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  1. This is a unique idea. Excited to see how it turns out
  2. Liverpool 3-0 Newcastle Brighton 0-2 Burnley Man Utd 0-1 Leicester Sheffield Utd 2-0 Southampton Spurs 2-0 Crystal Palace Wolves 2-1 Chelsea Norwich 1-4 Man City Bournemouth 0-2 Everton Watford 1-3 Arsenal Aston Vlla 2-1 West Ham
  3. Aston Villa 0-2 Everton Norwich 2-1 Chelsea Brighton 2-0 Southampton Man Utd 3-0 Crystal Palace Sheffield Utd 1-1 Leicester Watford 3-1 West Ham Liverpool 3-0 Arsenal Bournemouth 0-2 Man City Spurs 4-0 Newcastle Wolves 2-1 Burnley
  4. I'll join in. Week 2 Arsenal 3-0 Burnley Aston Villa 2-0 Bournemouth Brighton 1-1 West Ham Everton 4-0 Watford Norwich 1-2 Newcastle Southampton 0-2 Liverpool Man City 3-1 Spurs Sheffield United 0-2 Crystal Palace Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City Wolves 2-3 Man Utd
  5. Decent start, you've intruiged me. But for the love of God Sam, why ****ing Scunthorpe!?
  6. Location: Red Bull Arena, NYC. Date: 12th of January, 2018. Sky Sports News Reporter: "I'm inside the press room here in the Red Bull Arena, as a representative of the Red Bull company, has called and emergency press conference. We don't know exactly what it is about, but our thoughts is that the club will announce the departure of head coach, Chris Armas, whilst also announcing his immediate replacement." Red Bull Representative: "First of all, I'd like to welcome the press here today for the club's emergency press conference. As a representative of Red Bull GmbH, I have to inf
  7. Season 2: A new beginning? 09/07/19 I was sitting at my desk, going back and forth with different people in the wonderful footballing world, enquiringly about different players, have people enquire about my own players and so on. when my phone beeped. "Beep" I checked the notification on my phone screen, which led me to my emails, where I saw the headline "Kettering Town Job Offer". I opened the mail, to which it read: "Mr. TheFMBoss, We write to you today to inform you of the vacant managerial role here at Kettering Town Football Club.
  8. Team I am using: NEW YORK RED BULLS Challenge Rules. - I can only buy players under 21. -I must sell those players when they are 24. -Once I manage to get a sizeable squad, the older players already at the club will be sold (or exchanged for other players). -I'm allowed to keep (or buy) 1 player between the ages of 25 and 30, and one player 30+. -I'm only allowed one loan per season. (Loan players already at the club will have their deal terminated, unless I keep one). -The aim is to conquer North America, and win a clean sweep of trophies in a
  9. At least FIFA haven't been made to call Liverpool "Merseyside Red" or Tottenham "North London Whites"
  10. The Play Offs First Round Bath City vs Hemel Hempstead Previous meetings The sides met twice during the season where Bath failed to beat them on both occasions. Bath City 3-4 Hemel Hempstead Hemel Hempstead 1-1 Bath City League season Bath City finished the season in 4th place, whilst their opponents came 7th. The home side in the first leg owned the top goalscorer in the league (Darius Osei scored 25, 2nd place scored 18). Meanwhile Hempstead had conceded 1 less goal than the bookies favourite heading into the match. I had
  11. February, March and April 2019 The boys were working hard in training, passing and moving the ball. I looked down at my clipboard to check what the next drill I had to set out was. "Boss, boss" I looked up. Our best and most experienced defender, Jack Batten, was down, holding his ankle. I sent him to the club's physio, Lee Williamson, who took him to his office to run through scans. 2 hours later and Williamson came into my office to give me bad news. "I've x-rayed his ankle and came to the conclusion he's twisted it. I'd advise he stays at home for at least 2 months
  12. A Happy New Year? It was just days after our humiliating defeat at the hands of Chippenham, where we were soundly defeated. I was setting up our training session when my assistant manager, Jim Rollo, came over to me to say: "Boss we need you in the chairmans office, regarding transfers" I didn't know what he meant, Billy Clark was out scouting centre backs so it wasn't about defenders coming in. I walked in to Sam Warr's office, where he greeted me and gave me a glass of water. "Let's get straight down to business, shall we?" He said. "Due to our current f
  13. November and December 2018 (11th) Bath City 1-0 Eastbourne Boro (16th) Brunt's 82nd minute winner helped us overcome 10 man Boro. Three Bridges 0-4 Bath City (FA Trophy 3rd qualifying round) We lived up to our name of firm favourites beforehand, dismantling three bridges. Carvalho also returned. (17th) Slough 1-3 Bath City (10th) A good win on our travels yet again and we could've won by a much larger margin. (8th) Bath City 3-1 Concord (7th) An Osei hat trick moves us back into the play off spots heading into our FA Trophy first round match. (VNS
  14. The FA Cup First Round Proper Bath City 3-4 Hemel Hempstead Yet again, defensive errors cost us another win, never mind a draw, as we were beaten at home yet again. Osei and Carvalho were both on target and they were the only two I singled out for praise in the dressing room afterwards. We needed to stop throwing away such important points like that and on the Tuesday afterwards I sat down with scout, Billy Clark, assigning him to search for central defenders to help us. Wealdstone 0-1 Bath City A good win, unfortunately overshadowed by Fàbio Carvalho who will miss
  15. September to November 2019 As I walked into the dressing room after our defeat to Weston-Super-Mare, I said to the lads "That out there, was simply not good enough. There is no way in hell that the play offs are a realistic aim if we're turning up every week and putting in performances like the one we just displayed." It was the first time I really went ballistic at the squad and on the Monday in training, the boys were working harder than ever, well except Jack Batten who disrupted my training session, trying to joke around and put others off. I called him
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