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  1. Hello i just startred a new save on fm2007 i made and offer of 74 800 000 pounds for lionel messi hes 20 years old back then am i doing the right thing yeah i jnow hes turn out to be world class is a punt i guess wait and see and he agree to join i am Man Utd by the way
  2. i am doing a data update myself useing fm2024 editor i would like to have all teams in the epl to have around 27 to 30 players per team in there squad when i start a new game some teams only have 22 players theres nothing in the fm2008 pre editor to have bigger squads or increase size any advice thanks
  3. found him at atalanta man utd pay heaps for him had a look at his stats 138 -85 140 128 85 for that hes above avarage i think
  4. i alll so notice in my task manager procces fm22editor is at 1 008.2 mb while fm2023 is 506.9 mb if its coonection i dont know
  5. 10000 i am useing fm2023 editor thats not a problem one other thing when i am listening to my music when it searches fpr players or player my music cut out then gose back to noemal once i found that player its really fm2022 editor i think thank you for reply
  6. Hello when i use fm2022 editor it takes to long to search for what i am looking for when i am searching for a player or a club it searches twice sometimes to takes about 5 minutes fm2022 and fm2023 editors are good so any tips
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