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  1. Gutting a 2-1 loss in the final to a good but beatable Roma team who only had 1 shot on target! All them heroics at Old Trafford and the bernabeu to not really turn up in the final. Work om the squad over the summer and hopefully go 1 better next season and/or get top 3 in the league
  2. 104m euros spent 79m euros recieved so 25m net spend over 4 years.
  3. incredible match in the semi final v Real Madrid god knows how we won that away leg after getting battered all game. Robin signed for 5m from Rennes and looks an incredible prospect.It took me the first year to ship out the deadwood and create this team but now its coming to fruition. I took Rabic my keeper from the under 19s when he was 17 and played him regularly now he's a 20 year old wonderkid. Rafael Leao reminds me of Aubameyang too went from the being out in the cold at Milan to being prolific at Saint Ettiene scoring 25 plus a season for me for the last 3 seasons. Him and Fernandez have got over 50 a season between them and I like the old school 2 up top. Also the majority of my bench and back up players are all from the youth team or prospects signed for peanuts. Hopefully I beat Roma in the Europa league final to get St Ettiene at europes top table once more as the top 3 in the league seems a struggle at the moment. I reckon a left back and top CM in the summer away from been a very decent team
  4. After loads of uninspiring saves I never expected to finally have my most fun save and project in the last few weeks of FM19! St Ettiene a club I have always liked and with a great history I set about trying to topple PSG and get them to European cup finals again. I use a diamond formation every game. I am in 2022 and have won 2 league cups so far and I have just made the Europa league final in knocking out Man U and now Real Madrid on the way! I have signed and developed a load of young talent. My team cohesion is maxed out as I have largely used the same 11 for the last 3 years now. Lovro Majer is the most expensive signing I've made at 18m and he is the tip of my diamond and modern day platini! My 2 league cup wins were made even sweeter as one was at our fierce rivals Lyons ground and the other was in our own stadium v PSG on penalties! I have came 4th the last 2 seasons so I'm looking to make the jump into the CL spots next year but I could qualify if we beat Roma in the Europa league final. I signed a left back called Zagre off Monaco for 11m when he was only 16 and just sold him to Real Madrid for 62m. The top 2 in Ligue 1 seems a long way off though with both PSG and Monaco regularly spending 50-100m on players. A few screenshots below...
  5. I have just started a Cagliari save on the updated transfer deadline database. They have a really solid midfield trio of Radja Nainggolan, Marko Rog and Nahitian Nandez plus 2 really good strikers who are both beasts in the air in Pavoletti and Giovanni Simeone from Fiorentina who is a striker I really like. Perfect team for 5-3-2. I am going to try and build them up to be a major player in Italy and Europe for a month or so and then I will be treating myself to been a top team for a few weeks after that which should take me up until FM20.
  6. Yeah so I did. I looked at them but they seemed a quite a bit behind the others. Gone for Lazio in the end anyhow as I like Serie A and they have great potential
  7. The Belgian league looks quite competitive and a good starting point for a career. Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Genk, Standard Liege and Gent all challenging for the title and some great young players in the league. I'm thinking of starting off as Standard Liege, anyone had any experience with them or in Belgium. Is it realistic to win a champions league with them? That's my goal, otherwise just do a good job and use it as a stepping stone to a bigger job
  8. I am looking to start possibly my last fm19 save this weekend. I am using the updated database with all the summer transfers. I'm wanting to try something different in a league other than the main ones. Maybe Eastern Europe. At a club capable of winning a European trophy within 5 years. Some good youth and to be able to buy low and sell high is the aim and keep building. I want a competitive league though with at least a few other challenging teams in it. Getting a European cup to Eastern Europe or to a new country is a great goal. I have a few options in mind Zenit st Petersburg, spartak Moscow Besiktas Gent, Genk, Antwerp Dynamo Kiev ( but the league looks too easy) Lausanne ( how much money do you actually get to spend over a few seasons if anyone has tried them) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. Yeah I'm using the 26 July update. I moved a few high earners out and managed to get Zaha though for 20m up front and 37m over 3 years so that's decent and they have a solid squad to start with anyhow to be fair
  10. Just started an Atletico Madrid save on the updated database. How are they so skint!? 11m balance and basically no transfer budget and projected to get even worse. Have to sell to buy and basically just look for young prospects for 3-4m. Sure they have just sold about 200m worth of players too
  11. Parrott is still really young so is in my under 23 team but I have seen him turn out great on previous saves. Yeah I have Foyth, Sanchez, Skipp, Parott and Winks earmarked for the first team over the next couple of years and I am giving them plenty of game time now. Onomah will be a squad player too so a good healthy amount of prospects who can play a role in the first team. To add to Lloris,Tierney, Alli, Son, Sancho, Aouar, Mbappe and Lucas Moura who are all untouchable and will be around for a long time so I have a good core of 14/15 players who will form the bulk of my squad forthe next 6-7 years plus. I have interest in Eriksen though for aroundn 80m, he is nearly 28 and I have a lot of good options in the middle so i might cash in on him as our finances arent great after signing Mbappe for 150m upfront plus 30m add ons and a huge contract maxed out with bonuses etc To be honest its just nice to be a good team for the first time on FM19 and not need a mass influx of players each season to move up the levels. I can just focus on the players I have and adding 1 or 2 each year.
  12. Wanyama and Aurier are beasts! I sold Kane a bit cheaply yeah but it was worth it to get Mbappe in, he's younger, faster and better to watch and fit in how I want my front 3 to be( fluid, agile and quick) I just prefer Sancho on the right and Lucas Moura has been scoring a fair bit from the left but that's just how it was that game I switch up Mbappe, Son, Sancho and Lucas between all 3 positions. I really like the look of Skipp and Parott too. Top of the league in November so hoping to win my first PL title on fm19
  13. They are just so so good. So much fun! Such a solid squad. I have basically just kept the same squad as real life but replaced Rose, Trippier, Dier, Sissoko and Lamela with Tierney, Walker-peters, Auoar, Onomah, Sancho and Mbappe! I am giving a lot of game time to the youngsters too. So strong at the back. Nice mix of steel and silk in midfield with Wanyama, Eriksen and Auoar. The latter 2 are like a couple of Rolls Royces gliding about in the middle and then masses of quality pace and agility up front with Jadon Sancho, Lucas Moura/Son and Mbappe wow. As I said at the start Spurs have some players I really like and I have added a handful of my favourite players to that too. I like this team so much I spend a lot of time watching extended highlights to watch them play ha ha. Won away at Bayern and Chelsea already in the 2nd season and top of the league after 10 games. I cant see much at all needing done in the transfer market over the next few years either just the odd tiny tweak here and there. Marcus Edwards looks a decent prospect too who gets on my bench and Troy Parrott looks like the next Harry Kane. I was happy to sell Kane as I planned on more pace up top. The likes of Foyth, Davinson Sanchez, Winks and Oliver Skipp as ready made replacements to step in the first 11 in the near future too. I can see this been a long save of finally collecting come trophies! Keeping the bulk of the same squad has meant I have maximum team cohesion too. Big fan of the squad Spurs have put together in real life too and how they have done it
  14. @Dwells2015 I came 4th in my first season, lost the leage cup final to Liverpool 0-1 in Extra time, lost to Man U in the FA cup 4th round and went out of the CL in the last 16 at Barcelona 3-2 on aggregate I wanted some more pace in attack and boy did i get it, I was happy to take 100m for Kane as I signed the alien! Plan to just make 2 top quality signings each summer and the team looks good for season 2
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