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  1. We was losing 0-2. (433) So... in some moments we have to be insane. and... football is magic
  2. About attributes: WOR/DET/STA to press and recovery the ball. TEC/PAS/FIR/VIS/CMP to keep possession and create chances (defenders too.) FIN/DRI/PAC/FLA/OTB for magic to happen.
  3. Hello. Tackles and interceptions are useful in all styles/philosophies football - both high press, when they create danger close of adversary box, both low press they offer one chance to explore space in adversary backs with fast transitions. So my suggest is make a discuss some points about this. 1. Type of players: Are there characteristics that can improve your chances? What? (Attributes/PPMs/etc.) 2. Tactical aspects: How mentality influence? TIs, PIs and OIs; Is 4231 the best formation for high press in terms of tackles/interceptions? What is the more effective formation for low press? Roles and duties. 3. How transform Tac/Int in goal chances? How ME work? To inspire the discussion, a example of success: Leicester 2015/2016 Top 1 Tackles (BPL) = 22,9 Per game. Top 1 Interceptions (BPL) = 21,6 Per game. Top 3 Goals (BPL) point number 3
  4. Is there any training that improves performance in a game? If my team is unable to create clear goal chances and do I hold sessions focused on "Chance Creation/att. shadow play" will I make an improvement on the next matches or the only benefit is on the attributes? If I hold weekly "Rondos" will I have any improvement in ball possession / accuracy in the pass?
  5. Hello. Positioning isn't request for most of offensive roles, so what's your importance in build/attack phases to offensive roles? Will a forward with good positioning be more able to receive a pass in transitions? Or is positioning a defensive attribute?
  6. I play a positive game. High tempo and short pass. In transitions; Counterpress and Counter (Brazil with neymar + Willian/Douglas Costa is OP). Without possession is the area I least understand of ME. We play in a high block according to this guide: https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/defensive-shape-the-best-feature-in-fm19 ... https://streamable.com/mg16a This is my favorite system: With Renato Augusto in DLP(s) and Coutinho in AP(s) Coutinho acting in the midfield make the team more vulnerable at defensive phase. Renato have more marking power and is creative too. Willian don't played well this Cup. This is my interpretation of Tite's 433. WB(a) + T + DLP(s) in left side. TM(s) creating space to AP and CM(a) in right side. A + LB(d) stoping the counters.
  7. Hello. I'm try to replicating Tite's system against Mexico in World Cup. 4-4-2 without ball, 4-3-3 in build up. Without ball/Defensive transitions Two lines of four is most simple defensive form. 4 players with defensive focus (a part of tite's philosophy). 3 defenders + DLP (def)/CM (def) make a good structure to stop counters. With ball. Coutinho(WP) act with freedom of moviment and creat space to Filipe Luis and Neymar. AF+TM role gives good chances to quick transitions. One weapon of this system is penetration of the Paulinho (CMat) in the space created by Jesus (TM) moving central defender to wide. To create this mecanic in game I use: This is only some aspects. How to improve the system?
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