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  1. You know with this match engine sitting too low was not working for me. I used to use Cautious and drop the lines to Much Lower Defensive Line/Lower Line of Engagement, but long shots were going in left and right. So I changed to Defensive mentality and kept the lines similar to the balanced tactic. I do that, I might tick on more time wasting, play for set pieces, and lower tempo to just Higher or Normal as I see a game out. I also might sub off a striker and put on another center back or midfielder depending on the opponent formation. The Simeone tactic is not plug and play, it does require some in-game tinkering, but this is what I really like about it. And when it works, it works well.
  2. Use the High tactic if you are the favorite and have a good enough back line to not get beat on a direct counter. It widens the players slightly (using Positive mentality and fairly wide width) and brings the defensive lines up. Also asks to press the opposition GK and counter press (ie higher pressing). You just have to be careful if you have slower center backs. I prefer the taller, heading/marking/tackling center backs and often will give up some pace for their sheer height in defense and set pieces. If you are the underdog. I usually take the balanced tactic and switch to cautious mentality. I may ask to regroup... just depends on how the game plays out. I watch all my games on at least Extended highlights, sometimes Comprehensive to figure out what is going on and tweak from there.
  3. Haha sounds thrilling. Did you drop mentalities? I would have dropped to Cautious at least and switched counter press to regroup. Versus Juventus, I might even have used the Defensive mentality tactic.
  4. What does PVO and CTT stand for? I would use Felix as a Mezzala. In the Simeone slide deck, the attacking central midfielder would sometimes move into channels, just depends on what striker setup you have in front of you. A Mezzala on Support will still track back too. However, if I had Felix in my squad, I would definitely use in some sort of DLF/F9 or Shadow Striker role. He's a potent, creative player and less built for midfield tackling and positioning.
  5. Latest tactics attached (set pieces included in tactics). Notable changes include: - Both midfielders in Cm Su duty. More defensive midfield trains in defensive unit and is instructed to hold position, dribble less, and shoot less often. This helps create the flat lines in defense that Simeone utilizes. It looks beautiful (see image below). - Wide Players - most of the season I just used 2 inverted wingers. Recently switched my LW to a WP and that player has increased his assist amount. I would recommend one WP and one IW - Fullbacks - started the season with one FB At and one FB Su. noticed my fullbacks weren't close enough to the wingers/not overlapping enough, so switching them both to attack duty and switching my inverted winger from Attack to Support helped this. Also per pervious post, IW on Attack get too far forward and almost act as another striker in offense, so the Su duty is better here. - GK - I'm using a bog standard GK role here. If I push high up (as in my "High" line version of the tactic), I use. a SK D. - Start every game with Balanced tactic. Standard def line and lower line of engagement (very compact). I have found if I use lower def line and very low line of engagement, we concede long shots like crazy, so instead of dropping lines in my "low" tactic, I just changed mentality to defensive as that slightly lowers the line of engagement while remaining compact and busy in the midfield. - Passing and Tempo - I use more direct and extremely high tempo. The club vision of my current club wanted direct play, but it actually works perfectly in this match engine. In FM20, direct passing I found to be way too direct and sloppy. in FM21, we still maintain ~40% possession most games while being explosive on counter attacks. Current OI's attached. I always have my attacking striker mark the DM or CM on his side so that he tracks back on defense. I ask our players to push the opposition wingers to the outside (instead of weak foot). Anyone that comes through the middle is tackled hard. I have fiddled with these quite a bit, but this current setup has worked ok. Look at this shape in defense using the balanced tactic (usually switch to cautious mid game if we are winning): 442 Simeone.fmf 442 Simeone High.fmf 442 Simeone Low.fmf
  6. Also it appears I can have the performance analyst do the job of a recruitment analyst (ie assign the performance analyst to scout a player and provide analyst feedback). The attributes of the 2 analyst a I have are about the same, so in order to save money, I am inclined to have my performance analyst do everything. Again, I can't make this assignment under staff responsibilities but I can manually do it. I think this may be a bug but want to confirm.
  7. I understand the Performance analyst provides analysis of individual and team performance (which is a great new feature) and he also serves as analyzing opposition. The recruitment analyst is used for scouting players you want to bring in and reviewing their analysis. However, when I go to staff responsibilities, I can only assign the recruitment analyst to provide team reports and opposition reports, even though I can designate the performance analyst to do this under the scouting assignment screen. Is this a bug?
  8. Good to hear. I cancelled my pre-order and am holding out for the 16 inch Macbook Pro update. I would miss the bigger screen I think. Does the game run noticeably faster on the M1 chip from your experience? Have you tried the 3d match engine and if so, what experience have you had?
  9. Considering upgrading my current MacBook Pro to the new M1 chip laptop. Will the game be compatible? I understand this may be a Steam question as well. I'm using Big Sur and no glaring issues thus far. I still get the crash after I quit the game that was previously in FM20 though. Thanks,
  10. It's relatively similar but Atletico have been pressing higher this season. This is good analysis of Joao Felix but you can also see Ateltico's shape: Suarez likely a CF At or Su. One of your strikers should be on support. I believe Felix is a natural DLF in FM.
  11. I'm a big fan of BusttheNet on YouTube. I just saw he had an article from FM15 - this is super helpful as well: https://www.addictedtofm.com/fm15-evolution-of-simeones-442/
  12. I have tried using WM At with PIs, but I find in attack, they get too far forward and don't act like attacking midfielders. They almost act as additional players in the frontline. I have recently started using WP At on both sides. I don't like using two playmakers, but it seems to work. I think the reason it works how I want is because the WP At does not have the gets further forward instruction on its default. I also switched by midfield to CM D and CM Su, and the CM Su has get farther forward and/or moves into channels depending on if I am using a Target Man or not.
  13. Couple other comments: - I wish the WP and IW would operate as AM. Sometime's they just aren't narrow enough. I tried Very Narrow but they issue with very narrow is the CMs would be so narrow that the WBs would try to pass back to the CMs and we'd often turnover the ball because the CMs were so far away from the wings, so I use Narrow and that seemed to fix the issue. - As I mentioned, the CM Su that I use as a CM D keeps a straight line in defense, but even with hold position, he sometimes gets too far forward in attack. I have no idea how to resolve this and just live with it. I try to add stays back at all times as a trait. - For whatever reason, the GK, even with aim for target man, will distribute to random positions. This drives me nuts but I guess the TM is marked and the GK has to make a decision. - I constantly tweak set pieces. My corners work well with my TM or CD with jumping reach getting many goals. Defending set pieces is a nightmare. I continue to tweak. Currently have a lot of positions man marking and sitting back to help but I still concede from time to time on free kicks. I have my TM mark tall player and that has helped. - Passing directness - direct was too sporadic. Standard seems to work well. I would use shorter passing if my team was the favorite to win and likely switch mentality to Positive. My CDs are too slow to operate with a higher line. I have tried and gotten burned. - Mentality - I use Balanced and Cautious. Using higher tempo makes us more attacking in offense. I did try using Attacking and dropping the line, but my players were often in poor position when I did that.
  14. I have spent the majority of FM19 and FM20 trying to master this tactic. It’s quite difficult when the game rewards you for playing high line, attacking football. To be fair, this has been the most successful in real life as well (in recent years). But getting this tactic to work successfully is a much better feeling than just using 4231 Gegenpress. I will start with this slide deck. This is everything you need: https://www.slideshare.net/Kieran85uk/atletico-madrid-10-match-tactical-analysis Let’s look how Diego plays in the FM20 Match Engine (See scout report images) One comment – everything looks like what is recommended in this post except the Mezzala. But if you look at the slide deck in the link, Gabi does drift wide and moves forward, so this role is suitable. A look at PIs – these are important as well (See excel image) My Tactics - which include Home, Away, Parking the Bus, and Set pieces within (attached) My PIs: PF At – None, but in game, I mark the opposition midfielder or DM so that the striker tracks back in defense. TM Su (can also be PF Su/De, or DLF Su). I use a TM currently, so I ask him to Hold Position and Tackle Harder in the press. WP and IW – While I only use one WP, both positions are set with the same instructions. WP closes down more. IW closes down, takes more risk, sits narrow, roams, and shoots less often. Mez – None. CM Su – set as a CM De with PIs, but use Su to maintain fluidity and shape. I noticed the CM D would drop way too deep in defense and I wanted a flat line. PIs are take fewer risks, dribble less, shoot less, hold position. For both CMs, I do not close down more to maintain shape in the middle and to encourage wide pressing. CWBs – Shoot less often, close down more, mark tighter. Mark tighter to encourage pressing the wings CDs – Close down less. Take fewer risks (unless using a BPD). SK D – More direct passes. My OIs: Same as the author. I just don’t press the GK and I do not tight mark the CM and Strikers. I want to maintain shape. Tight marking caused my CMs to move around too much to stick to opponents. Attributes: Like author, the key attributes are: - All mental – Anticipation, Bravery, Composure, Concentration. Decisions. Determination, Work Rate, and Team work - Physical – Natural Fitness, Stamina. For Central Defenders, jumping reach to utilize narrow formation and head balls away. Most of my goals come from set pieces and corners. - Technicals should just be good for each individual position. When scouting, prioritize mentals first. Always. -- Hope this helps. First post so apologize for lack of image formatting. Thanks 442 Simeone H.fmf 442 Simeone A.fmf 442 Simeone PTB.fmf
  15. I found the following on FMBase. These guidelines have been really helpful for squad management in Spain (I currently manage Deportivo in the La Liga). See below: B Team Rules: Rules are as follows: - If the player has been registered for the A team, then he can't be sent to the B team. - If the player has played more than 10 games for the A team, he can't be sent to the B team. - If the B team player is older than 25, he can't be used in the A team. - If the B team player is younger than 25 and is registered for the B team, he can play for the A team. - Can a B team player be used more than ten times in the A team? I don't know, but probably should. - How to register the player for the B team?. You can't. What you have to do is have him in the B team for when the B team registration comes and hope the B team manager will register him.
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