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  1. hello. my priority is provide a solid defense. For this, i choice some roles thinking at press/cover in zones. "A" players make combat and "B" players make cover. to counter, a winger and dual of forwards. Fast and effective football. any tips?
  2. Internacional x Fluminense (balanced 352) Fluminense: Inter:
  3. Hello. My try to replicate the pep's bayern according this awesome analysis: https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ So i used a TI base, and adapt roles... to each game the focus was opposition shape. Internacional x São Paulo (balanced 4231) São Paulo: Inter: Internacional x Fortaleza (low 532) Fortaleza: Inter:
  4. this have: physical, concentration, technical and movement. including "flair" you have the "improvisation" edit: about mez role: Are you don't consider change to cm(a)? this make sense because the "enganche + 3 puntas" is a bielsa's mark... 4-1-4-1 without ball 3-3-1-3 with ball
  5. PI's? I'm bielsa's fan. He's the top 2 coach for me (pep is 1). Don't replicating their philosophies in game is the bigger frustration for me. I did give up replicate the "juego de posición". Remains for me try play like bielsa.
  6. with 2 defensive roles in midfield we have a good ball circulation. the WBs widen the pitch to movement of 4 players (roam). so, I try aplicate principles of bielsa football with 2019 Ajax's inspiration
  7. bielsa's and Ajax 2018/19 inspiration: PIs: High 4 + press and roam. CM stay wider
  8. We was losing 0-2. (433) So... in some moments we have to be insane. and... football is magic
  9. About attributes: WOR/DET/STA to press and recovery the ball. TEC/PAS/FIR/VIS/CMP to keep possession and create chances (defenders too.) FIN/DRI/PAC/FLA/OTB for magic to happen.
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