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  1. Would 3 seasons of winning the league, cups and getting far in the champions league be enough to get a job at a Tottenham or Barcelona if they come up in future?
  2. Jumping on the Ajax bandwagon too! Aiming to win the Champions League by 2022 then get a bigger job offer
  3. Valencia have some nice players too and I like them but aren't they in a financial mess as well?
  4. I wish atletico weren't in a such a mess financially as I would love a save as them
  5. I was tempted to be them but when I saw there financial state I was like no chance. Not a pot to **** in and leaking money. Griezmann on 875k a week is mental and they aren't a big enough club to be paying wages like that to one player
  6. I have to have one good NUFC save each year and the only Newcastle save I have attempted on FM19 I got a takeover wanting champions league in the first season then got sacked so hopefully that dosen't happen again and I can finally win something as my team Newcastle. I have Invested most the budget at the start into my under 23s and under 18s so they are now stacked with potential which will hopefully pay off in the long run. I shifted the players I'm not keen on out to raise funds like Ritchie, Dummett, Joselu etc and I got Max Aarons and Ben Pearson in too as they seemed two of the best players in the championship. I have edited Rafa Benitez in as my assistant and got Les Ferdinand as DOF
  7. Yeah true. Fiorentina is a great pick. Chiesa and simeone so good. Just trying to justify treating myself for once and been Barcelona Real Madrid etc but I feel guilty starting at the top . Suppose I do deserve a top team though after 5 months of mid table sides
  8. Afternoon Rafa. that's awful. Puts me off a bundesliga save. Still torn on who to be next. Leaning towards Bournemouth or Alkmaar currently but neither really excite me so I can't see it lasting. Might just finally treat myself for once and be PSG or Real Madrid! Best team I've been up to now on fm19 is probably Fiorentina :/
  9. Still is for me :/ I have winter update
  10. How come the German national squad is all greyed out on my save? Thought it was licensed now
  11. maxi gomez not fit to lace Oyazarbals bots in this regard, he has single figure stats for a start
  12. Good to hear. Altough I couldn't manage it with Real Sociedad in 5 seasons. Was close to starting as PSG but it would feel wrong
  13. I am torn between Schalke, AC Harve or Reims for my next save, just thinking how realistic is it to get Reims in the Champions league after 4/5 years? Or any other intresting teams in France?
  14. I am actually tempted by PSG too but I imagine the league gets so easy that it will become boring really quick?
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