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  1. Hello everyone! Since read this post, four years ago, i try replicate all ideas inside my game - the posicional play. So, i am frustrated for four years. And my hope is in each new version, but i stay frustrated. Again and again. My idea at this post is discuss concepts of positional play sucessfuly aplicated in the FM. And show this masterpiece analysis. PEP BAYERN
  2. hello. my priority is provide a solid defense. For this, i choice some roles thinking at press/cover in zones. "A" players make combat and "B" players make cover. to counter, a winger and dual of forwards. Fast and effective football. any tips?
  3. Internacional x Fluminense (balanced 352) Fluminense: Inter:
  4. Hello. My try to replicate the pep's bayern according this awesome analysis: https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ So i used a TI base, and adapt roles... to each game the focus was opposition shape. Internacional x São Paulo (balanced 4231) São Paulo: Inter: Internacional x Fortaleza (low 532) Fortaleza: Inter:
  5. this have: physical, concentration, technical and movement. including "flair" you have the "improvisation" edit: about mez role: Are you don't consider change to cm(a)? this make sense because the "enganche + 3 puntas" is a bielsa's mark... 4-1-4-1 without ball 3-3-1-3 with ball
  6. PI's? I'm bielsa's fan. He's the top 2 coach for me (pep is 1). Don't replicating their philosophies in game is the bigger frustration for me. I did give up replicate the "juego de posición". Remains for me try play like bielsa.
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