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  1. For this years beta I’ve thrown myself on a journey to turn Celtic into the next Ajax try to make them the next pipeline of young homegrown talent. I’ve read the articles on setting up ways to improve your youth training and intake to get best regens, but is there a way to specify to scouts and get reports to try to find and develop exclusively Scottish and Irish players? My goal is to mainly just develop a team of players from the Isles instead of scouting the world for Brazilian wonderkids. im thinking of just doing my short term scout reports to be based on the region, any other advice?
  2. Throw an aggressive press conference, resign, join rival and take it out on old team.
  3. To be fair, I am training palacios in this role in LM position and he’s been cutting inside a lot for me and floating centrally, so maybe it’s related to the player?
  4. Admittedly I am getting frustrated with this team so maybe I am looking for any reason to want to leave to a new club. It was just a shock to go from lots of draws to suddenly blowing teams away in the league. Unfortunately even more pressing has stopped being effective now in the last stages of the season so hopefully we can scrape by to the third title win.
  5. Just want to say that I think I found proof that if prefers attacking tactics. I can post screenshots of my tactic later BUT first third of the season i was more focused on playing balanced line on balanced or cautious, and more disciplined. Then out of curiousity i tweaked my tactic to bump up the LOE and DL, increased urgency of pressing to the max and play on positive or balanced depending on opposition and I ran rampant for the next 10-12 games. Maybe this is because my Fenerbache squad is a favorite after winning title my last two seasons, but its weird that just simply making it more attacking makes the exact same players and roles work that much better.
  6. Awesome, yeah I knew it would develop his attributes more but just didn’t want to waste time developing something if it doesn’t even work in long run
  7. Hi, does anyone know how long it takes/ if its possible to turn a new regen youth prospect into a CF? I have this young 18 year old 6'5 forward, who has great finishing and technical stats, is on the slower side but has promising mental stats as well, but is completely unnatural at complete forward, and a natural advanced forward. This may be a dumb question but if i train him as a complete forward, will he ever adapt to that role?
  8. Exactly, I start every match on balanced now as well, and soon as I feel things are going well ill go more and more conservative with the mentality but my players still fly forward when a good chance arises. I know its not everyone's favorite way to play but its honestly kind of fun seeing other teams fail against your defense. I am wondering though how much of this comes down to patience, because it would be so easy to lose a match playing a certain style and think you have to throw it all away and start new, I've let in some poor long shot goals while the team is learning it but i wonder if i stick with it, and sign proper players for this with the attributes if it'll pay off and be rewarding, or risk just losing my mind
  9. To To this point, I have been tweaking that 442 tactic and 4 of my roles are attacking roles, with a balanced line and line of engagement and I still put on a solid defensive showing, allowing 20 shots, 0 of them were on target, while I had 7 shots, 5 on target and won 3-0. Its definitely confusing and doesnt always work but there are occasions when everything comes together in random matches and does exactly what I hoped
  10. @Robson 07 yeah I think my obsession with this tactic is why this thread is so interesting. Definitely in the new tactical set up it doesn't have the same effect, and when I try to implement it in the current engine it either leads to beautiful counter attacks, OR failing miserably, no middle ground. That being said I will try firing it back up and tweaking it around a bit, maybe just having supporting fullbacks for starters. Thanks for the input, this might be the most fascinating yet oddly respectful thread I've seen on this forum yet.
  11. So I was finally able to find this tactic from I think like FM16 or 17, but this tactical remake was one of the best i think I've used until last years edition, and then am trying to remake it in fm19 but having less luck with it: https://thesetpieces.com/gaming/football-manager-tactics-set-like-atletico-madrid/ This style I think is what I strive for and what I'm getting the general idea that everyone here is talking about, that regardless of how defensive your team instructions are you still need players bombing forward in attack. I think up until this years game this general set up worked wonders for my teams with a really strong defense and then had the most beautiful counter attacks if you had the right players for each role. Maybe this is what is getting me confused because I had such success with this in previous years that with the new tactics screen and set ups I cant recreate this style of play as well as before and its just leading me to get frustrated when it doesnt work.
  12. Yeah I think ill play around with it, but I feel like ill just end up getting myself sent down a rabbit hole and get confused instead of of approaching things reasonably
  13. Just as I thought, so basically its back to the original discussion here that no matter what you do, the game prefers one style over another style
  14. So just to make sure I'm following this thread so far correctly, based on my own projects. Say I want to build a team in the mold of a burnely or a simeone type team based on high workrate, determination, aggression, team work, and went with something like this for my roles: CFat PFsu WPat BWMd BBM WMat FBsu CBde CDde FBsu GK Could I in theory have this lineup, use "be more disciplined" "higher tempo" "more direct" "defend narrower", but then depending on opponent just adjust how low the block is/ and the mentality to affect how defensive we play while sticking true to the general style I look for in a team? Cause i fully understand that dropping deep and countering wont work against all opponents especially if they are worse than you.
  15. I one hundred percent agree, What i wish though is that it was more rewarding to build teams like Burnley or Atletico where building teams that thrive off teamwork and work ethic over huge expensive superstars. I always find myself looking and signing players that would suit one of those two teams, mainly looking for high work rate and teamwork and determination, and basically hoping that what is playing out in the game is what i imagine it would be like if I had a team with that attitude
  16. I think this is definitely a fair question, I constantly get bored of whenever i want to try any other style of play other than high pressing or a possession style nothing ever gets results if youre a top club. I found this thread and I would love nothing more than to make a style like Dyches work, but unfortunately it seems like at a certain point the game only rewards high defensive lines and high pressure using inside forwards.
  17. The biggest risk here is asking the FM community for an opinion, instead of something they've proven
  18. Hi everyone, im sure there is already a thread for this somewhere but I can’t find it. I have a bunch of youth players in my u19s right now who look like promising players with high PA, but all of them have super low mental stats still, especially workrate. I try to play a style that demands high work and determination and aggression. Will these improve with age or is there anything I can do to help boost those attributes. I just had a lot of senior players retire and didn’t resign some to try to lower the age of my squad im hoping to use one or two of the youth players to fill in as backups in the coming season since I don’t have enough of a budget to sign a bunch of players.
  19. This seems very aggressive, but I'm a huge fan so definitively going to try this
  20. Would a partner ship of a PF support and a advanced forward help? Or a Trequarista and Pressing forward? I've had some fun with that partnership.
  21. One of the things I get stuck on trying to recreate Atletico, is the roles of the wide players, I know on one side they would use a WP, but not sure what do use on the other flank, usually I would assume a Wide Midfielder, since Simeone often plays 4 center mid type players, but now that they have Lemar would a winger or inverted winger be more realistic? I would think both roles would be ones that cut inside and sit narrow, since traditionally both fullbacks behind them were fairly attacking and provided the width. Im thinking the following lineup is what I'm going to play around with: SK (d) FB(a) - CD(d) - CD(d) - FB(a) WM(s) - BBM(s) - CM(d) - WP(s) PF(s) - CF(a) Make the team defend and play narrow, more disciplined, lower line of engagement, play down both flanks, higher tempo, pass into space
  22. I feel like this is the first year where trying to use tactics from previous years has totally failed me. As I listed in my original post there was one from FM16 which while it wasn't perfect, it was probably the most fun tactic I've used in most of the recent years. These are interesting to look at though just to get some ideas, I've seen the one from Dictate the Game, but just feel like their tactics arent that good.
  23. Not Atletico, just tried it out with my Everton save which is a few seasons in so I've strengthened them quite a bit, I do alot of my recruiting based on what I imagine an atletico type team would be in real life.
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