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  1. Can anyone recommend a team that is suited to play a tiki taka style tactic, is a bit of a challenge, and preferably in Europe please? I'm at a loss. Thank you
  2. Brilliant start to the season by him. Question is, will he be able to keep it up for the rest of the season?
  3. Nice! Rashford (AF) and Martial (CF) were lethal upfront all season. Had some amazing results aswell, such as 6-0 vs Bayern in the champions league qtr final!! I made two signings. De Ligt and Isco (who I used as the wide playmaker) then in January I signed Rasmus Kristensen from Ajax and Nicolo Barella from Cagliari. Starting second season now!!
  4. I just won the league and champions league with Man Utd first season with this tactic. Great stuff!
  5. Yeah nice start to the thread mate! Got me considering a Dortmund save now.
  6. Yeah I was considering him, but he moved to Monaco already
  7. Hello guys I'm looking for an inverted winger to play RM for Man Utd first season if anyone has any recommendations please. Thanks
  8. Excellent read this mate. Just started a Burnley save myself, so I'll try this out if you dont mind.
  9. May I request a La Liga club please? Preferably Real Betis or Villarreal. Thanks
  10. Is anyone else having a problem with crash dumps? I had to restart AGAIN lat night!! Could it be my laptop?
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