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  1. To follow-up on this, I wiped Catalina and reinstalled Mojave. Everything works. It appears to be a Catalina issue, which is not surprising given how bad Catalina and updates have been. For anyone with Catalina, I suggest downgrading to Mojave if you want to play FM with more stability.
  2. Starting a new post for this one. I have tried every suggestion in the forums. FM20 was always crashing when I exited, but the game was fine. Now I cannot change any settings without the game crashing. This is the latest patch and latest version of Mac OS Catalina. I have reinstalled Steam, FM20, removed all skins/logos/graphics etc. Deleted Cache and Preferences. Code below in spoiler. The error says "Too many open files abort() called":
  3. This is happening to me as well. Code below (haven't been able to play FM the last 2 days because of this bug )
  4. Hi, I am getting several crashes too. I uninstalled and deleted all skins/kits/facepacks/logos. Seems to be latest version of FM and Catalina. Report attached.
  5. I found the following on FMBase. These guidelines have been really helpful for squad management in Spain (I currently manage Deportivo in the La Liga). See below: B Team Rules: Rules are as follows: - If the player has been registered for the A team, then he can't be sent to the B team. - If the player has played more than 10 games for the A team, he can't be sent to the B team. - If the B team player is older than 25, he can't be used in the A team. - If the B team player is younger than 25 and is registered for the B team, he can play for the A team. - Can a B team player be used more than ten times in the A team? I don't know, but probably should. - How to register the player for the B team?. You can't. What you have to do is have him in the B team for when the B team registration comes and hope the B team manager will register him.
  6. Same here. Have to set the. Every match. As a plus it does make you think a little more about your opposition tactic but mostly annoying hah.
  7. I have the same issue. I downgraded to Mojave because Catalina has a ton of issues with eGPUs (just do a google search). Despite the downgrade, 3d performance is slow at best in game (but at least it doesn't hang anymore like in Catalina).
  8. Ditto. Play windowed mode and always have to choose it in preferences at launch.
  9. Did you holiday all the way through and continue playing the next season? If so, were you able to play matches in the next season? Just curious. This bug is in the crashes subforum as well. I obviously don't want to holiday through critical playoff matches so I'm waiting for a patch. Thanks
  10. Thanks Neil. I did holiday past the first leg. But the same issue persists in the second leg. I'll just wait for an update. Appreciate your responsiveness on this.
  11. Just made the playoffs in Spain Second Division. Game will not continue - click on Match Preview and nothing happens. I can holiday to simulate the game but obviously would prefer not to and not sure if game will continue to run thereafter. Uploaded file to ownCloud. Tucker Brown - Arenas.fm
  12. When I restart the game, some newgens will have a regular face and sometimes they will have a blue face. Here is my President as an example. Known bug? Thanks,
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