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  1. Ideally I would like to play a 4-2-3-1 but wouldn’t this be a poor choice especially being a lower ranked team in a lower division? 2 strikers would be much more ideal I would of imagined rather than a lone AF/CF? This is the first time in my FM playing days where I’ve struggled and where I’ve managed a lower league team so I’ve thought to go back to basis with a 4-4-2 to start with and then adapt from there.. My style has always been possession based and this has worked in previous FMs for me.
  2. My apologies - What I mean is adopting possession of the ball and then playing short direct passes rather than long balls - which my players play long balls up to the strikers and then we lose out of the duels. But we have the 2nd highest possession and pass completion ratio in the league and 5th in passes completed so this is the style I want to take advantage of... Vulnerable as in other teams are having quite a lot of shots and our xG against us is over 5.
  3. UPDATE: We played our next game against Stockport - which we lost 1-0. Was a very boring game with only a handful of highlights - we had a great 1 on 1 but Anguin fluffed it. They scored in the 88th min which was a killer, from a shot outside the box. I basically stripped my instructions going back to basics (see image of tactic for the game). Our FBs got a very low rating (this always seems to be the problem - even last season). We're now on a run with only 4 points from 27!
  4. I am thinking of playing a virtual tika-taka/control possession so I can be more direct and use the pace of my players to get on the counter. Or either I focus on being counter attacking as we are vulnerable and can hit teams on the break
  5. Thank you warlock for your feedback - I think I was extremely fortunate to get promoted last season...I was expecting to get beaten very easily in the play-offs. Perhaps another season in the Vanarama North would of been better but I can't complain about promotion in my first season! I agree about Simmonds - he's natural at RW and quick (15 pace 15 acceleration) but he was playing up top as a AF last year with John-Lewis as PF and he was top goal scorer in the league with 30 goals. Maybe I go asymmetrical with him as a RW in a 4-4-2? Anguin is a very good AF for this level in the mai
  6. Thank you for your feedback, this is great. I’ll look to reassess the tactics. I must of been extremely fortunate to get promoted last season! Will keep you updated of the results and performances.
  7. As a starting point, here are my teams 'strengths and weaknesses' and my tactics. As you can see there are a load of weaknesses compared to my team's strengths. I have noticed that my back 4 have fairly reasonable pace for the division (between 10-13) and I am playing a lower defensive line. Perhaps this may help to stop the waves of attack from the opposition? If anyone has any feedback from these pictures or needs further information, please let me know!
  8. Yeah I was thinking this, during my team talks they always respond positively and on the dynamics screen, it’s all showing green and positive. I’ll focus to be more easy on them during team talks - would you suggest what could be some good examples?
  9. Good morning Garrlor, Thank you for your reply. I had a look at Rashidi’s thread and it looks great - I’ll look through my squad and evaluate. Last season we scored a lot of goals and my 2 strikers were prolific (49 goals between them in the league). This season we are scoring but I think my tactics need to be focused on being more defensive. I’ll post some screen shots to the thread if any advice can be provided.
  10. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe during these tough times. I’m currently managing Hereford FC in my second season (2021/2022) playing in the Vanarama National League. Last season we overachieved, coming 3rd in the Vanarama National League North and winning the play-offs against Boston United in the final (on pens after we scored a last minute goal to make it 1-1 from a 17 year old regen!) We were predicted to finish 17th last year so this was really out of the blue! We are predicted to be relegated this year in the Vanarama National League but we won our
  11. @Jimmy WongThere is still an issue and the ‘Application Error’ still pops up. I looked on a previous thread and when I have made my screen smaller when on FM this seems to temporarily fix the issue. However, when I press confirm to do my manager appearance the crash dump occurs again. When can this issue be sorted out as I have paid for the game and I haven’t been able to access for a product that I have bought. I have already sent a support ticket to SEGA.
  12. Completely agree. Never had problems with any FMs in the past and every time I load up the game it crashes. Haven't even made it past creating my manager yet!
  13. I have just bought FM 21 through Steam and when I have tried to run the game, an 'application error' pops up (see attached image) even before I get to the main menu screen. I have been playing FM for the previous couple of years through Steam and this has never happened before. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the game but this doesn't work. I have also attached my DXDIAG and msinfo32 text files along with my laptop's graphics card information. I believe that this is a common error for many people but it would be great to know how/when this can be fixed! Thank you.
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