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  1. Nice thread, I am just back from attemding Real Betis v Atletico Madrid on Sunday, great stadium and atmosphere so I have been inspired to start a Betis save off!
  2. So after getting sacked by the crazy new chairman on my tycoon takeover Newcastle save I wanted to start a new save in the Premier League and have chosen Watford as I reckon they have all the potential to break into the top 6. I have got rid of the deadwood and pretty much rebuilt the defence from scratch as it isn't great to start with to say the least. I sold, success 5m, Kiko femenia 5m, mariappa 4m, prodl 5m, janmaat 8m, Cathcart 6m as well as some deadnwood which raised 40m to add to the very generous starting budget of 37m giving me a lot to buy a new defence and get some young talent in. I will post my incoming transfers below. Penaranda up front is amazing and they have a few 5* potential players in the youth team as well as a couple of good players out on loan so there is solid foundations to build on. I'm aiming to crack that top 6, win a cup and be regulars in Europe before making the champions league and winning the league! Fingers crossed this is my first real long term save on fm19 so far!
  3. I have it from January of the first season. Only thing though it's impossible to not get sacked as they wanted top 4 so first match you lose you will be sacked as we are 10th. Which I think is a very decent season first season with Newcastle with no chance to spend until last week
  4. Will do this evening or tomorrow when I get chance like I said someone needs to explain how as I don't know i wouldnt bother anyhow constantly one game from the sack unless you have Newcastle in the top 4. He probably wants to win the league by the next season. It Totally ruined my Newcastle save
  5. Na that's it I'm done, sacked 10th in the league end of January, totally ridiculous!
  6. Yeah if someone posts a quick step by step on how to do it I'm happy to share it, but I have no idea how to otherwise. Shaqiri signed for 18m in January. Got sacked then reloaded it, sacked when I was 9th in January in the first season with a team expected to come 14th in the prediction. I'm not having that! Fair enough if I was 9th next season after spending a fortune but not in January of the first season, not even been given a chance he's not getting rid of me that easy
  7. I just had the exact same! Yeah crazy expectations that
  8. Yeah non edited ones seem rare I have been blessed, or not depending if I get sacked standby for updates and I will try and save it to steam for those who want a go too
  9. No idea but it's the first one I've seen
  10. True! I sold Ritchie, Diame, Joselu, manquilo and a few other bits of dead wood and got in about 20m so I had 40m to spend in the summer window and got in nitcham from Celtic for 17m and almiron from Atalanta for 8m as well as a few young players so I had 0 left then we got the takeover. i had Chelsea away, Man City at home, Arsenal away, Man U home in the first 4 games and got 4 points and then drew at Fulham before losing v Burnley and Bournemouth so I have 5pts from 7 games and in the relegation zone and this lunatic expects champions league qualification with no transfer budget as it stands and only the January window to work in
  11. Ok I will have a go tonight. Is a really interesting save long as I don't get sacked first season. High expectations but no money to back it up in terms of transfers unless it's coming in January
  12. How? But yeah a Qatari chairman who has pumped 180m into the balance and 2 English directors are the new board. It says he will stop at nothing to make us the best in England and Europe. No real transfer funds yet but it's only September, maybe in January he will give some. CL is minimum expectation and we are 18th after 7 games and it says they expect us to move into the top half
  13. How do you do that? He wants champions league this season despite us having basically Newcastles squad in real life and no transfer budget. All that money went in the bank balance. i asked for more wages so now I have 18m to spend in January but champions league is mental, we will struggle for top half so i expect to be sacked soon. Crazy takeover
  14. Oh and they want champions league this season :/ baring in mind its 4 games in to the first season and I am 16th with a lower mid table at best squad
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