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    4-4-2 Brazil discussion

    I play a positive game. High tempo and short pass. In transitions; Counterpress and Counter (Brazil with neymar + Willian/Douglas Costa is OP). Without possession is the area I least understand of ME. We play in a high block according to this guide: https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/defensive-shape-the-best-feature-in-fm19 ... https://streamable.com/mg16a This is my favorite system: With Renato Augusto in DLP(s) and Coutinho in AP(s) Coutinho acting in the midfield make the team more vulnerable at defensive phase. Renato have more marking power and is creative too. Willian don't played well this Cup. This is my interpretation of Tite's 433. WB(a) + T + DLP(s) in left side. TM(s) creating space to AP and CM(a) in right side. A + LB(d) stoping the counters.
  2. cristhianlinhatti

    4-4-2 Brazil discussion

  3. Hello. I'm try to replicating Tite's system against Mexico in World Cup. 4-4-2 without ball, 4-3-3 in build up. Without ball/Defensive transitions Two lines of four is most simple defensive form. 4 players with defensive focus (a part of tite's philosophy). 3 defenders + DLP (def)/CM (def) make a good structure to stop counters. With ball. Coutinho(WP) act with freedom of moviment and creat space to Filipe Luis and Neymar. AF+TM role gives good chances to quick transitions. One weapon of this system is penetration of the Paulinho (CMat) in the space created by Jesus (TM) moving central defender to wide. To create this mecanic in game I use: This is only some aspects. How to improve the system?
  4. https://streamable.com/0y9b6 positional play, but harmless.
  5. we won. 1x0. the idea was to play with low mentality. (defensive) 4-1-4-1-0 dm fb on suport wm on suport (stay wider, get forward) two cm on suport (creative players) enganche to create a 2-3-5 structure. the problem is low objectivity with the ball, but the system is extremely solid in defense. (possession is the best defender) need adjusts to make possession more effective.
  6. https://streamable.com/n1xrb
  7. WB(s)/IWB(s) + CB (stay wide) + CB + FB (def) create a first line with ball.
  8. PI: WMs = hold position + stay wider