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  1. Cheers! Made some good transfers and decent start to season 1. Will update in a few days.
  2. I will have a look as that's some going winning it in 5 year with Split. Cheers for that I will be sure to check Serbia! My first 2 main signings for the first team are Antonio Marin on loan with a mandatory fee of 7.5m euros next season and Robert Brozenik from Zilina for 2m euros, 2 great looking attacking prospects.
  3. Inspired by @Piksi#10 save to make Eastern Europe great again and my love of all things Eastern Europe and also the champions league I thought combining the 2 and trying to bring the European cup back to Eastern Europe for only the 3rd time would make a great project. I was in Belgrade last summer and seeing the European cup there and the fact that a Serbian club could win it in 1991, I found that incredible. With Bucharest and Belgrade already having the trophy I ideally want to to add another city to that list. Having a look around the transfer market their seems to be loads of t
  4. I need a goalscorer to finish off my Dynamo Dresden team in the first season, got Adam Buksa lined up for 2m from Pogon, he looks great. Any experiences with him or any better out there?
  5. Great read! Well on the track to bringing that European cup east I reckon. I am Dynamo Dresden on my challenge building my rep before hopefully getting a bigger Job in the east
  6. Thanks for the replies. I started as Wisla Krakow but have lost 4 games out of 4so far. They are only predicted to come 8th so I was hoping to overachieve for a couple of years then get a better job. I want to build my reputation first at a couple of smaller clubs before moving on to a club capable of winning the champions league, which is probably only a handful realistically in Eastern Europe. I'm thinking CSKA Moscow, Spartak Moscow, Zenit St Petersburg, Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev are the five with the best chance, maybe Krasnodar could too. I might restart it tonight as pa
  7. Aye I seen that last night! Incredible! I'm just starting out now as Wisla Krakow, they have a ok squad and are only predicted to come 10th. So hopefully I can aim for around 6th first season then Europe the 2nd before moving on
  8. Cheers. Going to start out at a average team from Eastern Europe then hope to get a job that allows me to win the champions league. Guessing one of the Moscow clubs, St. Petersburg, Kiev are the best realistic chances to do it. Even then it would be incredibly hard
  9. So I am going to start a Eastern European journeyman save with the aim being to bring the European cup back east after a long absence. My question is what's the best way to increase your star reputation in order to progress to better jobs? Is it just a case of over performing at a club so if we were predicted to come 9th and we came 4th we would get a increase? Or do you have to win trophies? Thanks
  10. Great read and I fancy doing something similar tonight! Was thinking shakhtar soligrosk. If I won a title or 2 with them then what calibre of jobs in Eastern Europe could I move on to then? I was at red star Belgrades ground in the summer and seen the European cup there and thought its crazy a team from Serbia winning it in the 90s! Would love to try and do it again in the modern game.
  11. I fancy starting a Genk save. What's the highest calibre of player Genk could attract though? Say if after 5 years of building finances up and making the last 8 of the champions league. Would it be possible to get high reputation players to Belgium?
  12. PSV Eindhoven are a great option to start as. I can't believe how many great young players they have. I'm currently enjoying playing as them, trying to emulate klopps liverpool with the 4-3-3 gengenpress. Got the best attack and defensive record in the league using it but gegenpressing does feel a bit overpowered. Bergwijn and Bruma are fantastic wingers and Ihatarren is a genuine top wonderkid. Zoet in goal, Madem up front and Hendrix in midfield are Champoons league quality players too. I just sold Ihatarren to Newcastle for 52m in January 2020! That's something which has improved for
  13. Dribbling seems much more fluid and realistic for sure. I played my first match as PSV last night at Basel in a CL qualifier using gegenpress and won 0-6
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