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  1. I had Pogba in my Roma save for a season and for me he's the ultimate B2B midfielder (Which is funny since no one else seems to agree with that.) He's physically strong, technically sound and with 10 tackling, 10 marking and 9 Positioning may let him down a bit, building in a defensive midfielder to compensate for that helps out massively and with what he offers offensively, it really isn't that much of a problem, I've found.
  2. This is quite an interesting one, as it's something I'm trying to do with Asensio in my Madrid save as well haha. (And tried with Zaniolo in my Roma Save but only shortly cause I didn't want to make stuff collapse.) While he gets around 2 to 3 keypasses a game, most of his chances created are set pieces. Now, I am an elite team so teams park the bus against me so I rarely see through balls. Like you, I play with a DLP(D) as DM (used to be support but he was stealing Asensio's thunder in terms of distributing). Initially I've set his and the passing of the partner to take less risks. While they do find him now, I still find the DLP to just completely skip over the rest of the midfield to get it to the wingbacks or wingers. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd try changing the DM to a different role. Perhaps the Defensive Midfielder one or maybe even Half Back. I find that allowing the Playmaker to roam helps out cause he just finds pockets of space. Alternatively, if you want to keep Neves as DLP (Can't blame you. He's just that good.), you might want to switch Odegaard to either Mezzala (I didn't really have success with Attack this edition unlike the last 2 editions tho) but switvh him around with Dendoncker cause I found that the Inside Forward and Mezzalla get into each others' spaces a lot so you intially get a clash where 1 just drowns. Alternatively, perhaps a Central Midfielder(a) with roam position and get further forward might ve a possibility. He'll get a lot more in and around the box. This coupled with the PPM "Looks for pass rather than attempt to score" might help. Otherwise, relatable, since I've been trying to unlock the puzzle of the 'creative midfielder' in this edition as well to little success in terms of stats from open play.
  3. Hello y'all, Throughout the years it's been safe to say that I love playing with Inside Forwards. They had that aspect of creator while also being able to score at least around 15 goals. As someone who likes a goalscoring striker but also doesn't want to be dependent on one, it was ideal. However, with the ME of this year, I find that it's... not as successful? Like, they score (Even though some tend to go on very long goal droughts, sadly) but because they lost the creator aspect (That went to Inverted Wingers, from the look of it) your striker gets a lot less balls played to him. And we know how horrendous the finishing is for strikers. (Mbappe comfortably blasts it next to the goal when in front of it after turning 3 defenders inside out, for example.) As such, I've been kinda seeking with my wingers, which prompted this question. What do you mostly use this edition and what were you experiences with it? Do you use the role Winger but with people on inverted feet, do you use old traditional wingers (Left foot on left side), a combination? Something else? Please share your experiences and thoughts, as I think it could provide interesting stuff.
  4. Since I've been kinda fed up with this game due to the ME, I think I'm going to continue and pick up my Roma save again. The boys won't manage themselves after all.
  5. I know this is mostly about CAM but seeing the title, I want to ask if someone has tried Advanced Playmakers on the wings? I'm a big fan of Inside Forwards usually but the way the match engine works, it's sad to see that using it sacrifices a lot (And I'm kind of miffed that the creator aspect that the role used to have when using more winger-like Inside Forwards has kinda been taken away and given to Inverted Wingers.). As such, I've been tweaking a lot with not only roles for creative midfielders but also for wingers. Mostly also cause it seems to be a trend irl as well to put creative forces out on the wings. (Ziyech when he used to play for Ajax or Berghuis for Feyenoord, to name 2 examples from my own country.) I'm contemplating using Rodrygo and Hazard on my Madrid save (Which is just a big-team save for the fun of it before FM2021 drops) cause Hazard in particular looks like he'd be good there, but I'm not sure how effective it would be as I feel the Advanced Playmaker role itself isn't as good anymore. (Which is a shame, cause Thiago was unreal for me in Fm12 in that role.
  6. Very interesting and expected. Especially since Forwards this game just act like primary schoolers playing football and just want to kick the ball just to kick it, shooting it straight onto defenders. Which is an issue since each team you face plays with 10 men back, of which 8 just stand in the penalty area. But it's always your tactics that's the problem!
  7. It's a shame that playing an actual match isn't nearly as enjoyable as the rest of the experience. I have a great time with the game until I have to play a match. 1 on 1 finishing is non-existent. Players either shoot it at the GK or just slot it next to the goal. Inside Forwards/Wingers can't pass their man, no matter how good their dribbling skills are or how bang average their man is. Makes them all look like prime Maldini. Your own good Goalkeeper can't even save a simple shot while the bang average GK on the opposite jumps towards the top corner to catch an absolute screamer from the top corner as if it is some sort of fictional football show. No through balls given so creative midfielders like De Bruyne or Havertz are useless and then you see the opposing team's striker with vision and passing below 10 give an absolute splitting through ball to slot his strike partner on on goal who proceeds to slot it home. Midfielders in general break attacking flow by either turning back and giving it to the defense or holding the ball up for too long or just pass it across each other over 2 meters despite the entire flank being open. Then there is the wing backs who absolutely, and I mean, absolutely refuse to cross no matter what the instructions are. And when they cross, well, good luck finishing cause outside of set pieces and absolute screamers, it's pretty much non-existent. Pressing is all over the place and no matter what team you play again, they all play with a wall at the back, having almost the entire team back at all times. It's a shame to see that with everything else essentially being a really enjoyable experience, the match engine is still absolutely diabolical. I'm afraid I won't get the next edition immediately after it releases like I've always done. Shame, cause the outside of match experience is good and even some changes made to the match engine (Interceptions, full backs actually doing good stand tackles) but it is heavily outweighted by the rest of the match engine that strips the fun aspect that FM always had.
  8. Kluivert who? Esposito got MotM here as well. Good to see him immediately filling up the big boots.
  9. I used him on the previous edition as Mezzala (A) and he was unreal. Personally, I'd probably play him as INside Forward on the right nowadays, since creative midfielders (And Attacking Midfielder positions) just don't really do well in the match engine.
  10. Season 5 coming up and most likely my last season for this save. We managed to retain all prizes last year again and so it was time to move some of the squad on. Getting in fresh blood is the key to constant success anyways. THis is also the part where some of the players from the youth setup and some of the regens I got in for relatively cheap came in. They enabled us to move players on for big fees while having internal replacements. And that concluded as follow: The only one not in this picture is Kluivert, who moved to Chelsea for 140 million. PSG had been sniffing around and made a huge bid for Tonali, but players like Tonali are one of a kind, so I refused the offer. He kicked off about it but I'm handling it well for now. Clubs also came in for Antony, who I was willing to sell cause I had internal replacements, but clubs refused to hit my asking price, so he stayed and signed a new contract. As a result, the squad now looks like this: Paolorosso, Mortellaro and Medane are regens. I expect the loss of Kluivert to have quite the impact. He's a different type of left winger than Esposito (Who is more of a goalscorer through and through compared to a creator) so we need to look at Antony and the midfield for the creativity. Once more, I'm putting my hopes on Pellegri, who's goalscoring form for the past 3 seasons has been outstanding. In other news, in these 4 years, Lorenzo Pellegrini has managed to get himself the legendary status for the club, ranking in third as of now! Pellegri, Mancini, Tonali, Antony and Kluivert (who is now at Chelsea) manged to get themself a status icon, with Pellegri being the one closest to legendary status, which he should be able to achieve after this season or the next one.
  11. My bad, I didn't see hte 'in that thread'. All this FM'ing in quarantine got to my eyesight. Do you happen to have a link? probably easier to find it this way.
  12. He really is, don't worry about it! Just got to give my talisman some credit before he decides to make a mockery out of me. Yeah, I got this same problem with Zaniolo and Pellegri. Zaniolo is home-grown in his profile but not when I register him for competitions. Pellegri has been with me for 3 years before his 21st birthday (I'm pretty sure since he's only 21 now and I'm in season 4) but he isn't even listed as homegrown at club. It really annoys me.
  13. Well, technical attributes are nothing special (Really similar to your Esposito) while mental stats are slightly better and more well rounded compared to him but physically he's an absolute beast. But yeah, I got this same feeling with Boadu every save tbh. He always becomes bang average. There are just some players who don't get good unless you manage them.
  14. Thank you! Looks really good at that age and he looks really similar to Pellegri in terms of striker type so that's an exciting feat to see him on the left alongside the man himself!
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