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  1. Nice to hear. Taking the baseline tactic and tweaking it based on your philosophies and players is definitely the right approach here. I made a thread about this earlier but FM doesn’t seem to have a “second striker” role - for example, someone like Griezzman. The PIs are similar to a False 9, but the F9 role seems to be built for a lone striker system. The DLF role on the other hand has hold up ball hard coded, which seems to suit stronger physical forwards, such as Giroud or Dzeko. I’d like to see a “second striker” role available in the ST slot to better recreate the type of behavior I’d like to see. Regarding passing and tempo - I initially had tempo and passing range both set at standard - however, in big CL away games against top sides, I found that the team gave possession away far too cheaply on many occasions. However, the more aggressive approach worked great in all other games. In order to make the tactic more pragmatic and stable in those huge, season defining games, I added in shorter passing and defend narrower, which has helped a lot. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. I fired up FM last week and no major changes, except that I dropped defensive line back to slightly higher instead of much higher. Other than that I think the base tactic I posted works fine, you can always make tweaks based on the players at your disposal and opponent characteristics
  3. The issue with the 3 back is that is was in a way designed to play against 2 striker tactics, due to the spare man. the wide areas, particularly where the fullbacks overlap the WP, should provide a 2 vs 1 overload vs 3 back formations. in that regard, tall strikers tend to be quite useful (on both strikers), given that the tactic produces a lot of crosses.
  4. Roles and duties look fine to me, I would just make the CF a PF(s) and the PF(a) an AF(a), I’ve found this works best. Looking at your team instructions, the setup looks to be a bit too aggressive and forceful on the ball. You are already pressing high up the pitch and restricting space to the opposition, meaning that there isn’t likely to be much space behind the opponents defense when in possession. In my opinion, this high block with direct passing, higher tempo, and hit early crosses is going to lead to unnecessarily rushed and forced attacking moves, which could mean loss of possession. Given that the right side requires an overlap to generate width, I think you would benefit from removing direct passing, higher tempo, and early crosses. All of these encourage quicker delivery from wide areas, which might not give your full back enough time to overlap. The overlapping fullback is key not only to provide width, but also to drag a defender and give the WP more space and passing options. Another aspect I found helpful was playing with a narrower defensive block, and this restricts space in central areas and forces opponents wide, where you will always be strong in a 442. Finally, what is the footedness of your WP and strikers? I’m assuming the WP is left footed, but are both the strikers right footed? I’ve found that with the above setup, 2 right footed strikers is critical (explained in more detail in my post). finally, tall strikers make a massive difference, given the frequency of crosses this will generate. Regarding mentality I went with positive as I found it to be the best for a high block. Fully up to you, but the 442 above when it works well has produced the best football I’ve seen across any of my saves. Happy to also provide further comments should you wish to give this setup another go.
  5. Can you post your setup? The 442 article linked above was done by me, and the WP was meant to be the star of the team. It comes down to the role of the midfielder next to him, attack/support distribution of strikers, and in general players to create space in and around him. I can share my thoughts on your 442, having run a WP 442 myself across a couple editions of FM and 30+ seasons
  6. Can you post a screenshot of your tactics screen with players selected? I can give you a few Inputs on player/role combos based on this, from my experience in terms of what works for the tactic.
  7. Agreed, but... Milan were missing both Baresi and Costacurta, and were on a horrid run leading up to the finals. I think they hadn’t won any of their last 8 league games up to that point, whereas Barcelona had just lifted the La Liga on a ridiculous run of form. In that circumstance maybe I can agree that the players could get complacent. on FM, I am playing against a fully fit and in form opponent who has usually won the La Liga or Premier league (or PSG). Yet, because my assistant says something wrong, the players suddenly get complacent - this is despite 90% of my squad being model pro/pro/model citizen. I find this to be a bit unrealistic, as highly professional players should not be getting influenced so much by what an assistant says in a press conference. In general, I would like the game to slowly move away from press conferences as it is an unnecessary burden, and the match engine should reflect its lack of importance.
  8. Another key thing to do is to train every possible match preparation training before a final, and 3-4 sessions before CL knockout games. Between set pieces and match prep, there are about 7-8 total sessions that can improve the performance of the upcoming match
  9. In all seriousness, I’ve found 2 things to work: 1. I made a small tweak to my tactic to make it more possession focused - in the knockouts I would usually win big at home and scrape a draw away, without doing much, mostly because of low possession and poor pass completion % because of the away game environment. Some losses in finals were also due to this. So I made my passing style a bit shorter to keep the ball more and play a less risky game in possession. This made a big difference. 2. Equally Important conferences. While my assistant handles these during the entire season, I take over for the last 2 games of the year (including CL). I’ve found that what you say has a big impact on player mentality going into it. My assistants words would make my players “cocky and overconfident” in warmups, which is white frankly ridiculous considering it’s a European final. Once I took over my players entered the game focused and did a lot better. Finally, look at the big game stats of your players, as well as consistency, recent form, and morale. Any player who is inconsistent or doesn’t enjoy big matches is immediately sold, no exceptions.
  10. You know that the game is scripted and unfair when Juventus wins a European cup final
  11. thanks for the explanation - what ar who’s average ratings like? Key passes and chances created tends to bump up the average rating quite a bit, so at least these should be happening (ideally, he should be winger/AF/fullback before they assist, which won’t show up as an assist). Also, why are the PPMs on your WP/Tq? Besides standard playmaker PPMs, I’ve found “likes to switch ball to other flank”, “cuts inside from x wing”, and “looks for pass rather than attempting to score” are all very useful for a wide stationed creative player.
  12. Interesting, what made you go with a Tq in the AM strata? It could definitely work well offensively, but the trequartista and attacking full back on the same flank does look a bit vulnerable. also, the attacking winger gets into Greta goal scoring positions quite often, so if you could upgrade that position to a genuine goal scoring threat I think you’ll see a lot of goals coming from that side (many headers as well). a freakishly tall AF is just perfect - when I first made this tactic I had Pietro Pelegrí, he had 18 or 19 jumping and was just unstoppable, so many headers
  13. Fair enough! Thank you in any case for giving this a read and giving it a go. just one thing to keep in mind - in my experience the WP contributed heavily not so much in terms of goals and assists, but more in terms of key passes - the pre-assist so to speak. This is also something that would be helpful to track on a game by game basis
  14. This also explains why the WP role didn’t work as you were playing a left footed player on the left - all footedness from the opening post should be switched if you are going to use the inverted tactic. in any case, your iteration seems to be working fine as well, so good luck
  15. From the opening post, the AF should be right footed (so left footed for the inverted tactic you are using). This is important because by using a left footed player here, you are eliminating 2 routes to goal: 1. AF making a channel run and squaring to his strike partner 2. Through ball from WP to AF, which he can shoot across goal with his stronger foot If you haven’t tried a left footed AF, I would recommend doing so. Also, I am assuming that the WP in the above setup is right footed? I would personally not use the WP in the AM strata as that ruins the defensive structure of the team - the idea is to have 3 compact lines of players to restrict vertical space for the opponents in play in. Arrigo Sacchi said that he wanted not more than 25 meters of vertical space between the 3 lines, which is very difficult to achieve with 4 lines of players. To each his own, but I would never make a move that significantly sacrificed defensive stability to try and improve attacking output (the WP does work well with the right player and the right correct players around him)- just my 2 cents.
  16. The pressing forward and WP I like a lot. Both have excellent stat distribution and the right kind of profiles for the job required. With the 4-1-4-1 to close out tight games and to use away from home against the big boys, you should certainly be targeting CL football.
  17. Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4f0mb8ccawi9mhl/4-1-4-1.fmf/file This was actually the tactic I developed in FM 18, that formed the base of the 4-4-2. I had an inverted winger who was an elite talent but not much of a goalscorer, so I made him a WP and built from there. The IWa could end up being your top goalscorer, so it's important to chose the right player there - think inside forward.
  18. The IWa is there as you want another player getting into the box to act as a secondary goal scorer (basically a withdrawn inside forward). Also the CMs and WPs will tend to occupy the same spaces. My recommendation would therefore be to keep the IWa. Trust me - The WP is by far my favorite role and I desperately tried to modify the 4141 to use a WP. I even tried a CMd and a DMs to make this work - sadly, on the pitch the CMd and DMs took up nearly identical positions in possession (they were literally standing on top of each other), so I had to give it up. It isn't a pretty tactic like the 442, but it sure is very solid defensively whilst ensuring good bodies in attack (4 attack duties, including 3 from midfield). That was my idea at least - defend with 10 behind the ball, break forward aggressively with 5 players. Since the style of pressing, defensive line, passing etc is the same, I don't think you should see too much of a difference in tactic familiary
  19. Can you comment on what you mean by the original 442 and the “against harder teams version”? Especially in terms of your striker roles, as you has said you experimented with 2 attack roles up front? also, instead of using the 4411 (which I don’t like at all anymore), you can use a 4141 - same team instructions, just different shape. You won’t score too many but it is an elite defensive formation - good for closing our games, and for Liverpool/City away etc. Also, it can be played with the same squad as your 442: ———-PF(s) Wa CMa CMs IWa ———DLPd FBs CD CD FBs/a Similar overall principles as the 442, but with a DM
  20. Honestly, just really insanely bad luck. My laptop would be in pieces if this happened to me. keep your squad together, add a tall striker and maybe one more big upgrade and go from there. Your performances certainly seem a lot better now. Which changes did you finally end up making? This is also for me to better understand the tactic at lower levels of footballer ability.
  21. Super frustrating. FM does this to you sometimes. If you win that Fulham game 1-0, morale goes up, and everything falls into place. Tough luck but hang in there, it’ll be more rewarding once you do reach the top. height on the AF is massive, critical, paramount - I can’t stress enough how much this helps. Find someone with 15+ height and 14+ heading and he’ll bang in the goals for fun.
  22. For me the winger (attack) almost always has the highest rating on the team, regardless of the level. Goals and assists. Do you have a tall AF who can head? Another option to experiment with is to remove short passing. I actually added short passing in recently as I wasn't keeping enough possession vs 4231 away from home, too many sloppy passes. Experiment with this as well, perhaps for your standard of players a slightly more direct passing approach might work better.
  23. Thanks for posting. My observations and recommendations are as following: 1. As you can see, there are barely any partnerships in the team - for strikers, CMs, CBs, winger/fullback, etc. This is undoubtedly affecting the performance of your team, both with and without the ball. The biggest issue here is that without a green line between the CBs, your offside trap isn't going to be nearly as effective, so playing such a high line is going to be problematic. Solution: Move D line back to standard, change nothing else 2. To give yourself more defensive bite, change the DLF to PF, but make sure the player here has determination, workrate, and team work. He should help a lot with putting pressure on opposition DM and CMs, allowing your 2 CMs to stay in position. For now, forget about goal scoring from this position and try to put a PF with the attributes above. 3. I would keep the RB as FB(a), but change the LB to FB(d). I have reconsidered and I think the attacking fullback is key to ensure space for the WP. 4. If you haven't hold a team meeting asap, before a relatively easy game at home to try and get the win, and build from there. Try not to get frustrated and yell at your guys when they are losing (easier said than done). 5. Start playing guys based on their recent form and morale for now - i've found that players with poor form, particularly strikers, are completely useless regardless of their stats. 6. Is your team able to play out of defense? If you don't have the right defenders, remove this and just distribute to fullbacks - the MR/ML usually have a lot of space against all 433/4231 versions. 7. Any PPMs worth noting? For example, likes to bear offside trap for support striker, comes deep to get ball for AF, or gets forward when possible for any of the mids (except winger) - all these must be avoided at all costs. That's all I got for now - this season is all about survival, try to build on this base for next year - once team cohesion goes up and partnerships form, you'll see a big improvement in performances. Finally, if there are 2 positions you really want to focus on going forward, I always prioritize the Winger, WP, and AF (a tall one who can head) - these tend to make the biggest impact on results.
  24. Thanks for the detailed write up. 1. Could you post a SS of your tactic along with the footedness of each player? 2. It looks like you did a large overhaul of your side in a small space of time - from my experience this typically leads to poor results as team cohesion takes a big hit. In addition, this also affects the partnerships between CBs, CMs, strikers, etc. 3. Another user (above) finished in the top 5 or 6 using Ipswich in the premier league after being promoted, so I don’t think it is primary tactic related. However, you can make a few tweaks based on your team: - move defensive line from much higher to higher or standard - change full backs to support and defend respectively - try 2 pressing forwards up front, one support one attack - if you are seeing plenty of possession but not enough chances, you can try removing shorter passing as well In addition, I would focus a lot on holding team talks and keeping morale up. Nipping these losing streaks in the bud is going to be critical for you going forward. overall, what kind of problems are you seeing in attack and events? What kind of goals are you conceding? This tactic does work well but it certainly isn’t meant to be an exploit tactic, so you’ll have to work to fine tune it for your players and relative level. @thegoon65 can pitch in as well as he has done a similar LLM save extensively using this tactic in both FM 19 and 20.
  25. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to go through the tactic and the writeup. Very happy to hear that this has been helpful for you - My ideal intention was always to not just provide a tactic for people to try, but to provide some basic principles which can be used to build any tactic, which you have done - great work. Always happy to take a look at one of your tactics if you want a fresh pair of eyes to look at them, you can just post it here if it would be helpful.
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