monitor and get the flashing cursor. I can manage with it but the game tends to lock my entire computer when using the eGPU. It could be Catalina-related as Catalina brought on a much slower experience in FM19. I have 2019 MacBook Pro so it isn't hardware related. I will try to run the eGPU tonight and will record/upload if it crashes again. Thanks for your work!
  9. My players seemed to move back up into their hierarchy tiers with more games played over time. I'm not really sure if it's a bug or not. But it it did seem odd that they moved downward despite starting. I will test in the full release on Tuesday and report back.
  10. I had the same issue. Signed first team players with determination and mid season they moved to other players despite starting every game. Messed up my mentoring completely and I haven’t played the save since. Going to hold out as dynamics seem a bit off in beta. See player tactics links as well.
  11. I'm really getting into my beta save as well. The lack of dynamic links being made between my players is my primary concern right now (Referring to links being seen on the tactics screen). SI is looking into it, but I assume you may have the same issue? Hopefully it's not save-breaking.
  12. I'm one of those FM players that spends a lot of time in dynamics and mentoring. I posted about player links not occurring. Here is another potential bug. It seems like my important players who were once influential are losing their hierarchal importance despite starting many games and playing well. As a result of this recent development, my mentoring has been hampered. Could this be a bug? For example, Fraser was brought in to be my starting midfielder and had high determination. So his decline disrupts my midfield mentoring. Thanks,
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