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  1. DannyFM87

    FM19: Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund

    Yeah nice start to the thread mate! Got me considering a Dortmund save now.
  2. DannyFM87

    FM19 Looking for Inverted Wingers

    Yeah I was considering him, but he moved to Monaco already
  3. Hello guys I'm looking for an inverted winger to play RM for Man Utd first season if anyone has any recommendations please. Thanks
  4. DannyFM87

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    I got it off CDKeys for £27.99
  5. DannyFM87

    Good feeder club for recruiting foreign youths

    Dinamo Zagreb or 1860 Munich?
  6. DannyFM87

    Add new manager

    Lets you add another player manager to the game. Me and my friend used to do this so that we could both play against each other on the same laptop... Oh the memories!!
  7. DannyFM87

    Good looking assistant manager

    I dont think he's all that handsome to be honest.
  8. DannyFM87

    Making F.C. Sexy sexier.

    you should make it a challenge and only sign "handsome" players.
  9. Excellent read this mate. Just started a Burnley save myself, so I'll try this out if you dont mind.
  10. DannyFM87

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    Nice! Thanks my mate.
  11. DannyFM87

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    May I request a La Liga club please? Preferably Real Betis or Villarreal. Thanks
  12. Hello!! First of all I apologise if there is a different place where I should have posted a question like this, but I had a quick look and wasn't able to find anything. Anyway as the title suggests really, I'd like to know how to crop my screenshots so rather than showing the whole page I can show just the league table, or my tactic etc. How do I do this? Thanks a lot.
  13. DannyFM87

    A minor font problem

    I did actually try that @Chief Scout. I thought it might be because his name was too long, but then I noticed the "fuzzy font" popping up all over the place - news feed, tactics screen, during a match etc... I've fixed it by changing my skin to the DF11 Dark (transparent) which is pretty much exactly the same as the default dark one.
  14. I've attached a screenshot below. Checkout Cristiano Ronaldo on the left hand side, why is his name all messed up like that? It wasnt like this last night while I was playing and seems to have happened overnight. It isnt making the game unplayable obviously, but it's annoying me enough to be making this thread. It appears in several other places in game too, like when making a sub during a match several names will appear like this. Also the U19 icon next to my young players on the squad screen appears fuzzy like this. Does anyone know whats happened? Like I say it seems to have happened overnight.