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  1. Nah, I'm going to finish season 2, but I'm constantly flip-flopping. Then I enjoy it so much I feel I could put in another 10 seasons. Other times I can't see myself reaching beyond season 2 and a half. Roma seems a solid shout, yeah. Good young talents and their aging squad makes for an interesting project as far as replacing goes.
  2. I think I narrowed it down to Dortmund, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Valencia, Roma, Lyon and Wolves. I think I'm not going to pick Wolves, since none of my targets seem to want to join. Frankfurt just solely for Jovic, but in my Leverkusen game, they didn't sign him, so I guess if I want him I could get him second season for other clubs with some luck. GUess that leaves Dortmund, Leipzig, Roma, Valencia and Lyon. But then I'd also love to take a shot with Bilbao! Perhaps a rebuilding of Chelsea or Man United? Even though I feel that would be more suited to a big team last save. There are quite a lot of interesting teams and scenarios/philosophies to use on this year's edition for me. It's too hard to choose!
  3. @BadAss88 Maybe AZ? They have a lot of talented players but they always fail to challenge the traditional top three, always falling short against them. Maybe even Vitesse, who had lots of ambition years ago when a close friend of Abramovich took over. There's also their affiliation with Chelsea left over from that time.
  4. Not sure on the exact amount, but it was between the 25 and 40 million. I'll check the exact amount when I can.
  5. Out of the big 4, I only lost Brandt. However, end of season 1, Brandt, as well as Bailey, said they wanted to leave for a bigger club and I couldn't persuade them to stay. Bailey was already being watched 2 months into the season. The only reason I still have Bailey is because no one bid for him and the one bid that did came in didn't meet the price I agreed with Bailey on. Tah didn't kick a fuss when I refused a Barca bid, but he's now being sniffed around again by Barcelona and Man City and he feels he should be moving to a bigger team. Havertz is the only one being fully happy and that was never being targeted by a club. He only compained about his contract once, but I was happy to improve that. If I'd continue, I'd like him to basically become the club's eternal number 10.
  6. I'm probably going to finish my second season with Leverkusen, but I'm slowly losing interest in the save, so i don't think a third season will happen. And thus I'm looking for a new club. I'd like one in the top 5 competitions (Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy). Money to toy around with would be fun. I also like to develop talents and get rid of the older peeps when the talents develop well. I also somewhat have a thing for fallen giants, btu I already did that with Inter as my first save. Wouldn't be against going back to Inter, I guess. I'd prefer not to pick Liverpool since I tend to pick them every year. A big team like Juventus or PSG wouldn't be bad, but I think I'm saving those calibers for a last save to just mess around on until 20 comes. Interested to hear your suggestions.
  7. I guess you and I are in the same boat, because I struggle the same way but with Paulinho. Even if my entire team is on fire, he still manages to miss absolute sitters that he should have scored. Like, he's on a good run again now, but in my first season, he steamrolled everything and then he only just scored 3 goals in like 15 or so games.
  8. My first season with Leverkusen has come to an end, and compared to the first half of the season, the 2nd one has been... hot and cold. I drew a lot more, my striker's goalscoring production just dried up, Havertz might as well have not been on the pitch most of the time, stupid defensive errors, my goalkeeper being some sort of weird lovechild of Courtois and Karius and absolute screamers being scored against me while my players can't even aim at the goal across 5 meters. Managed to salvage it still, but not happy about Havertz' contribution. While 14 goals and 9 assists aren't bad, he's had a lot of games where he was just invisible. Still has plenty to offer. However, the negative part, Bailey and Brandt want to leave and simply can't be persuaded otherwise. I would be fine with letting 1 of the 2 leave (My preference going out to Brandt.), but the both of them? Man. Should Brandt leave, I'd defo like to get in Sané, but he'll be very expensive, unless I can get him for the amount that I expect to sell Brandt for. Then Wendell came for a new contract while under interest of Milan and Juventus. I refused his request, hoping to sell him for big bucks so I could play Itter, but, the interest faded away and now I'm stuck with an unhappy player. Barcelona sniffed around Tah, did enquiry and as you can guess, Tah was the next one saying he wanted to leave. I managed to persuade him by telling him we'd try to reach a certain phase in the CL. Let's hope I can abide to that so he will want to stay. Meanwhile, Paulinho... As said, his goalscoring forming just disappeared the second half of the season, missing absolute sitters, while some chances were rebounds in front of an opengoal that their goalkeeper somehow still managed to get! They tend to be superhumans against me for some reason! Milinkovic hasn't developed at all, so not sure if he'll continue to stay Tah's first-choice partner. However, I'm not sure if I'm going on to a second season. Could be me but I just find no enjoyment in the match engine. As soon as teams start to play defensively or play with 5 at the back I struggle to score any, purely because players just don't attack the ball when it's crossed. Going to pause for a couple of days, mess around a bit and see if I'll continue or take a whole new team.
  9. Marcos Alonso comes pretty close. I do believe he rates a handful of attributes underneath the 10.
  10. @Gee_Simpson Yeah, at one point my transfer revenue was lowered to like 50 percent or so? I think it was even lower than that. (Then again, I did spend quite a lot so that was understandable.) But yeah, despite making a loss every month, they did increase it to 75 percent in october (I believe). Luckily I don't really have big plans for the januari window. Other than that, I don't keep a hold of my finances all too much. I just take a glance over it when the monthly financial update comes in and that's about it.
  11. Currently in november and it's been smooth sailing so far. The Euro League group is so easy I can just play it with my second team. More and more players have began moaning for playtime despite playing an equal amount of games as my first team! And from my first team, nobody has even moaned once! Paulinho's continuing his goalscoring form, while Tah is turning more and more into a one-man wall. Vagnoman is starting to get comfortable as well while Bailey is turning left backs inside out. I do notice that there is very little movement with this match engine. Which is quite a problem if you play against teams that park 2 busses. Sadly, in the Bundesliga that are a handful of teams (Already seen flat 4 at the back with a DM in front of it and then a flat 4 before that, a flat 5 backline with a flat 4 midfield and 3 centre backs with wingbacks), as a result, players just proceed going for the shot. Big shame because it's just squandering. The only thing I'm not that happy about is the fact that, stat-wise, I don't get the best out of Havertz. He tends to play okay to good but in terms of assists and goalscoring it's all just not that good. However, I think that's more so a CAM thing, since my CAMs tend to be not as visible for most of the time. I think I'm going to ask him to place shots though because he powers quite a lot of shots over the goal. He develops well so that's a nice thing.
  12. SO decided to go with Leverkusen for the time being. (Since I also had a save with them before the 19.3 patch). Had a slow start with a boring draw against Gladbach and an unconvincing victory against Wolfsburg, but we picked it up fast with a 1-3 win against Bayern (Hattrick from Paulinho!) and a 1-6 (!) win against Dortmund (Bailey scoring 4 while Brandt chipped in with 2.) I am noticing that Havertz and Aranguiz are getting less goals and assist than before the winter upgrade, but that's likely because of the set up pieces nerf (Why did they fix something that was completely optional to use again instead of something that just... wasn't optional?) I did have Weiser and Bellarabi moaning for gametime, but was unable to convince both that my first choices were in great form (And this was just a day after Bailey slaughtered Dortmund). Good fun still and let's see how long I can keep it up before the temptation of Dortmund, Leipzig and possibly Frankfurt starts making its way over to me again.
  13. Eh, I thought about Valencia, but I find other competitions (Bundesliga, Serie A) to be more interesting this year. Also not too fond of the competitive rules for La Liga (The non-EU thing for example.)
  14. Do you possibly have a screenshot fof Jovic's attributes? Kind of interested to see what he looks like that far in. Thanks in advance.
  15. So when exactly does this come into play? I always see the option but it's always greyed out and I have no idea how to otherwise make use of it.
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