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  1. After having seen the game against Leicester, I'm heavily inclined to start a save with United as final save instead of Barcelona. Interesting to see people would want to offload Pogba. I'd personally keep him because he is still class in terms of attributes on paper, but naturally it's to be seen whether it's the same in practice. Think I'll start and go through pre-season and see before deciding. There's a lot of talent there and definitely some quality (Most notably Fernandes and Rashford) but there's plenty of work to be done.
  2. Lads. After a succesful and enjoyable Roma save last year (And me getting tired of everyone in the Premier League playing 5 at the back or 4 at the back with 2 defensive midfielders and the like), I'm looking into perhaps going for another Serie A save for the final patch. Was personally looking into restoring AC Milan towards the glory years with some good foundations being there in Tonali, Donnaruma and Leao, but Inter with players like Lautaro and Barella are an attractive challenge too. How is the long-term perspective in the Serie A? I know last edition there were still plenty o
  3. Interesting to see that most 'cheat tactics' around are now strikerless formations with little to no Central Midfielders again, much like the days when the ME was an absolute shithousery. (I still use my own tactic and it works just fine, but it's an interesting thing I found on the 'cheat tactics' that go around at the moment.)
  4. I don't know what I find more crazy. His stats when he reaches full potential or the fact they managed to get the preferred foot of the most anticipated FM wonderkid wrong.
  5. In a way, I see what you mean with 'title's charm' cause it gives every title it's own identity. But at the same time, I think there's a difference in the severity of the bugs. Stuff like key stats not properly recording is something that should just work from the start cause it's a base feature. It's as if Excel would get all formulas wrong and then the devs wave it off as "It's not that big a deal, you can manually correct the mistakes". Like, I can accept some of the cosmetic stuff being half-assed and not properly working. In the end that's not what I'm here for and it doesn't re
  6. I got the same issue. The AI throws down massive amounts of money for other AI players but when they come in for my players they come in with absolutely laughable offers. I find it really hard to sell players against their value at minimum in this year's edition, for some reason.
  7. Haaland is an absolute monster this year. Absolutely unstoppable. Have to say Bellingham is insane as well. He absolutely bosses the midfield.
  8. I really, really, really hope they fix the ways opposing team approach you if you play in the big leagues and are a club of respectable reputation. The difference that I see here from screenshots and clips from lower rep clubs on lower levels and big level clubs on big levels is night and day and almost don't feel like the same match engine at all and I think it's really frustrating that you need to play on a specific level to be able to fully enjoy the match engine.
  9. The most similar thing to a 'rollback' they did is that for last year's edition they released a patch that had the Beta ME I think? I don't remember anymore what exactly that was for again. I could be mistaken, of course.
  10. It's a bit weird. I play with a DLP (S) as DM. First I had Kovacic there who couldn't manage to get 7+ on consistent basis when not scoring or assisting, I then used Kante there after swapping him around with Kovacic but didn't either, which was udnerstandable cause he's not fully suited for that role, but even if he had an absolutely amazing game defensively (Which he's had plenty of) the rating was still bad. Now I have Gilmour and Kana for that position and role, with Loftus-Cheek sometimes seeing use there too and they don't amange to do it either despite easily being good enough to p
  11. I personally bought Haaland (Mostly cause I used Mbappe last year's edition). Was a bit of a 'redundant' signing since Werner performed out of this world for me, but I felt long-term Haaland was the right push to make as he's a massive quality jump. Have to say, I've not looked back one single moment. Absolute monster in the air, performs well with link up play and a lethal finisher. I personally couldn't get Abraham to fire. He was very hot and cold. Some games he scored, others you barely knew if he was on the pitch, unlike Werner who at least created some danger. Sold hi
  12. DMs are somehow still unable to reliable hit a 7+ match rating without assisting or scoring. I've tried multiple types of DMs there and unless they assisted or scored, they all stay under a 7.00 even if the entire team has had an absolute stormer.
  13. Could just be a solely me problem, but is there anyone else who gets laughable offers for their players? Before you could manage to at least get at least the player value out of it by negotiating, now the best clubs want to go is up until half the player's worth. Meanwhile, the AI negotiates you to a ridiculous price for their own players, whether they are transfer listed or not. Starts to become a bit of an annoyance. It's also crazy how the ME shines when playing teams that play in countries/competitions you haven't loaded in. For once, the AI doesn't play with 11 men in their own
  14. This was already the case with the regular 21.2 patch, so it's not something that happened due to the hotfix.
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